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Something that bascially no one knows.   At the beginning of the crisis, the Prime Minister talked to the Fukushima 50, and this is translated from Japanese by my wife who is native Japanese.....she said, he said "prepare yourselves, no one except you can do this".

What that means is....prepare your resolve, your gumption, your soul.    Do it for your country and your country men and women.   Prepare to die, is what the PM told them.    They are already heroes, they will forever be heroes.   Let us not screw this up and squander their lives.

I still believe that some will need to give the greatest gift to protect others, their lives.  However, I also believe that 200,000 people ought to be fighting this in every way possible.   I am amazed that they lack anything that can be had in the world or flown in a Huey helicopter.

We knew this already, but in case you need an "authoritative source" here it is

Copied in its entirety from:

I like the UK's pulling no punches approach


How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation

George Monbiot and others at best misinform and at worst distort evidence of the dangers of atomic energy
  • Article history
  • A Japanese girl is screened for radiation in Iitate, 40km from the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant
    A girl is screened in Iitate, about 40km from the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, where high levels of radiation have been detected. Photograph: Takumi Harada/AP
    Soon after the Fukushima accident last month, I stated publicly that a nuclear event of this size and catastrophic potential could present a medical problem of very large dimensions. Events have proven this observation to be true despite the nuclear industry's campaign about the "minimal" health effects of so-called low-level radiation. That billions of its dollars are at stake if the Fukushima event causes the "nuclear renaissance" to slow down appears to be evident from the industry's attacks on its critics, even in the face of an unresolved and escalating disaster at the reactor complex at Fukushima. Proponents of nuclear power – including George Monbiot, who has had a mysterious road-to-Damascus conversion to its supposedly benign effects – accuse me and others who call attention to the potential serious medical consequences of the accident of "cherry-picking" data and overstating the health effects of radiation from the radioactive fuel in the destroyed reactors and their cooling pools. Yet by reassuring the public that things aren't too bad, Monbiot and others at best misinform, and at worst misrepresent or distort, the scientific evidence of the harmful effects of radiation exposure – and they play a predictable shoot-the-messenger game in the process. To wit: 1) Mr Monbiot, who is a journalist not a scientist, appears unaware of the difference between external and internal radiation Let me educate him. The former is what populations were exposed to when the atomic bombs were detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945; their profound and on-going medical effects are well documented. [1] Internal radiation, on the other hand, emanates from radioactive elements which enter the body by inhalation, ingestion, or skin absorption. Hazardous radionuclides such as iodine-131, caesium 137, and other isotopes currently being released in the sea and air around Fukushima bio-concentrate at each step of various food chains (for example into algae, crustaceans, small fish, bigger fish, then humans; or soil, grass, cow's meat and milk, then humans). [2] After they enter the body, these elements – called internal emitters – migrate to specific organs such as the thyroid, liver, bone, and brain, where they continuously irradiate small volumes of cells with high doses of alpha, beta and/or gamma radiation, and over many years, can induce uncontrolled cell replication – that is, cancer. Further, many of the nuclides remain radioactive in the environment for generations, and ultimately will cause increased incidences of cancer and genetic diseases over time. The grave effects of internal emitters are of the most profound concern at Fukushima. It is inaccurate and misleading to use the term "acceptable levels of external radiation" in assessing internal radiation exposures. To do so, as Monbiot has done, is to propagate inaccuracies and to mislead the public worldwide (not to mention other journalists) who are seeking the truth about radiation's hazards. 2) Nuclear industry proponents often assert that low doses of radiation (eg below 100mSV) produce no ill effects and are therefore safe. But , as the US National Academy of Sciences BEIR VII report has concluded, no dose of radiation is safe, however small, including background radiation; exposure is cumulative and adds to an individual's risk of developing cancer. 3) Now let's turn to Chernobyl. Various seemingly reputable groups have issued differing reports on the morbidity and mortalities resulting from the 1986 radiation catastrophe. