Monday, September 30, 2013

When is it just too much......thoughts from Canada

A friend from Canada had this to say.....

Just saw that Pimco hired Alan Greenspan and then the Fed hired Pimco. Pimco loaded up on securities which the Fed eventually purchased with quantitative easing funds reaping a cool $10 billion profit. Pimco is a subsidiary of a German investment firm. Everyone is getting a piece of American taxpayers money. Halliburton with the Iraq war, then the financial companies as seen in "Inside Job" by Charles Ferguson and now another hit from Greenspan et al. A recent poll indicated that 75% of Americans don't know what QE is.

It's hard to watch the US get raped so hard by so many greedy entities as the congress sits back and reaps the pay offs.
I wonder when rape is "too much rape". The Economic Hit Man turned their sights on the motherload of wealth, the USA, and they are having their way with her.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pair Trade on Interesting Ratio from the Israel Division of Hawaii Trading

I have trouble staying in a Pair Trade because I want to still trade each ticker on its own merits and that messes up the Pair Trade

So idea is to wait to bottom of the wedge, then buy SPX and short Euro, what say you?