Friday, May 18, 2012

Predictions playing out

As noted yesterday I thought there would be one more dive down to the Bernoulli 100 line in the cash markets, it is playing out now as we speak. effen amazing really. I will buy this dip, but keep in mind the even mower target box, so this bounce must have profits captured more quickly then you might like.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anyone on the Planet

Is there anyone of the face of the freakin planet who does not understand that society and government are in a desperate downward spiral, and the actions of trying to fly higher (increase the current standard of living by pulling back harder on the yoke in a climb maneuver) only serves to increase the rate of rotation and speed of descent and deeper the impact crater. OK maybe non-pilots don't understand the analogy completely, but seriously, is there a single person who doesn't see the accelerating damage, such as unlimited money spent on politics as long as it is not directly handed to a specific candidate.

ES hitting my H&S Targets and Bernoulli channels

Heads and shoulders target is bottom of the box, and the yellow upper line is the Bernoulli 100 Channel Line, could be a bounce already, but I would be surprised if we don't get a scary overthrow of the B100 in the cash market to freak out the sheep before the weekend.

TOS Charts don't image consistently across timeframes

I sent this today, after being aggravated by this problem for years. Does anyone have similar experience or feedback on this. ________________________________________________________________________ To TD Ameritrade / thinkorswim David, I have been aware of this problem for years, and figured it was a big problem and that you guys were working on it. Here it is. The channel lines drawn on one time frame and replicated by TOS on other timeframes don’t match up. The worst is the 1 minute chart in relation to the 5 and 15 and up charts. The 5 and 15 and up all seem to usually agree with each other pretty well. The issue IS NOT whether it is log or lin chart format, I am speaking only of all linear charts. That the log and lin and tick charts don’t have congruent line placement is another issue altogether. You can see on the attached screen capture, The upper left is 1 minute The lower left is 5 minute The Yellow line near the price at end of day is my major support channel line. On the 1 minute this line crossing the price was about 2512, but on the 5 minute it was 2508. This is the same yellow line. Why does it get placed in a completely different location? The is an ubiquitous problem with the TOS graphing platform, not an isolated incident. What could possibly explain this and are you guys doing something to fix it? Sure appreciate your help in this matter, for technical traders the line placement is crucial.

Forms of Deception

On Slope of Hope predictions for gold to 1400 That's my lowest target, but silver has support and just went through its PDSH, Parabolic Digust Shakeout The PDSH shall be officially commemorated as a Form of Deception I shall formalize the Laws of Deception, and Forms shall be a subset.

Silver and ES some charts of import

On ES we just bounced on important support, now it looks like we will test that support again in a double bottom or a break. Either way this is big. on my shorts, will tighten stops and assure profits at the least. CA and CBG for instance. Blue B177 is the same channel from a year ago march, and breaks at 1316, then we test down to 1290, then 1250 to the black B177 of the recent steeper uptrend, then check the gray target boxes below.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Market and Kardashian Sisters

The market is a drama queen. There always seems like there is something on the verge of busting out, or breaking down. Sometimes it is best just to ignore the market, sit on your hands. Except now...because something is on the verge of breaking out and down, LOL Kind of like the Texas Oil Man joke.....
A very successful oilman dies. He faces Saint Peter, who says, “You’ve been a good man and normally I’d send you to heaven, but heaven is full. We only have a place in hell.” The oilman says, “Any chance I could talk to other oilmen who are in heaven? Maybe I can convince someone to switch places with me?” Saint Peter says, “It’s never happened before, but sure, I don’t see any harm in it.” The oilman goes to heaven, finds an oilmen convention and yells, “They found a huge oil discovery in hell!” Oilmen are stampeding out of heaven to hell, and our oilman is running with them. Saint Peter asks him “Why are you going to hell with them? I have a spot in heaven, you can stay.” The oilman answers – “Are you kidding, what if it’s true?”

Bucky with targets high AND lower later

GDX time to back up the Buggy, gold buggy that is

Barbarous Relics Right, those call things aren't working out too well.... Just when the semi-bugs get excited, time to crush them. Classic down parabola creating disgust "got to protect myself now" capitulation bottoms. This is a grand old Blimp of multi-year proportions That means long.

NQ new channel --quite bearish

Now at the B50 line, often support, but when broke mean that B100 (aka B ZERO) will be tested lower down.

Bucky it s all about Bucky

The vast majority of the world's wealth is held in USD. The 1% need Bucky to remain the worlds reserve currency, at least they need a decade or half decade minimal to reposition wealth. Oil is sold in dollars, that was the US "concession" to Arab states....hey you guys only sell in USD, and we will let you run your little cartel and occasionally rape the public. It really is that simple. Anyone with the audacity to sell oil in other than dollars gets taken out with war. That's how the 1% plays it. I thought Bucky might get a swat down, instead it launched up and through 2 --B177 lines, this is quite rare. But it fits with my earlier grand plan, of tank the market to scare the sheeple into shouting for QE 4/5, and save the election. Tank and ramp.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Nicely setup

DX (Uncle Bucky futures) hit my target and can now do the meander around the mid egg line to bore people to death for a day or two. Then down, pushing Gold and Equities up NZD JPY also completed its measure box move, that mean risk on. Drop a comment, anyone out there?

Pre Tuesday Charts

Quick Post Gold

Submitted by "Market Trends", Foreign Guy
The RSI14 looks very interesting;postID=6171274313227810252

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Charts

Hey Y'all drop a comment. 

Euro and Cable open first, an hour before the ES.

Euro and Cable both with a Gap and Dump.    DX also not trading yet.

My only long position is GDX.   Which can run opposite of the indices, but has a .27 positive correlation with the indices.   So it can, be the odds are still that it follows the indices.

Prior post on put calls was pretty bullish, but as another analyst mentioned, it wasn't at extremes, and I agree.   

It is getting harder and harder to post on blogger, its various systems, especially posting of charts, fails on a regular basis.    Blogger is run by Google.   Google is becoming a brontosaurus, a dangerous, large bronto.