Saturday, October 16, 2010

Electric Bill Reduction and BPT Earnings summary

Dabama, well, he is good at supporting Solar Electric (aka Photovoltaics), and they do work as excellent power generation systems.  See the attached bill which is one of my systems. 

Also, I lifted this from Breakpoint Trades.   See their links on the left.  This is a great summary of upcoming earnings.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The market is getting weird, way weird!!!!

All my custom indicators and ratio charts say that we are in for a good turn down.   However, POMO and irrational exuberance may have a different say.

Check out this "Doji Fest" on the ES.   Never seen 8 Doji candles in sequence.

Tomorrow is expiry.   I am making myself a promise right now.   No trading tomorrow.  I may limit out or stop out of things, but no trading. 

Working in the field tomorrow, photovoltaic going in.   See y'all on Sunday,

In the meantime, please chime in with 1 chart per visitor, I dare you, use Jing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

China, have a look see at these charts

What did they ship Greenspan to China or something?!

Long -- Is that Bulllish?

Went long Gold priced in the Euro, which has put in a big bull flag since August from 900 to 970

Using to accomplish this trade

I think the extreme poor quality of Bloomberg provided free charts is a good indicator of the complete disdain by which they treat their cattle.

Here it is:

Here is my chart

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

QN2 (Quicknote 2)

HBB loves to game EWI, and EWI just yesterday issued a very bearish Monthly Theorist.  
In the past the EWI issuance was signal for a ramp job.   Just saying.

I now see the DX (USD futures) losing the PRS 133, PRS 100 and bouncing on the PRS 75.   Not a good sign for bears.  


Quicknote, DX is the game

Neither AUD or EUR has made convincing new highs on a horizontal basis of absolute price level, and if you look at the recent uptrends, they are even less high in  relation to the channel lines.

USD has not made new lows either.

Looks like more POMO in the future though.

hearing talk that bonds have already priced in 1.5T of treasury purchases, and that stocks have already priced in QE2/POMO----that leaves "sell the news".   Except for some pre-set shear, I will ignore the market today.

At this point though, I personally will not shear strength, I will need to see weakness before jumping in.   But HBB games will probably make any drop sharp so I will pre-program some orders with stops and limits right out of the gate.   Off on a work day.   Shearing S&P below 1172.

DX is above the PRS 133 although it did give up the PRS 177.   Also good support at a daily Person Pivot, which is also a nice pattern of a slightly higher low for a double bottom.  

Funny thought...the "bull market" in foreclosures is yet another bubble.   Gov intervention making and popping yet another short sale "bubble" with "Repo gate"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

USD backtest of the PRS 177 this could be huge

Back test of the PRS 177, this is big, --real big

I expect USD to rocket up, NOW. It will move fast to catch as many people off guard as possible. And put them into such losing positions that they hold on to them out of apathy and hopium.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Charts for Monday

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These are from around 8AM Hawaii time, 2 PM EST.   

And here is comment from Daneric blog

This is current candles, looks pretty close to your candles, but I guess your program doesn't care if red or white, just mostly the overall range? sound like a pretty tough programming job, not just a bunch of nested Excel formulas.

Thought on FX trading

With Forex trading, you can be more even keeled since it is easier to not get emotionally involved in a position.    Stock positions taken on some "fundamental grounds" can be particularly vexxing, with the unwillingness to take a loss.    Forex helps stay away from that.

I missed the close on equities today, looks pretty wild.

FX is pretty simple, keep it simple.  Drop fibo's on the charts, use Fibo's on clear 5 wave and 3 wave moves, mostly 5 waves though.   Don't put the Fibo's on larger price moves that are not part of the 5 wave (or 3 wave in some case).

Use PRS133, and PRS177.  Those pretty much confirm a change in trend, although I give them more latitude these day with Currency Wars going on.  On a backtest of a broken PRS, assume resistance will hold, and if restesting from the bottom side, go shear.   If retesting from the top side, go long.  I put stops a bit into the other side of the line.   Overthrow's are common, but sometimes the PRS will hold to a pip.

Apply Person Pivots to a the chart, using daily Person.   You can also use Weekly, or both. 

Set up a multi chart table, I have one with 16 FX get a feel for the overall market, and whether USD is acting against one currency more than others, or are pretty much all of them acting the same in relation to USD.  


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shenanigans and Balderdash -- "Everyone" knows the Fed Trumps reality

Since Blogging, I have been able to get words like Shenanigans, and HBB to be commonly used.   Now I would like to introduce Balderdash. 

This is Balderdash

Not just a Shenanigan, a bald face lie, intended to deceive.

The implication is that even though earning will be good, Fed will overrule even that.

AUD short and USD Long on DX Futures

AUD remains short.   PRS kickdown and expected Gap fill, just like USD expected gap fill.

USD is one of the most hated currencies.   I agree, I hate the USD more than any currency, except for all the others.

All joking aside, I do like that yellow metal currency better.  

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AUD short, and World Visitors

Banked a nice $1000 last week on AUD short bet of $1000, fortunately closed it out before the subsequent ramp. Short again based on the PRS, which if you don't know what it is, use the search box on this blog.

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And lots of visitors from all over, would sure appreciate some comments from non-north America...what is the reality of the economic scene out there? US News is no longer any value as truth, it seems designed to confound.

Also please visit the links to Breakpoint Trades on the left. Although I do come up with my own material, some of my ideas are generated from BPT, and you get that benefit for free. However, some of the things that BPT produces, which I will not give away, are swing trade mechanical systems on GDX (Gold Miners)which are extremely valuable yet reasonably priced.

steveo OUT!

Charts submitted by a reader --Good stuff

EUR GBP Currency pair

I think this chart speaks for itself.   Respect resistance until proven otherwise.  Same with Support.

Hitler Parody of the Mortgage Fraud Blowup

Gold /Silver indicator and Boatload O' Other Charts

The middle chart is GLD/SLV.  You can see this is an excellent indicator, when this ratio is at a bottom, the market usually tanks,  within 3 to 5 days, but sometimes immediately.  The trick is figuring out when the bottom is.

This top chart is SPY/VIX I plotted it just to see if any interesting effects came up....none really

The Bottom chart is SPX, the S&P 500, follow each purple line from the GLD/SLV bottoms.  Amazing methinks.  The two highlighted candle patterns are similar, the first  one started the Head of the infamous 2009 Head and Shoulders Bear trap.  The second one is NOW.

And finally, a boatload of other charts for your free consumption.

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