Friday, April 23, 2010

thinkorswim free thinkscript

Anyone use this website for script?

One of my favorites -- Mark Faber
Used to subscribe to his monthly newsletter at $240 per year, but can only have so many paid subscriptions, so that one went by the wayside.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Panic of 1907

Rarely would I read 3 pages on Wikipedia, but this was really interesting, worth the time.

Speculative efforts to corner the copper market leads to defaults on banks, excessive margin on stocks leads to people throwing money at the stock exchanges "to save them", for a while.

JP Morgan "saving the day" while also buying up competitors in real industry on the cheap and increasing the size of his monopolies....."OR ELSE" the financial system will burn, even against the base wishes of the president.   Even Roosevelt caved.


New ETF's on Regional Banks

KRU will seek daily returns equal to 200% on the KBW Regional Banking Index.

It is not easy to find the components of the KBW, one site shows this, impossible to read the table with the small viewing box.

Then if you save the PDF to your computer and open it, you can see lists the top components, but these only add up to a small percent of the total.

Here is the KBW Bank Sector Index, not to be confused with the KBW Regional Banking Index. Note the ease of confusion though.

AHAH! Finally, at the source, a list of the components, 50 total components.

And I converted to a spreadsheet and put it here.

Any geeks out there want to check some of those charts and pick bull or bear based on components?   Lots of work for sure.  Would really be interesting.

And KRS is the new single short on the index, good volume so far, on both.

Some other tickers of interest, XLF, SKF, SEF, UYG, and the infamous SRS.  

Euro fake out

Annotated Chart - Still a Tricky Market

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zero Hedge beat me to it!

Uh, I was going to write this, but found that somone had already done it, and quite well indeed.

How indeed to encourage the powers that be that we appreciate the SEC action and want more of it?

That is the question, and how to do it in an energy, cost, and time efficient way.   Good question.

Bullish Bear for today at least

The ES and NQ (futures on S&P 500 and Nasdaq) are both bouncing upward off their daily Person Pivot.

Euro is in a falling wedge, which means it ought to bounce up, thus USD down, and US Equities up,

At least that is the theory on why I bought 1000 QLD today.   (double long Nasdaq ETF).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Comments and email may be broke, and Bye Bye American Pie

Dicqus no longer sends email to me, comments may be the day it died.

And check this rendition of Bye Bye American Pie.

And I am sure glad there are some productive working people in the good ol' USA able to negotiate some raises for themselves.

Market Commentary

Market Goes Up, Until it Doesn't
In the meantime I will post political satire. For great satire check out

Outside the Cardboard Box

And from "City Journal" this cartoon by Sean Delonas

This picture is one of the reasons why this current correction will not end well...PIIGS = Powerful Industry Inane Groups Sucking

Euro and ES Running Opposite

In general if the USD goes up,it is more costly to own American stocks, so they have had a pretty strong inverse correlation for much of the last few years. The US dollar index is like 40% comprised of the Euro, the biggest component by far.

Thus the Euro / USD pair and the US equities tend to move the same direction. But not always, as today. Something to keep an eye on as gaming of the market gets stronger.

How we are using our energy

World air traffic, and amazing production. Maybe we ought to do more teleconferenceing.

Train Wreck, Not the economy, I mean real one

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fire and Ice -- Great Photos from NBC

Is that a little devil horn spiking out of the head of the lady (next to a huge Louis Vuitton bag)?

Visit the source

Chart of Charts

There are several posts that talk about what the Chart of Charts is, and some interpretation of the various frankensteined parts of it.

Bottom line....Friday was bearish, but all the 5 day, 10 day, and 20 days moving average of cumulative days of charts broken out bull or bear, clearly show bull as they have for a long time now.  

This market will crack quick when it does.  Leaving most bears out in the cold.   However, the indices could easily go parabolic up --- similar to 1999.  

So it is very tough to bet short.  Perfect setup for the "Squids that Be"  In Lloyd we trust.

"Greece Who?", it's the Volcano and GS to fret over

Back to my current's all about the Euro. 

Greece disappeared from headlines and it won't matter until it does.   The Euro trend is down, and US equities pretty much follow the path of the Euro.

Profesional Builder Magazine Closing Down

This is a sign of the times.   Google will be facing the same dilemma, and really all other print media and internet advertisers.

HINT: Google is an advertising company, nothing more.  The rest of the stuff just supports advertising efforts.

It's all about the Euro and the PRS 133

Sunday, April 18, 2010

1981 Movie Predicts Current Crisis

This movie made almost thirty years ago is worth watching, 7 minutes.

Also, a blogger asked what I thought of the long term count, and I had this to say.......

I am just not sure that wave counts work over long periods of time.   The varying rate of change of value of a currency seems to be crucial and yet there is no "fair way" to take that into account.   You can price things in gold, but gold itself "trades" and is also quite emotional and related to fear.

I think that we are all f'd based on fundamentals, attitudes, declining resources, worsening weather, "emerging" markets wanting to not just emerge but to rule, terrorism, the cancellation of contract law, torture, governmental control of markets and business.  Most of all....attitudes.   The world has lived far beyond it's means, and it is going to take serious pain to wipe the smirk off the "entitlement generation" collective face.

Boatload of Charts

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Boatload of charts.

NQ is weak while ES is bouncing a little.  Volume on futures is very large compared to the average Sunday afternoon.