Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back to our Roots - Deception

Humans use deception all the time.  In fact most animals use deception as a way to sneak up on their food, or a way to hide from their predators.

Animals have alot of communication, sometimes through sounds and/or body language.   I wonder if dogs use deceptive body language to trick an adversary?

There is a strong bond between the human language and the human mind maybe even a direct link at the brain level.     This is called neural-linguistics.   

But it just occurred to me today that the species that has the most advanced language also has the most advanced deception, and that language is used as a great tool in deception.    How can you tell when a lawyer is trying to deceive you....when his lips are moving.   LOL.

The market does an incredible job of deception using just price and time.    Think of how greater the deception can be when they bring in Cramer and you the "street view" to help you, yeah right.

Don't be deceived!

Euro short - TTT thin tail touch on the Bernoulli

You don't get this stuff from your Schwab advisor!

Very ripe, a perfect touch on the Bernoulli channel line.

And chasing the egg for a final touch but ran out of time.

Funny Stacking Day and Quality Report

Did a little stacking today.   Feel free to Klik around too, lots of interesting stuff here.

And then by coincidence ran across a 57 page report on Gold by Paul Mylchreest who does some amazing research and writing.     Makes me a little embarrassed on my own rantings, oh well.

So I wrote to him and he granted permission to allow download of the whole report for my lucky readers.    Check it out, the them is Gold manipulation.     "They" hold gold and hate it.    They cannot beat gold in the endgame, but they can sure mess with it's "value" in terms of how many dollars you can get for an ounce of gold.

Let me know what you think.    57 pages....time for a "pier" review.

Direct Link the Thunder Road Report

And a 2 pager from Martin Armstrong, on Gold and time cycles.   Funny Ol' Marty even gets a bit ranty in here, on the non-believers

Overly Bearish

I went bearish last week, and on Tuesday proclaimed that everything is pointing down. However, after 2 days of dip (and ramp) the bearish crowd is too loud, too convinced, too all ready for P3 and end of days. Too quick.

It is disturbing for the bear case.

Signals are very mixed at this time.

Cash and Stacking is a position.

Tyler Durden quote

Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War [false]. No Great Depression [false]. Our Great War's a spiritual war [true]... our Great Depression is our lives [true]. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.

-Tyler Durden

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Completely Bad Taste Over the Top Viewer Discretion is Advised

Comments and Kliks appreciated, LOL!

Gratuitously cute "Dog" Mascot of Hawaii Trading

Perchance a Rant from Britian soiled

Magpieview 15 hours ago
 English Riots

Rioting on English Streets
Delinquent Chavs and Scum
Who have no sense of decency
And rob and steal for fun

They stole the articles they wanted
They cared not about the cost
Or about their fellow man
And what he had lost.

Where did they learn such selfishness
Such callousness and greed
Who showed them the indifference
That seemed to be their creed.

It cannot be our leaders
Who claim money is worth
Who exploit the vulnerable
From their day of birth.

That all theft is evil
Cannot be denied
Whether perpetrators wear hoodies
Or their old school ties

Perhaps we should punish all the theft
Of property and hope and pride
And maybe all such soulless treatment
Should earn a stretch inside

But that will not happen
We do not punish all that is wrong
For the power of wealth remains
And the influence of money is strong

We do not punish all criminals
Just the ones on the street
While those in mansion houses
Never feel the heat.

We have no responsibility
Our Government will claim
We only planted the seeds of discord
We cannot be to blame

We will punish all the looters
Their wrongs change ours to right
And punish the poor who deserve it
As we impose our might

How dare they share the values
Of those who have grown fat
Upon the debt and sweat of others
The selfish, obese rats.

David Chalk

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

VOS Volatility on Steroids with an SPY layover

Everything Says Market Tanks

I hate it when everything agrees.

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I missed most the trade day, tough when it starts 3:30 AM

Tough to enter trades at end of day for short term stuff.

Euro short is about only position I have (Benny says print USD, I say Euro goes down, got that?)

Humpty Dumpty Laid an Egg

Monday, March 26, 2012

MarketSniper laying it down

MarketSniperThe weekend of May 19 and 20. I will be there ALL week starting Sunday, May 13. Have two days with john Person at the Luxor for TTU members only. Then, got some real estate business to take care of up there and the money show. Early arrivals. at the Deuces Lounge at the Aria late Friday afternoon and into the nite . That is the 18th. Saturday nite, the big event is at The Foundation Room, private club, atop the Mandalay Bay.

The Sniper always got something to say, but he was nailing it tonight

Not his (the Bernanke) fault for the fallen brethren. It is the fallens' fault. We take responsibility for our trading decisions. embrace that responsibility. It is your salvation. NOT to do so will leave you retching on your own bile in the desert of economic destitution. :-)

On the Bernanke
 No need to read minds. The man has TOLD you what he is doing and what he will continue to do.

other comment from someone else-- That's fine. Day trading can work. But most trading is not day trading and that has been ruined

It has? Beg to differ with you. You do not know the expectancy of what you are doing, most likely. Your trades have negative expectancy and you may not know it is all. go back to basics. Back test what you are doing. Then forward test without the benefit of hindsight on paper. Do the results match your historical back test? If so, then forward test with real money in the smallest trading size you can do. Forget the commissions! If you are a stock trader, trade 1 or 10 shares! IF that then matches up with your two previous results, THEN trade it full size. Remember! The market is structured in such a way as to compel you to act against your own best interest!!!! To avoid that, you MUST have knowledge of the expectancy of what you are doing in markets!!!!

CYOU Trade Idea with a Kicker, ES at a resistance, Euro Kicking the Egg

One of the strongest candle patterns out there.   This is a BPT trade idea

Sunday, March 25, 2012

GDX, Free newsletter, Bears, and D5 indicator

First, wicked good commodity newsletter, they let me put some up for free, this is one of them.   Consider signing up.    And remember than advertising does support this site.

Sample of one of the Charts

You made it this far, OK here is the D5, often picks top really well, BUT not lately.

Flight 93

I just found out this weekend, I know of 2 people who were on Flight 93.

One I knew of a few years back.    Actually the daughter of a construction colleague.

Saturdays revelation was that an ex-wife of a business adviser was also on that plane.

I thought the odds of that being extremely odd, I thought "with 400 people on that flight what are the odds that I am connected in some small way to  2 of them".

But there were only 37 passengers on that flight, it was very lightly occupied that day.

That's some weird kind of coincidence.    Feels like an episode of Lost.