Buying Silver and Calculations Related Thereto

Hi Ho Silver, Silver Calculations

I bought more silver today, not much, just $200 Face value

This is called 90% junk silver, and it is not junky at all.

This time I bought dimes, so that will be 2000 dimes.    Each dime is thus worth $2.34 USD.    Amazing that our system allows us to take paper and exchange it for Precious Metals.    Take advantage of this. 

Does that bring it home?    What used to be worth a dime is now 23 times higher.    Or "they" have stripped the value of the currency by 96% since JFK days.  

Easy calculations:

It is generally accepted that junk silver coins, dimes and quarters, have .715 ounces of silver per Face Dollar.  The rest is copper, pretty much.  The total weight per Face Dollar is around .7944, so there is .0794 ounces of copper, or in$200 Face, that is 15.88 ounces of copper.   Or about a pound, or about $3.50.

$100 Face Junk Silver costs $2,330 plus $10 delivery.   So the value of the copper is really negligible, not worth even thinking about.

Each $100 Face bag of silver * .715 ounces silver per bag = 71.5 ounces of silver.

$2,330 / 71.5 = 32.58 ounces of silver
With Spot Futures at 32.09 (close on Friday) that means your
premium over spot price is only about $0.50 per ounce.   

Now there is some shipping cost, and depending on how much you buy the shipping might add $.1 to $.3 per ounce, resulting in $.60 to $.80 over spot price.

Silver coins have a distinctive ring to them, and anyone counterfeiting US coins would be in a heap O' trouble, so the safety of this investment is really high. And they are conveniently small to barter with if the case arose.   But you wouldn't likely go buy a bluewater sailboat for say $65,000 with silver coins, but 2.5 pounds of gold would get you the sailboat.   

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