Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You know the old joke about the one bagger or the two bagger?

Well I "bagged" each of 2 separate trading accounts since mid Feb 2012.

Assuming this week will be a gainer, that is 14 of 16 weeks profitable, and a recognized gain of over 100% in each account.    That is a good thing.   I also focused my web presence on Breakpoint Trades, and Slope of Hope, with a few visits to others, such as Moo's Blue Chip Bulldog.    Less reading of silly stuff that doesn't make me money.  

100%= "Bagger" One bagged it.  And this was while being quite distracted with setting up a new business entity on the "Big Island".    

I feel a lot better about trading when money is being made on a consistent basis.     90% of this is using my own methods, and the occasional Breakpoint Trades trade idea.    When I have more time to really trade the markets, I will use alot more BPT trade ideas, many of these are thin stocks that require alot of attention, as they can turn on a dime also.    

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  1. how can i learn to trade like you, please help me.  thank you

  2.  Read here, join Breakpoint Trades (use link from my blog it helps), start a trading journal, and get 10,000 hours of experience.

  3.  I think having a GSD or two helps as well ;-)

  4. Nice work Steveo.  What were your top 2 trades of the last five months?  How about your worst trade?  Just curious.

  5.  At least I dont have to waste time thinking about security......LOL

  6.  No swing for the fence good ones....lots of solid 3%, 5% a few 8% on some BPT trades...small tickers, don't remember without review.

    WORST TRADES?  Simple, betting the wrong way on Euro and getting stopped out (usually by pips) again and again.    Evaporated 40% of one account at one point.   scary.


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