Wednesday, November 20, 2013

IMF Frank Discussion of Bail In, aka "We just take your assets"

The Bastards that be are getting even more arrogant. Here is a frank discussion by the IMF on how they can role out a "Statutory Based" law that allows and financial institution to get "take assets" of others to ensure that no Too Big Too Fail institutions, even have the appearance of failing. At no time do they even discuss, that maybe, just maybe, too big too fail institutions should just be chopped up and made smaller. I guess they know the puppet masters can't even let that thought process begin.

I suggest you read it.   Of course the goal is transfer to wealth to those already skiing behind their yachts.

Also, did you know that your wealth is now not wealth at all, buy simply insurance for the benefit of The TBTF joke, on page 7

They can also grab your asset retroactively, after all, YOU are the source of the problems, and how rude of you to move your "insurance" out of the TBTF, thus destabilizing them.     And don't worry, this is not 5 years off, they are on it now.   Page 9.   Heh, and don't fret, Cyprus already did it.

 And don't worry, the bankers themselves will decide when they need to just grab your money, as the IMF explains on Page 12, allowing the courts to have any say in the matter would just be too clunky, so it is compelling that the bankers can just take your money any time they want in their sole discretion.     No courts needed!   Now that is a model of efficiency! LOL

 And Page 15 explains that because the TBTF institutions are multi-national, that it is essential that the bankers can take all the money all over the world.   Sheesh, makes sense......


  1. Precious metals a tough call here. If I had the capital, I think it's an idea to start scaling into a gold trade, 5k worth at a time (preferably buying physical bullion, actually) and just keep buying every few % it drops. I dare them to take it lower and expose the cartel paper shorting ponzi. Today gold market on CME was halted twice, per Zero Hedge.

  2. Obviously PMs for the store of wealth, but for a scalp, too, with that strategy, take profits every 5% profit on the trade. Technicals ain't too pretty for the metals but there is a fundamental story here, and that is currency wars globally, and a shortage of the physical.

    Tradestation looks like a solid setup. I use Trading Technologies, standard deal. Having a tough go in futures trading, though. Trading leveraged ETFs in my brokerage has been going better, can take more heat, like this SPXU trade I'm holding out on.

  3. We are now all slaves to the bankers!
    Oh cursed fractional reserve banking system.

  4. Eh dude, good to see you here,

    the only question is what to do. My game plan is running OK. People say I just "rant" however, i am continuously executing my plan.

  5. I have been wrong before, but to accelerate up out of this steepest of channels would just herald the end of the world....sheesh, maybe we get that, ouch. trade logically and with expectancy.

  6. I will be ramping up PM percentages, but see obvious downchannel on everything except Palladium (own many pounds of it already)

  7. Ill let you know more on traderstation as I learn it, but with the Breakpoint Trade support, and wicked has good potential

  8. The only problem is the retroactive part.

    Aside from that, this policy is just supporting all those who continue to use the banking system.

    I'm kinda surprised everyone is so whiny about it. After all, either you believe in a back-stop/guarantee of deposits..or you don't.

    If you do..then its going to be funded via the 'average' person anyway.
    *ohh, and I'm in the 'no guarantee', don't think I'm for this nonsense policy..which will likely get implemented.

    With neg' interest rates in the EU, its almost like they are trying to ban savings.


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