Friday, June 22, 2012

Gold Targets from April, Oil Bodyslam

Physical Gold will never go to zero, it is hard to trade, and storage is an important issue.   You can't really trust the banks in a confiscation scenario, or shall I say, you can trust them to follow the orders of their overlords (PS you aint the overlord).

But we do know how the endgame looks.   When something is unsustainable, it will come to an end.   

As Ferguson from TF Metals has said The end of the Keynesian experiment is upon us, prepare accordingly.


  1. Steve-o you post these charts but when you click on them you can't even read what they are.....

  2.  I clicked and could readily read the chart, what are you seeing or not seeing?

  3. must be my computer it comes up and the writing is microscopic

  4. sorry "text" not "writing"


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