Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DRTV Dog Returneth to Vomit Pattern

Never forget the Dog Returneth to Vomit Pattern DRTV

It is classic deception, and when it shows it's hand, you need to be more resolved, not less.

Bucky started downward, and I wrote yesterday, Bucky wants to go down and tap the egg. And I greatly suspected a return to the Bernoulli channel as a "screw the smart guy" move. Yep, that is what the DRTV pattern is all about....the trader is correct on his turn point, commits to a trade, see the trade go his way, maybe even adding to "press his advantage" and then have a complete retrace and maybe a bit more to wipe out stop that were initially set on the trade.

OR wipe out stops that were set and then moved into a "can't lose" price point. Therein lies the deception. Can't lose eh? Now "they" took your stop when you through you were safe, and are in a "hey I protected myself" mode of thinking. Now the real move starts....in your original correct direction, and you miss the boat because you were "being responsible", then you jump on after it "confirms" and then it ramps against you again, with another stop out.

Now it makes it's wave 3 plunge and you watch like a deer in the headlights, vowing to "get it" next time, maybe even try to time the bounce (which is really a wave 4, and then get pounded on the wave 5 down again) 

Classic deception.

There are only so many forms of price deception. Get to know them. I will detail them as I discover and confirm them.


  1. Well said Steveo.

    The deception is upon us, soon the big move down will be too.


  2. The VOS and the Russell say big down is threatening,
    However it looks like Bucky wants to shoot down,
    those are conflicting ideas, very tricky in here.

  3. Deception yes, but profitable no less. We play so therefore we contribute to the deception and except it.  I for one enjoy the volatility and play options for quick grabs up or down. Me I like to hold a buffet plate of everything and watch.

    I enjoy the blog Stevo.


  4.  Indeed, i am not complaining about the deception of price movements, just pointing it out for those still learning (arent we all),

    brute manipulation through illegal coordination however is the bane of the markets, and there is much of that going on.     Plain old deception, bring it on, I will identify all of it.

  5. Indeed every waking day we plant our feet on the ground is a learning experience for sure. Keep up the great work.



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