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2005 issued a report attributing only 43 human deaths directly to the Chernobyl disaster and estimating an additional 4,000 fatal cancers. In contrast, the 2009 report, "Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment", published by the New York Academy of Sciences, comes to a very different conclusion. The three scientist authors – Alexey V Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko, and Alexey V Nesterenko – provide in its pages a translated synthesis and compilation of hundreds of scientific articles on the effects of the Chernobyl disaster that have appeared in Slavic language publications over the past 20 years. They estimate the number of deaths attributable to the Chernobyl meltdown at about 980,000. Monbiot dismisses the report as worthless, but to do so – to ignore and denigrate an entire body of literature, collectively hundreds of studies that provide evidence of large and significant impacts on human health and the environment – is arrogant and irresponsible. Scientists can and should argue over such things, for example, as confidence intervals around individual estimates (which signal the reliability of estimates), but to consign out of hand the entire report into a metaphorical dustbin is shameful. Further, as Prof Dimitro Godzinsky, of the Ukranian National Academy of Sciences, states in his introduction to the report: "Against this background of such persuasive data some defenders of atomic energy look specious as they deny the obvious negative effects of radiation upon populations. In fact, their reactions include almost complete refusal to fund medical and biological studies, even liquidating government bodies that were in charge of the 'affairs of Chernobyl'. Under pressure from the nuclear lobby, officials have also diverted scientific personnel away from studying the problems caused by Chernobyl." 4) Monbiot expresses surprise that a UN-affiliated body such as WHOmight be under the influence of the nuclear power industry, causing its reporting on nuclear power matters to be biased. And yet that is precisely the case. In the early days of nuclear power, WHO issued forthright statements on radiation risks such as its 1956 warning: "Genetic heritage is the most precious property for human beings. It determines the lives of our progeny, health and harmonious development of future generations. As experts, we affirm that the health of future generations is threatened by increasing development of the atomic industry and sources of radiation … We also believe that new mutations that occur in humans are harmful to them and their offspring." After 1959, WHO made no more statements on health and radioactivity. What happened? On 28 May 1959, at the 12th World Health Assembly, WHO drew up an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); clause 12.40 of this agreement says: "Whenever either organisation [the WHO or the IAEA] proposes to initiate a programme or activity on a subject in which the other organisation has or may have a substantial interest, the first party shall consult the other with a view to adjusting the matter by mutual agreement." In other words, the WHO grants the right of prior approval over any research it might undertake or report on to the IAEA – a group that many people, including journalists, think is a neutral watchdog, but which is, in fact, an advocate for the nuclear power industry. The IAEA's founding papers state: "The agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity through the world." Monbiot appears ignorant about the WHO's subjugation to the IAEA, yet this is widely known within the scientific radiation community. But it is clearly not the only matter on which he is ignorant after his apparent three-day perusal of the vast body of scientific information on radiation and radioactivity. As we have seen, he and other nuclear industry apologists sow confusion about radiation risks, and, in my view, in much the same way that the tobacco industry did in previous decades about the risks of smoking. Despite their claims, it is they, not the "anti-nuclear movement" who are "misleading the world about the impacts of radiation on human health." • Helen Caldicott is president of the Helen Caldicott Foundation for a Nuclear-Free Planet and the author of Nuclear Power is Not the Answer [1] See, for example, WJ Schull, Effects of Atomic Radiation: A Half-Century of Studies from Hiroshima and Nagasaki (New York: Wiley-Lis, 1995) and DE Thompson, K Mabuchi, E Ron, M Soda, M Tokunaga, S Ochikubo, S Sugimoto, T Ikeda, M Terasaki, S Izumi et al. "Cancer incidence in atomic bomb survivors, Part I: Solid tumors, 1958-1987" in Radiat Res 137:S17-S67 (1994). [2] This process is called bioaccumulation and comes in two subtypes as well, bioconcentration and biomagnification. For more information see: J.U. Clark and V.A. McFarland, Assessing Bioaccumulation in Aquatic Organisms Exposed to Contaminated Sediments, Miscellaneous Paper D-91-2 (1991), Environmental Laboratory, Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS and H.A. Vanderplog, D.C. Parzyck, W.H. Wilcox, J.R. Kercher, and S.V. Kaye, Bioaccumulation Factors for Radionuclides in Freshwater Biota, ORNL-5002 (1975), Environmental Sciences Division Publication, Number 783, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN.

Truth benefits the recipient not the giver, VIX, moon, earthquakes

Well, truth could potentially benefit the giver, like if any gave a Klik!

