Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bees, Houses, and Socionomics

Check this link.  Great stuff on economics, cooperation, history, evolution.
HOUSING solution--too many people have too much square footage.  No matter what you do, they can't sustain keeping these houses.  Give them to Fannie or Freddie, then CPR them, make them into duplexes, and rent them out so people don't have to go live in tents.   This will be a shot in the arm for the construction industry, and it will also create realistic size living units out of unrealistic size living units.

I have had a theory for a few years that a series of implosions has been planned by HBB, allowing the banksters to buy up all the companies and assets of all sorts on the cheap.

18 months ago big brokers started hiring bankruptcy restructuring experts by the hundreds.  They loaded up leveraged buyouts with debts, and now the vultures stay perched.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Chart of Charts

Sucking on the Gov Teats

This guy did a funny video on taking advantage of Gov handouts.

I went to the site he used to calculate his benefits.  There are so many Government benefit  programs, it is almost beyond belief.

In my business, we design and build renewable energy systems.   Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric PV mostly.  The systems we installed just last year will probably save our customers $10,000,000....that much less oil burned to produce electricity. 

If I calculate the hourly rate I would receive after taxes and the like, it would be....well, not that great in relation to the responsibility and the headaches involved.

So instead of working hard to advance the economy and make our country stronger, if I backed off and just took an occasional project that I won through "sales" at a high price, I could maybe only work 1.5 days per week.  

I could do whatever in the rest of the time...maybe trade.

AND I would be eligible for 67 Government Assistance Programs.

This country is doomed until this entitlement thinking and expectations are eliminated. 

$4 Trillion Bailout and the $.50 power to harness the infinite power within yourself

If you have nothing better to do, read this balderdash.

Some year, we will all look back at this decade and say -- "it was so obvious" easy money bubbled up various asset classes, and finally we bubbled up the money supply, and that last bubble went with a bang.

We went to a Jinsha (Shrine) on New Years Day, as is tradition.  

It works like this:

  • You first clean your hands under a traditional water spout with rocks.  Cleanliness VERY important.
  • You make a small donation, ring a bell, clap a few times, bow, and be blessed by a Jinsha preist.   
  • Then drink a Sake (cleansing, even if at 11 AM)
  • Some Jinsha has a food, and a traditional Mochi soup with Bonito flakes really hit the spot.  These are given freely and you can donate at a different spot if you wish, so there is no pressure.

  • Finally, you have brought last years Omamori, and you place these in a bin....they have done their job.  And you can buy more of these good luck amulets, for business, vehicle, pet, or other special purposes.
And most important, for $.50 you can find out how to harness your own infinite energy and knowledge source.  Mine is attached below, this ought to be an excellent year.  In terms of speculation --- "just wait or you will lose".

Boatload O' New Years Charts!

Happy New Year Everyone.   Here are some charts I looked at today. 
Copper is rushing to higher inside a broken clock.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Emerging Markets

The Emerging Markets stocks have seen 80B  flow into them, 60B of this is the BRIC countries, which is Brazil, Russia, India, China.   Maybe this BRIC abbreviation is more than just a cute marketing ploy.   Maybe these countries actually have raw materials and make products that people want to buy....hmmmm, thats so old school.

They haven't yet learned that financial gimmicks is all you need for success..... j/k

Bottom line....the emerging markets could blow up quicker and deeper than the US equity markets.

ADR's effectively give you benefit of currency play.  If you are short ADR's and USD goes up while flight to safety occurs, and money runs from EM could make good money.

This chart shows, from a previous post, shows how money is flowing into foreign equities, not necessarily the BRIC ones though.  This shows about $60B flowing just from mutual funds into foreign equities.

Putting some shorts on the Nikkei could be a decent diversification also.  Futures /NKD has been rocketing up.  God save you if you were short that and left on a 10 day vacation!  This one gaps all over the place.

And Junk JNK took a dive today.   Certainly a possible sign of a change of tide.
Over and Out....remember HBB never sleeps!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blogshere is dead but GOATMUG rocks on

Goatmug did this awesome tome of a rant at Slope of Hope.  I hope Tim Knight doesn't mind me sending all this bandwidth his way....   :-)

And isn't it nice how Ponzi scheme can be a household word?
The ES is pounding away at the 50% Fib.    It will give way or reject the advance.  And a fickle bitch that ES is. 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A=C and Classic Ending Diagonal

I consider myself more of an Elliot "Hack" than anything, but then understanding just the basics has a certain beauty to it.  Seriously...trying to explain every little sub-minuette move as a total market reaction is about as silly as trying to ascribe each market move to a specific piece of news.

The "Throwover" is not absolutely essential to the ending diagonal.   There is Throwover Here, but it is also occuring on the low volume days before Christmas and the half day of Xmas eve. 

A spike in volume is not absolutely essential to the ending diagonal, but it nice to have to give more confirmation to the pattern.

Certainly some news does move the market.  The News is announced, the market immediately moves, that minute.  I spent 2 days on the floor of the CBOE in 1988 and it amazed me how the traders hawked every little news blip and tried to place meaning on it.  It seemed silly. It still does.  Funny, in 1988 one could just walk into the CBOE with a friend who worked there, now I wonder what security precautions they have or will have after 3 down has it's run.

Please review the chart and watch this Elliot Tutuorial on Ending Diagonals.  Let me know what you think.

Mutual Fund Money Flows Update, and a neat website

I stumbled across this website, seeing it as a joined site from a new person who joined Hawaii Trading.  It looks pretty cool, with some free EW resources.

Check it out and let me know what you think.