Friday, January 15, 2010

Chart of Charts without Further Balderdash

Here it is, just a teaser of bearish intent.  

After EWI "re-issued" their "full tilt bear" alert, I expect this drop to be gamed, AGAIN.

They are funny, since in their last letter, they imply that at some point they had cancelled their prior "Go 200% Short" alarm.   They never did.  If you followed that trade you would have lost between 8% and 20% of your total trade.   And then they state that if you had $1M net worth, and went 200% short with $20,000, then your losses would be minimal.

If you only have $20,000 to trade would be rediculous to spend the EWI monthly fees.   This doesn't all fit together.   Great Chartists, terrible traders, and too popular, THEY GET GAMED!!!!!

But the problem is that they lie and deceive, but then again, who doesn't?   Truth benefits the recipient, not the giver.  

Chart of Chart does not lie, nor does it get gamed.   And if I doubled the cost, it will still be a bargain. 

ONLY you are responsible for your trade decisions.  Get it?   If you rely on others....almost a guaranteed path to failure.

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