I always encourage people on sites like Daneric (we are on their blog roll and that is a big honor), and Slope of Hope (we are a listed contributor to articles, and, duh, that is a big honor), and Zerohedge (we have been published on Zerohedge, and super duh, massive honor, thanks to dnarby who suggested I submit an article to them)...I encourage them to klik some adz, visit some sponzers!  

nice VIX chart.  Also full moon soon, that does cause earthquakes.   I am not sure why "scientists" deny that, it is a no-brainer.    Maybe they don't want to scare the sheep.   Incredible amount of earthquake still occurring in Japan, and they at Fukushima moved their generator to higher ground, they do have scientists in Japan that can predict earthquakes pretty well, I wonder if something is up.

 Silver Fractals

 Short term VIX

Nuke stuff seen on other blog

Independent Water Quality Tests
In the light of the lack of testing of drinking water by state and municipal authorities it is reasonable to assume the following:
From independent water quality tests throughout the nation, rainwater has largely been found to contain radioactive contaminates.
River water, surface vegetation and produce have been contaminated by rainwater.
Rain water has carried the radiation into the soil and into ground water. The ground water is likely contaminated.
There are no reports that any tested area in the northern hemisphere that now remain totally clear of any tell tale Iodine-131.
Therefore based on data reported thus far
we are screwed and should anticipate more of the same. The radiation contamination is bio-cumulative, each passing minute adds to the previous fallout. The passage of time therefore and weather patterns are variables that will determine at what rate the contamination will occur.
Protective individual action to purify your own water is the last line of defense. Whole house and point of use filtration is required.
Personal Responsibility over ones health
The only person left who will defend you and your family is you. Act now, swim against the tide of banana promoting experts who recommend doing nothing as civilization is being poisoned though drinking and cooking with raw tap water. Not to speak of showering, washing laundry and baby in it.
Resist the urge to give up, you can do this. Think of all the challenges you have overcome. Take a moment and gather yourself.

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Fission doesn't sleep

So nice that Friday afternoon is here, the long week is over, and I can take a break until.....Saturday morning!  But an easy one, starting at 7:30 AM, yeah! almost like a holiday.

Doing renewable energy, a few kilowatts at a day, in a Terawatt environment..   Hmmmm.....Oil, nuclear.... sorry to say, with Coal, I think we need them all going forward.   Wind is good the right places.

The lies and disinformation of Fukushima are classic.   Just now we see reports that the reactors vessels might have a little bit of "blob" leaked out.   From the data we knew that 2 and 3 weeks ago.

BUT this part is scary --first time I felt any bit of fear -- after they pumped 160 tons of high radiation water into a "basement" they found that the high radiation water level returned to the same level the next day.  

That means-- the ground is saturated with high radiation water, which is finding every which way to somewhere else.   

Half my family lives in Japan, and someday I thought I may move there.   For now that is sketchy at best.

Fission doesn't sleep.  It does not respond to rheoteric or wishful thinking.  

Fission does not take the weekend off.

It is like racing cars on a limited budget, you get it done, or not, and BS walks.  But this is far worse than just a bad or failed race, this is long term damage to the human species.   Seriously. 

Prussian Blue look it up.   Cesium protection--this is real fix, not just wishful thinking.  

Uranium protection... look it up---- Sodium Bicarbonate....wait that is Baking Soda....OK put that in your "shelter at home" or "TO GO" Big Box.

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Expiry Friday -- no need to trade that day

I won't be posting until Sunday.   Expiry Friday can be fun especially after a Google event.   I don't play expiry, I don't play Google.  

The BS surrounding Google reminds me so much of the tech bubble, with new nomenclature on how profits and success are modeled.   Google is an advertising company, over reaching on other aspects of privacy.   But their maps sure are cool!

Copper could peak tomorrow and head down, and full moon is close by too. 

Adios, had like 4000 visitors, 7 clicks...barely enough to buy a Starbucks coffee.  

Dark Humor, goes great with a roasted swan and some red whine.

Noah 2011

In the year 2011  , the Lord came unto Noah and said:
Once again the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see
the end of all flash before me.

Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few
good humans.

