Saturday, April 23, 2011


Someday, hopefully soon, I will move all these radiation posts off the trading blog.   For now I think this incredibly important.  

Here are some thoughts:

Nuclear people get drawn into the mystique and allure of turning matter into energy.  Indeed, destroying matter and turning it directly into energy.   Like playing God in a way.  

It is complex, big, important.   Those who make nuclear their career are tainted in their opinions.  Note how most of the old nuclear experts have long hair, like they think they are going to get some trim by have long hair (even gray) and being a nuclear scientist.  

The nuclear "organizations" that exist are fully "pro nuclear".   Please don't try to take their toys away from them, and their sex appeal, and ability to bank serious coin.   

Article below "Why is their irrational fear of radiation?"

Amazing to me.   Fear of radiation is totally rational.  The people in this article attempt to spin, that because the units of measurement are complex, that people are making a mole hill into a mountain.   Spin, highly intellectual spin.    

Charles Bell
I worked around radiation at nuclear power plants since the mid 1970s. After seeing the movie about the SL-1 accident on my first day of Navy Nuclear Power School, I quickly gained a respect and rational fear of radiation. Education, training, and experience are key to removing the irrational fear from ones mind and replacing it with the rational kind.

Personally, I think that if Fukushima does not "go critical" with open fission, preventing even the most basic treatment of the fuel pools, and then the fuel pools going critical.   IF this does not happen, that 1M to 5M will dies from the radiation already released, and numerable diseases that will not be easily attributable to Fukushima directly will also occur, say 25 Million.

If the 6 reactors and 2.5M pounds of uranium "go off", the after effects could leave no one on the planet untouched.  

Interesting that the Japanese have brought in the French as their nuclear consultants and media shirlls.   I think that the Japanese cannot ask for too much help from the US because in some weird way, that fact that the US dropped atom bombs on Japan makes it improper to get US help to solve their nuclear problems.   Of course, design of plant is by GE, the Mark 1.    Got it?  The first version?   The worst version.

In researching nuclear I too fall into the trap of "nuclear knowledge is cool".   It is very enticing.    But some things are just too strong for humans.     

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Russell Stop Run, Egg A thon, Cable Car Wreck

With the Market hitting 845 on Russell, that wipes out 90% of all of the trader who went short. In other words all of the non- HBB traders that started the sell-off.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I call BS

Clip  above is the Hawaii News, also misinforming the public.

Detected I-131, Cesium 134 and 137.   Lady states if you drank 4000 cups of milk that would be equivalent to a dental Xray.  

I call BS!   Comparing any internal transmitter to any dental Xray or CT scan is completely bogus.  

They are stating "there is absolutely no health risk"

I call BS....any radiation is a danger, even the so called back ground radiation.

They are monitoring beaches now, in order to "establish a baseline", uh excuse me, but I call BS---you are stating that you are establishing a baseline during a nuclear emergency?   Huh?     I think a seven year old would understand that falicy of that strategy.

Scary video on nuclear hazard

Vix and stuff

Big Ben still got game

I expect 1/2% more upside on stocks, 1/2% down on USD, max

Then again, I could be wrong.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fear Fractal Diamond, Vix Number of the Beast, Currency Games

How Monkeys Screw Up Same as Muhans

Russell with a Classic 78 Retrace

I added puts on this move up.   

Amazed that the Vix dropped almost back to Friday levels.

I wonder how many bought puts on Monday and then were crushed on a 40% drop in put value.

Even the puts I bought on Friday were mysteriously priced almost same as purchase price, even though Vix was slightly higher, and index value was still significantly down.     No time to analyze that in detail, just the market makers sucking out the Vega and increasing their profits.

What can I say, added puts.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fear Factor and more

A nice "pre-burn off" on the ol' Grill, prior to making my new specialty --affectionately known as Armageddon Pizza.   Using a special Pizza pan with and elevated dish and a double steel plate bottom to control radiant heat....this unit is an amazing piece of engineering.   And somehow, cooking it in a gas grill makes it better by say 400%.   A $5 pizza with a few extra toppings turns into a Za comparable to some of the best in Chicago.   And I know, I used to live in Chicago and can bake pizza from scratch, Chicago deep dish style.

 I love this pizza!

Humans have to hand the fight to the robots

On Friday, the highest radiation level measured outside the double-entry doors of the Number 1 to 3 reactor buildings was 2 to 4 millisieverts per hour.

Radiation levels measured between the double doors of those reactor buildings was 270 millisieverts in the Number One reactor, 12 in Number 2, and 10 in Number 3.
The radiation level detected at the Number One reactor exceeds the national exposure limit of 250 millisieverts for nuclear contract workers.

As we had feared, the radiation might get so bad that humans couldn't continue the fight.  The above quote from NHK world continue to "miss the point".   The point is that milli-sieverts is a "rate of flow" like kW is a rate of flow of electricity.   Milli-Sievert Hours is the dose absorbed over a period of time, same as you get charge for KW-Hours on your electric bill.

The max permissable used to be 100 Milli-Sievert hours in any one year, that was arbitrarily jacked up to 250 Milli-Sv per year to allow the work to continue.

At roughly 2 milli-Sievert Hours, per year for the average person in the world, there is still plenty of cancer.    Being exposed to 250 Milli-Sv for 1 hour, would put a worker at the max yearly dose, and they would therefore need to go home and not work in nuclear for a year.

So in one hour, they would be getting the equivalent dose of 125 years of normal life.   And if they breathed it in or ingested it, the Internal transmitter could be blasting nearby cells with 100% efficiency, every alpha particle transmitted could hit a human cell or DNA.  

Link to NHK is here

Japan update by guy with Gray Hair and an Academic Title, bad part is I believe him

Boatload O' Charts

Cable will find support or lose support at this line.     Euro looks ready to tank also, see 2 charts.

Full moon means earthquakes.   The last "little" 5.9 quake sent radiation levels skyrocketing, which probably doesn't mean new cracks in containment, possibly just stirring up the radioactive saturated ground water which we already "proved as fact" due to the refilling of the pumped out areas.