Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stacking silver

$400 Face Value 90% Silver coin = 286 actual ounces of silver, Cost $9000 +-
Quarters or Dimes, so either 1600 Quarters or 4000 Dimes

286ounces * $31.15 per ounce is $8,900 in Silver Value.   

The shipping, insured, signature required is $50.    Total Cost $9150

So for $150 over the melt value of the SILVER you can have 1600 Quarters which have lasting value, cannot be inflated to worthlessness, and an easy way to transact small things.  

That is a heck of a value, assuming silver doesn't head down.    This is a this week only sale price from my coin supplier in Idaho.   

At other places for Gold Coins, you normally pay around a $60 to $70 premium on just one gold coin.

I just found out about this today, so sorry for short notice if you want in email me at

And I will get you the information.    Also looking for a referral bonus, the give me a bonus

Silver Eagle

So a Quarter is worth $5.62

A Dime is Worth $2.25

Useful for conducting everyday type of transactions

Here is a link for calculating common PM coin prices


  1. Sounds like an excellent plan.
    In my view, the time is closer than most think that this will become necessary.

  2.  yep, we know the value of fiat, what used to be 5.62 is now only a Quarter.  In my lifetime, so by 2050 that quarter should be worth about a penny, and the silver quarter should be worth around $125, which is what it will cost to buy a cheap lunch.

  3. so your saying if you melted a quarter .. its worth $5.62 worth of silver at the spot markets?

    assuming it wasn't illegal to melt a quarter.

  4.  Yep, up to 1964, incredible destruction of the dollar since then.   

    Back then you could get a gallon of gas for 0.25, or a silver quarter, now you can get a bit more than a gallon for a "real quarter"

    Criminality of the Fed and fractional reserve banking system, legalized robbery of the people.  

  5. My question is .. if I collect a thousand quarters.. from the bank and etc.. and melt them ... and make a silver bar.. I can sell it for like 500% profit?

    that doesn't make any sense to me.. I think im not getting something here.

  6. what % of the quarters are silver anyway?  100%? 

  7. Pre 1964 when money was actually "money" 


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