He gave Noah the blueprints, saying:
You have 6 months to build the Ark before I will start the unending
rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his
yard - but no Ark.
Noah! He roared, I'm about to start the rain! Where is the Ark ?
Forgive me, Lord, begged Noah, 'but things have changed.

I needed a building permit.

I've been arguing with the inspector about the need for a sprinkler

My neighbors claim that I've violated the neighborhood zoning laws by
building the Ark in my yard, and exceeding the height limitations. We
had to go to the Development Appeal Board for a decision.

Then, the Department of Transportation demanded a bond be posted for
the future costs of moving power lines  and other overhead obstructions,
to clear the passage for the Ark 's move to the sea.
I told them that the sea would be coming to us, but they would hear
nothing of it.

Getting the wood was another problem. There's a ban on cutting local
trees in order to save the spotted owl.

I tried to convince the environmentalists that I needed the wood to
save the owls - but no go!

When I started gathering the animals, an animal rights group sued me.
They insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will.
They argued that accommodations were too restrictive, and that it is
cruel and inhumane to put so many animals in a confined space.

Then the EPA ruled that I couldn't build the Ark until they'd
conducted an environmental  impact study on your proposed flood.

I'm still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights
Commission on how many minorities I'm supposed to hire for my
building crew.

Immigration is checking the status of most of the people who want to work.

The Trades Unions say I can't use my sons. They insist I have to hire
only Union workers with Ark-building experience.

To make matters worse, they seized all my assets, claiming I'm trying
to leave the country illegally with endangered species.

So, forgive me, Lord, but it would take at least 10 years for me to
finish this Ark.

Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine, and a double
rainbow stretched across the sky.

Noah looked up in wonder and asked, 'You mean you're not going to
destroy the world?'

'No,' said the Lord.

"The governments beat me to it."

Nuclear Perspective

Every 100 tons of water is 25,000 gallons to keep things in perspective at Fukushima Nuclear

At Chernobyl there was a fire, an explosion and radioactive material was exploded and ejected over miles.    They used 600,000 liquidators to pickup much of this radioactive material.  

Sure at this point the Tera-Bequerels were reported higher at Chernobyl, however, much of the release was picked up.   No doubt, Europe was blasted with radiation neverthless.

At nuclear test sites from the 1950's the fish around there are still not safe to eat.
Check this link for many nuclear disasters, most of which were "disappeared news".   The general playbook is to try and cover up...."they" seems to do it all the time.,1518,756369,00.html

Here-in "lies" the big idfference between Chernobyl and Fukushima, much of the Fukushima radiation has gone directly in the air, floating over the Pacific for the most part lucky for Japan with the winds, and much has gone directly into the ocean via direct runoff or groundwater spillage/leakage/seepage.

Cesium has a half life of 30 years and Cesium bio-accumulates.   It doesn't go away.   In 60 years, 25% of it will still be present in the environment, spread out over the whole globe, much in fish, which will eventually end up in other critters.   That sucks.    Dumping radioactive water in the ocean is a crime.   Why didn't they ask the US military to Huey in 100 plastic water tanks at 20,000 gallons each.   Even that "low level"radiation is still radiation.

And the other big lie is "DISPERSION".    Even those "dillution" will take effect as the radiation rolls out into the ocean, all of the individual particles of radation will still be there and will bio-acculate in sea plants and fishes, and eventually get into OUR food chain.   

DISPERSION is a big lie....a terrible lie being pimped out to make the general public feel less fear, or even feel justified that "see nuclear isn't that bad, the earth is resilient"

If you haven't checked my favorite compilation of nuclear resources, check it out here, many links and important original work and research.

Swans and Stuff

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Can't quite drop this subject Fukushima Mushrooms

Trying a new type of video, Adobe Flash Player--sorry the commercial gets embedded with the link.

This so called expert is obviously a troll for the pro-nuclear crowd.   Obviously if you have trained in nothing but nuclear all your life, and make a pretty penny at it, your ability to discuss it evenly is suspect.

He mentions tera-Bequerels, and then immediately states," that is an arcane measurement unit", don't worry about that.   Thus totally dismissing the accuracy and applicability of the measurement unit, while completely disrespecting THE exact method of measuring radiation, the same exact measure at Curies, just a multiplier different.   

