Friday, December 21, 2012

Steveo's 2012 G2 Telescope Project

I still think this is the best Christmas Gift I have ever received (even if I had to buy it, even if I immediately lent it out).

 Celestron C8 SGT XLT

A fantastically good telescope, able to hook up to a camera, and also able to hookup to a computer and be controlled by the computer ...."go to Orion Nebula" and it takes you right there.    It has its own GPS so it has a pretty good idea where it is in the world, then you just point it at any three bright sky objects, and it then knows automatically where everything is Exactly.    Pick any 3 bright objects and you don't even have to tell it what those objects are.

Now that is cool!

The Scope is only about 60 lbs wet (lets hope it doesn't get wet), but is a beast at gathering light.   These are actual pictures.  

C'mon how about a little Christmas present for steveo?    Thanks and have a Happy Holiday season.  I will probably be pretty scarce between Christmas and New Years as far as blogging goes.

Now that is cool.


  1. Although the unbridled greed that has taken over the world is quite unusual to observe, it would be a strange coincidence that and ELE  object would strike earth just as we have developed deep space telescopes capable of tracking and finding them. 

    But who knows.   The number of near earth objects and passbys is amazing.

  2. Hi Steveo
    Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

  3. San, same to you, keep rocking the charts!
    News lies, charts don't

  4. Thanks for info, Steveo. I live near a large metropolitan area. A nearby observatory tells us each visit how the visibility is decreasing due to city lights. We have still been amazed at what we can see, even with that. If their telescopes are having problems seeing through the human haze, then I would think that even some of the most powerful retail scopes would not be able to get the kind of views that you get out there.  

  5. Dark skies are a declining asset to be treasured.   thanks for stopping in

  6. have you thought about  packing your telescope up  one of those mountains in hawaii?

  7. got GPS it is ready to travel, will do someday.   Cold up there!

  8.  Hi Steveo,

    Merry Christmas.

    That is a Schmidt-Cassegrain, is it not? The 8" Meade one I has was amazing in clarity and automation. But after about 3 years in NJ and utter light pollution with my then being 22 miles from the tip of Manhattan, I gave up and sold my $3,000 investment for $2600. They do hold their value (not losing 50% is always great) if you take care of them.

    I had it on a heavy-duty frame to roll it and 100 foot of cable to control it from indoors as you appear to be setting up to do.

    Is that Orion Nebula picture from your scope, or an ad that is misleading? I think my highest power was 460 and I don't recall anything like that or Saturn being that large, unless you are using software to enhance what the eye sees at the scope.

    Have's a great hobby!

  9. Orion nebula is reported to be from same scope using multiple picture, dc servo tracking and then computer recombination--i did not do that one, would be proud to one day

    of course SCT,
    XLT finsihes

  10. I have said to many a devout atheist to look through a good telescope for 15 minutes and then come back and try to tell me 2 things:

    1- we are the only life in the universe
    2- that somehow there is not an intelligent designer that is greater than us.

    Those were the two things I took away immediately after seeing into space with my own eyes (not a photo) and especially seeing between the rings of Saturn and the planet itself with essentially the same scope you have there.

    Toss in that when you look at the moon it is billions of years old and has been hit by many objects that would destroy Earth, and that if it were not EXACTLY where it is situated, life as we know it could not exist on earth, and my bet is not that we are the most intelligent life in the universe, we are in the running for the dumbest at this point!

  11. email chart follow up...see why i keep this stuff secret!!!!
    it works, backtested 3 years, i can predict down trend days.

    what happened today? dia down 140...

  12. if i were to email you the next chart, it says  a lower low than today coming. it might retest recent highs first.
    this one has less probability, than the chart i emailed you.

  13. That is cool !!

    Jupiter looks bigger in your 's than my 8 inch... nice pictures ...

  14. In looking at the scope again and where it is sitting, what did it cost you to cut the hole in the roof? LOL

  15. Its warmer that way, until I get the computer control cherried out.

  16. Indeed, just saw this comment, well said.


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