Saturday, November 13, 2010

Doctor Copper - Perched on Perfection, Goldilocks is a Fairy Tale BTW

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday 11-5th Comment, and Doctor Copper

On Friday, November 5th, I had this to say......

Market has done it's job

Market has stressed out everyone.

People are sick of looking at these shenanigans and trying to trade them.

People are ready to just put the market to the side and focus on other things.

In other a major top, the market has beat people up, took their money, stressed them out, tired them out, and made them sick of the market.

Perfect time for a march downward...1% 2% 3% that no one believe, then 5% then 8%, then a ramp up as the new bears start licking their chops again, maybe even a 78% retrace.

Think of these things. Think like a crook. Look at this 20% ramp job since Sep --when everyone knows that September is the worst month for stocks, and October is horrible also.

Unfortunately, this market is actually a joke, barely a market anymore. The market has done it's job.


Joe Q Public has been taught to buy the dips.
There will be plenty of bulls getting ramped and dumped as part of this topping, back and fill cycle, which is normal.   I am playing short and will take profits quickly.   Along with a few lottery plays for deep out of the money options, with sell prices like 500% above purchase price.   i.e. to catch a flash crash.

If they organize a flash crash, it might not bounce back this time.

Doctor copper....the fat lady ain't signing yet, but she is warming up.   PRS  will advise of a confirmed enough trend change.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

POMO me now Pumps

Be afraid, be very afraid.

New Policy Bullish-IT

From now on, when anyone sees a news story that makes no plausible sense, call it


This combines confusing the Robot spider Quants with the word Bullish, and Bullshit.

This article is Bullish-IT

A simple check of radar would easily tell the trajectory and speed of the object.  

So indeed, this seems a semi-elaborate lie.     Don't want to panic the sheeple.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


PME Precious Metals Exuberance Ratio -- This could have very well been the blowoff top, which is so hard to predict, however, with all the games going on, don't be sure of it.

Monday, November 8, 2010


BP back Again!

Now the joke is that they are trying pose the issue as --- did someone accept lots of money in exchange for making a mistake?  

No, that is not the issue.   Was there bribery and fraud?   Probably not, before the accident.    Was there a culture of lousy decisions and huge egos being pushed by schedules?   Was it criminal?  Likely.  

Will it be prosecuted--about as likely as Goldman being prosecuted....

Charts don't work, lets switch to semi artistic photos

OK, if anyone can tell me what this photo represents, you shall receive a secret indicator.

Long ES target 1233

See next post down....fibo!

So distracted, don't forget the Fibo!

SPY and ES are about to test the 61 Fibo, the big one, from the big drop.

INDU and QQQQ have already busted that Fibo

Charts don't work, let's switch to news.

And why would an Economic Hit Man be encouraging a Gold Standard debate?  You might need a free membership to read the below link.   FT is good stuff.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Charts

The games are incredible.

Misinformation has always been a problem, but now the "numeratti" has more information sources easily aggregated online in order to fine tune the effectiveness of various "misinformation campaigns".

With the media primarily controlled by large conglomerates / financial companies, and the financial companies largely controlled by the gov (dependent on handouts, and lack of prosecution), well....the games get more intense.  With the Economic Hit Men having turned their sights on the motherload....the United States, we are in for interesting times.

Here are some of my favorite charts.  

Christ Time For A Change

I saw these picture on a news service and they just flowed together.

Christ, It is a Time Change, for some Serious **$#!?

And no offense to people suffering hard time, but come on now, its been a full 10 months, clean up the damn rubble already. Put some people to work, put some money into the economy, and clean up this mess. Sorry Haiti, but you will need to realize that much of your problems are caused by governmental corruption and negligence.

And so nice to see in the upcoming MadMax style world, that pole dancing has gained rights as a "respectable" award winning sport.