This is farcical.  Just because the Bequerel and the Curie are the units named by the discovers of radiation (and they paid a dear price), 100 years ago, nothing "scientific" has made these unit of measure "wrong".   There are other units of measure, such as Sievert and Rem, which are basically the Bequerel converted more directly into how the particular blend of radiation (Iodine, Cesium, Strontium, Uranium, etc) is likely to be harmful to humans.

Abusing  science in this way to promote a technology too strong for humans to handle an awful thing.

Dr Copper looking bullish, at least for a few days & Casey report

Changed my view on copper...instead of breaking through support, it bounced.

Another link stolen from Zerohedge, cannot say enough good things about Tyler/that group.

This guy Casey says it so well, I think he nails it. Which means, that he agrees with me, BTW. No simple answers, no easy answers.

Quote du joir, and Hawaii Data Shut Down.

"Never believe anything until it's been officially denied"  ~ Francis Claud Cockburn

I wonder if lack of data can be considered a official denial.  Looks like all the data in Hawaii is shut down.

Also even though 3 times the Cesium (compared to the Iodine) was found in Milk in Hilo, this was declared "safe" since no one is going to drink milk for 70 years straight, and the State Health department "may" take another sample in about a month.     WTF?

Indeed the levels are low, however there is no "safe" amount of radiation.    It messes up your cells and your genes.   True there is background radiation, however, it is also true that cancer is one of the largest causes of death in humans, coincident, I think not.   Duh!!!!


A reader at MISH blog is bullish, and I agree, bullish on a few things:

I am bullish on Weapons manufacturers.

I am bullish on Food manufacturers.

I am bullish on Funeral Homes.

I am bullish on Shanghai, China.

I am bullish on AutoZone.

I am bullish on Canada Pharmacy.

I am bullish on Generic Drug manufacturers.

I am bullish on Vancouver, BC.

I am bullish on Washington, D.C. 

From Dnarby:
Bullish on
Seed companies
Booze Manufacturers
Bicycle Manufacturers
Great ideas!

Please chime in on things that you are bullish on:

Geiger counter manufacturers
Water filtratration manufacturers

Ammo manufacturers
Virtual meeting providers

Even better, someone come up with 50 tickers to represent this group

Cesium and Prussian Blue, Fukuhsima Japan

Hey Y'all, we aren't in worry mode in Hawaii, we are in preparation mode.

I am putting think link into the permanent Fukushima page here
Link is Cesium and Animals

Bottom line biological half life of 70 days, and Cesium can be excreted...however, can do plenty damage until then, it sits mostly in your muscles.

Prussian Blue, aka Radiogardase, is effective at removing Cesiuim and Thalium from your body.   They say it doesn't have bad side effects, except maybe constipation.   The CDC stocks it for event of emergency.

Here is government page that describes it.    Apparently you need a prescription to buy it, which seems odd given that there are no bad side effects.    Very odd.  Watch out too!! It is an originally was a dye for the Prussian army uniform, and continues to be used as a dye.  I expect plenty scammers to be selling stuff that may not protect you.

Nuclear Cons and Pros - 2 snapshots from the news today

Short on PRS 177 and Egg fail, also 61 Fibo, Nuke diasaster, and Pretcher!

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Washington's blog

Washington's blog has been doing a great job at nuclear coverage, which potentially is the biggest thing of our lives.   Maybe not, but maybe so.   2.5 million pounds of uranium and some plutonium all gathered in one completely out of control area.   About 8 pounds are needed to make a nuclear bomb.   This will not blow up like a nuclear bomb, but release of radiation could be way more than a nuclear bomb or ten or maybe a hundred, I don't know.   And if you don't know, then you don't know either.

This Euro source shows data that about 5% or the radioactivity is Cesium, 95% Iodine.   That is important because Iodine can be protected with Potassium Iodine (research it, don't just take it) and Iodine goes away fairly quickly, 50% every 8 days.   Cesium takes 30 year to "go away",  so of all the Cesium being released now, in 60 years, 25% will still be around.

Cesium is absorbed by the human muscle, and becomes a dangerous internal emitter, until excreted from the body, which happens in maybe 10 to 100 days on average, but some might stick around, and even 1 particle could cause a cancer.,,14938445,00.html

ouch, Finally a number larger than "Notional Value of Derivitives

INES Disclosed today, what we have suspected for a long time, massive releases of radiation.

