Friday, January 4, 2013

Woooss at 14 Deg F, trade value for illusion

From TFmetals--a great post by someone else

After writing the above, I realized that many of you will believe that I am not sane. Too bad, so sad...
I thought everything would fall apart 2008. I never dreamed that taxpayer $ would be used to bail out the criminals.
And so I sit on a little farm growing older, trying to stack and plan for who knows what. devil
There are little gems that occur that light up my life, and somehow put this whole crazy world in perspective.
Here is one such gem.
Last Summer I bought lots of alfalfa. It's beginning to look like I bought too much. It does not keep its nutritional value very well past the first year, so I began a little experiment.
It is bitterly cold here. Yesterday it was 14 degrees in the milking room. I nearly went on strike. Then I remembered that having milk during the winter is one of my "prepare accordingly " goals, so I quit complaining and got the job done.
Every morning I let the goats out into the snow so they are not confined to their stalls all day. I begin by putting six piles of alfalfa on the ground for them to eat. Then something occurred that made me change my ways.
A beautiful little deer started showing up to eat. She was by herself, small and very beautiful. She was not the emaciated deer I have spoken of earlier. The goats welcomed her, and began to share their alfalfa with her. So she stayed. All day, for days on end. I began to put out a separate pile for her, seven piles in all.
Two days ago I went out to call my goats. It was dusk and time to come in, get warm, get milked, and bed down for the night. As I called they came running, ears flopping, tails wagging. Along with the goats came the pretty deer. She stopped at the door, and slowly looked around the opening to see what was going on. It was a Kodak moment. Six goats with waggy tails and a deer who wanted to be part of the goat herd.
Last night I realized why she was always alone. She brought someone with her. I gasped in wonder at the sight. Standing out with her in the snow was a beautiful 3 prong buck. He was less than twenty feet from me as I entered the goat's area of the barn. He was beautiful!!!
I have never been so close to a buck like him. He saw me and began to run. Pretty Brown Eyes (my name for the doe) just kept right on eating as if nothing strange was happening, so he did too!
This is how I keep sane in a world run by psycho/sociopaths. I allow myself to pause and experience the wonder that is all about me. The falling snow. The magpies as they chatter looking for food. The light dancing off the snow. Warm milk as it fills the milk pail...
We all have a choice, and for me, I choose to see the wonder that is all about me.
I don't know how else to keep a spirit of joy in a world that is doing everything possible to take away our joy and ruin our spirit of hope.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gold perspective

Nice support

Story of Humanity in 2 minutes

BDI posted this on the Slope of Hope, its a good one.

A trade Idea! BOIL

The big solar rush is over, now it is just paperwork cleanup time.

So I can fritter away time coming up with FREE TRADE IDEAS, LOL

This one looks great to me, on the radar now, Boil leveraged long ETF for Nat Gas

Big Ben Going to Print?

Looks like FOMC is still moving the market.  

But seriously folks, do you think they have any choice but to print and print more, until some event forces them to stop printing.    

They are talking about $50 B in increased "revenue", but the slow motion train wreck is accumulating at $1000 B per year.

They will "re-purpose" government pension funds, then they will go after private retirement accounts and IRAs.   They will call it the "Patriot Retirement Act", they will force these retirement accounts to ramp up to 20% of the assets held in Gov debt.    After got those monies "tax free" in those accounts, so only a traitor wouldn't rush to help the Gov in its time of need.   

I prefer owning oil and gas wells, rather than adding to IRAs.

What if the size and scope of government was cut 40%, that would go a long way towards solving the cost overruns.     What is that chance of that happening?    About zero.  They will print.

This drop in PMs is a gift today, a predicatable shakeout move.   
Classic deception.....make a big fast move up....that retail doesnt get on until it is high, then retrace to wipe out their stops and scare them.   Scare them enough that they don't go long again.

Now the market can continue upward, backing and filling as Gold is now a first class asset for banks and it thus more valuable than ever.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Silver Contest is OPEN, 10 ounce bar

Enter early, only the first correct price gets the bar.

I did 35.21 (so don't use that one, right?)

Use the link on the side of my blog

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, GDP per person per ounce of Gold

This one courtesy of Simon Black who sells alot of good advice.

Laughable the "almost deal" just like Europe has been playing their slow motion train wreck.    Keep in mind, the "Fiscal Cliff" has been pimped out by Gov and Media for months, but its only purpose is to get people to accept that you are about to be screwed, as the government gives themselves raises, and refuses to do any substantial cuts.