Saturday, March 10, 2012

Market ain't funny but this is!

C'mon, this has to be worth at least a few kliks!


A very tired nurse walks into a bank, totally exhausted after an
18-hour shift. Preparing to write a check, she pulls a rectal
thermometer out of her purse and tries to write with it. When she
realizes her mistake, she looks at the flabbergasted cashier, and
without missing a beat, she says:

'Well, that's great....that's just great.....some asshole's got my pen!'

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Black Spot on the Sun Today --- King of Pain

Big Bob - The King of Max Pain

Big Bob got a stop at 1399 S&P cash.   

How much you want to bet  that gets blown out?

Longs are holding very tenuously because of recent scary drop, Shorts need occasional encouragement to stay in.  

The path of most pain (most money sucked up by HBB) is some quick drops and ramps with big overnight moves on the futures, mostly in the up direction until maybe 1410 or so, double or triple top.    Russell may run more percentages per previous post.
Max leverage short from 1360.....Per Big Bob

Soft Spoken Egg on Russell

Russell and Nas kind of leading the market as they often do.

Russell has some kind of broken trendline backtest which gets the bears all slathering over themselves.   however my advanced far-endian egg analysis has a different story to tell.  You read Gulliver's Travels---all is not what meets the eye or ear.

Closed Longs Based on Excessive Profits, LOL

Actually, based on double top formation that looks like the Pr etcher 200 year double top also, just saying.  However, Euro and Cable tend to say that market drive up further.

I would rather take profits too soon, and yet take them on a consistent basis.   Seeing the weekly equity chart go up almost every week is all I need to know that I am doing things right.    Leaving money on the table, missing the whole move, not catching a move, I AM SO OVER THAT SHIT.

Seeing the equity curve go up week by week, that is the win. 

Here was my original post on Tuesday "Everything Wants to Go Up"

The Chart and the Link --

Link to above chart, just in case you don't believe me

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everything Wants to Go Up, Not Quite Yet

Russell, often a leader

Those of you who are big-endians.....well look at the Russell.

Many hits on this Egg.    Rarely do I see an egg fail, but in the say 8% of the time they do fail, they fail spectacularly.   

buy some close OTM calls, and come deep OTM puts?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gold Buying

I am going to buy Gold, if it dips down

I am going to buy Gold if it rises up.

Bernanke is going to continue to print money

All Countries are going to continue to print money

Governments that won't print money, or can't print money, are going to be tore apart.

10 Year Set up for a Blimp Swat Down

Conspiracy on Silver

Hi-Ho Silver.

When if you could spot a set of apparently unrelated information and connect the dots?
Well as least the new information may help you.

Silver and Gold took massive drops last week on obvious manipulation.

Saudi Arabia is kind of our friend (US friend), because we told them long ago that we would let them partly rape the world with high priced oil and let them run their cartel, as long as they only sold oil in USD.

85% of Muslims are Sunni
15% of Muslims are Shite.    Shite (funny that spelling) are the radicals, the Iranians ready to nuke Israel.  

Iran is actually a problem.   They are not as dumb as they act. 

China and Russia would be very happy to transact energy deals in other than the USD, US would want their support or consent prior to Iran attack, but whatever. 

The powers that be have strong interest in protecting USD as reserve currency.   Most of the wealth of TPTB is in US Dollars. 

Iran sits between the other countries that we have taken over, invaded.

"The lie of weapons of mass destruction" won't work the second time around, and yet US can't wait until Iran has actually built a nuke bomb. 

US has to garner support for an attack on Iran.

OK....hey Saudi, we know you don't really want to participate in attacking Iran, and we know you would feel better having more real money and less USD, so we have the perfect plan.

In order to help JP Morgan get out from some PM shorts without bankrupting them (scare the sheep again), we will orchestrate a PM selloff, a massive scary selloff.

We will tell Saudi before hand, so they can scoop up the PM on the cheap

Multiple issues resolved:

1) The sheeple get scared of holding PM, the sheeple must be scared away because PM restricts the government's ability to just print money and restore confidence, as the very existence of governments is on the line. 
2) Saudi becomes US accomplice
3) Saudi happy because the got rid of USD and got hard money in return.
4) JPM get out from alot of lumps. 
5) Israel and Saudi become unlikely buddies


Interesting aside, the warfare against PM occurred exactly at the same time as Ron Paul was attacking Bernanke for his Fiat destruction and Paul was brandishing a silver coin in front of the Bernanke.

Wyoming Considers a Post-American Doomsday

Wyoming Considers a Post-American Doomsday

The Wyoming House has advanced a bill that launches a study over what Wyoming should do in the event of a total political and/or economic collapse of the United States. The Mayan calender's abrupt end for later this year is purely coincidental.

Wyoming is one of the few of the many United States that is not bankrupt.