Up to 10,000 Terabequerels (Tera-Bq )of radioactive material per hour "at some point" after the massive quake.

This doesnt sound that bad...until you know that Tera as a prefix means trillion

Up to 10,000 trillion radioactive "units" per hour.

This bring Fukushima up to Chernobyl in terms at least of the Level 7 rating.   We knew this for a long time already.

I put together this resource for understanding radiation units, it will help if you have any interest.
I have to be out the rest of day, no time to elaborate.

Question of the day...with this release, was it just leaking water and steam, or did the Blob get out of the box, and if so, where is the Blob (s). 

It appears the Japanese limits for I131 in drinking water is 100 Bq per liter, up to 300 for Adults.

I was able to find Potassium Iodine on Amazon 2 weeks ago.

Doctor Copper looking suspicious, Random length lumber plummeting

Russell Egg Launch Long

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Indeed --Seeing without Deception, this from Cognitive Dissonance, first seen on Zero Hedge.
I ran into a guy I worked with 20 years ago, one of the few co-workers I actually consider a friend, even though I probably haven't seen him in 15 years, we talked for 2.5 hours standing in the aisle at Home Depot.    We discussed all the usual suspects, including the little things like the lack of Constitution, official lies, the money printing.    And I asked him, how many people do you really think "get it" and he said....almost all of them.   That was a big surprise, but really try to dig deep....just because you get it, doesn't mean that most people don't get it.    So we almost all "get it", yet as long as we have that hope of a vacation, a newer car, and food to feed our families --maybe we do go out of our way to enable our handlers to keep feeding us lies.   Think about the "dance" with government bureaucrats who perfectly know exactly what they are doing wrong and have all the excuses carefully thought out and trotted out.

How much proof do you need to "know something", the less the better, as long as it is a clear view that you have seen.

An Inconvenient Truth - The Truth Shall Not Set Us Free


Cognitive Dissonance

There is a widely held belief among those who wish for ‘the truth’ to be exposed that once this is accomplished the insanity will begin to unravel and a new day will dawn. Unfortunately this belief is erroneous, delusional even, and by itself also a part of the insanity. The uncomfortable and extremely inconvenient truth is that ‘truth’, regardless of where it originates or whether it’s really truth or not, will never set us free because the official lies are not the ultimate source of our bondage. Instead the lies are just a small part of the overall control system, a system that relies upon our willing (some would say informed) consent not only to exist but to endure. 

Hidden somewhere deep down inside any discussion of true and false statements by politicians, the Bureau of Lies and Statistics (BLS), psyops and disinformation programs, WikiLeaks or any other governmental, corporate or individual propaganda is a simple and fundamental truth that’s widely known but carefully ignored. We are being lied to by hundreds of entities about dozens of different subjects, all for the purpose of maintaining or increasing control and power over the masses. The truth of these fundamental lies is all around us and yet we are still not free.

The only way a relatively small nucleus of people can control a much larger population is through psychological manipulation regardless of whether it’s by way of brutality or baubles. Spending our days minimizing, dismissing or bargaining with these controlling lies is simply the process we use to avoid dealing with our own internal self deception. This is also a well understood and universal truth that is self evident, obvious even, to those who wish to honestly look. Yet it is denied as well.

We hide this fact from ourselves by differentiating between big and small lies, from their evil propaganda and our harmless little tales. And we always tell ourselves the ultimate controlling lie, that we don’t really ‘lie’ so much as we tell small fibs and half truths in order to feel better or to get through the day. We want to believe that we are different from ‘them’, that we know we aren’t really lying because we know ourselves and thus can’t lie. We all deceive ourselves into believing that to ourselves we are true.

The ugly truth is that we expend a tremendous amount of energy each day maintaining our extensive network of internal denial and self deception. The result is a mishmash of fact, fiction and fantasy we call our world view and the act of denial itself becomes such an integrated component of us that for the most part it’s seamless and nearly invisible. The control system enables our denial by feeding us a constant stream of ‘news’ and information that serves to reinforce this internal narrative while massaging our confirmation and normalcy biases.

Why do we need ‘proof’ of something that’s self evident, of something we know to be true? Exactly what sort of proof would satisfy us that we’re being systematically and consistently lied to? More to the point, what would we do once the perfect proof is offered that we would refrain from doing without it? So many of us fall into the trap of demanding specific and infallible proof before we’ll ever consider changing our beliefs, an almost impossible condition to meet and precisely why we require it. Others demand that the liars admit they are lying. What then? Do we forgive them for their past transgressions so we won’t need to confront them (or ourselves) the next time it happens?

What proof of truth (or falsity) do we need to receive in order to be absolutely certain? And will we ever receive enough proof to overcome our aversion to taking a stand and declaring that enough is enough? All of these questions are reasonable queries to ask, but we avoid them like the black plague because following them to their logical conclusion would sweep away all our self deceptions and delusions. Asking these questions, then candidly answering them, would force us to be honest with ourselves, an outcome we collectively and studiously avoid.

Clarity of Vision

Clarity of Vision

Contrary to popular belief clarity of vision, which is what truth and proof is supposed to provide for us, is the last thing we want because clarity removes any remaining plausible deniability we might cling to in order to justify hiding within the faceless herd. Clarity compels action in the same manner that a clear and present danger compels action. If we don’t act once we finally have clarity, especially after demanding it for years, then we must confront our own lack of moral courage. In effect we either deal with this cognitive dissonance or we kick the can down the road and bury our denial in another layer of justification and rationalization.

For example, let’s say you’re startled awake at 3 AM by the apparent sound of someone breaking into your home. Are you going to roll over and fall back to sleep until you receive absolute “proof” of a break in or are you going to react to the information at hand no matter how limited it might be? While the answer might be obvious, the question is so simple it’s often dismissed as silly. I’m not talking about confronting the potential intruder, but simply acknowledging his or her presence instead of demanding more proof before rousting yourself from bed. Of course you’d acknowledge the potential break-in. Then you’d begin to react accordingly.

What it really comes down to is not whether we receive enough proof to act, but rather how close we perceive (or deny) the danger to be in order to overcome our reluctance to deal with whatever it is we are avoiding. The noise downstairs demands our immediate attention because it’s coming from within our home at a time of night when we’re most vulnerable. It’s hard to ignore this frightening situation. However as long as we can successfully deny proximity we can avoid the singularity of confrontation regardless of the actual circumstances.

And a skilful manipulator will encourage our denial using a variety of tools and methods. Consider that the Nazis took deliberate steps to enable the concentration camp inmates to remain in denial about their inevitable destruction. Most knew what was really going on, but the façade was convincing enough to enable just enough denial of proximity to keep the majority calm and under control. This was mutually beneficial for both parties involved, allowing the Nazi’s to use very few guards relative to the large number of inmates. Our master(s) benefit from our denial as well, thus they expend large amounts of energy to enable our denial rather than just forcing the issue.

It appears to me that those who are unaware of, or outright reject, their inner spiritual connection are more likely to engage in fantastical thinking and denial framing all in an effort to deny proximity. Let me make it clear here that I’m not talking about a God or religious entity, but more like a centering or recognition of our presence and purpose within the cosmos.

This ‘knowing’ helps us to maintain a realistic perspective and inner calm when others become deer in the headlights. Our masters are experts at frightening us with continuous fear based mental images of dangerous boogiemen while promising us that the danger will never be proximate to us as long as we do as we’re told. And we play along because doing so enables our own internal dishonesty.

In the case of the downstairs burglar it rapidly progesses well beyond clear and present danger and has morphed into red alert proximity since we’re trapped upstairs and can’t leave without descending the stairs and moving even closer to the very danger we’re trying to avoid. But the insanity coming out of Washington, Europe, Libya, Japan or wherever today’s madness is emanating from is somewhere way over there, meaning not proximate to us and thus easier to push aside and deny.


Learned Helplessness

Until that is the danger is proximate and can no longer be denied. Of course once the obvious can no longer be pushed aside the next step is to trot out another inconvenient truth redefined in the form of an excuse, that the problem is so big that we can’t do anything about it. Intellectually we declare we’re quadriplegics trapped in our own wheelchairs and unable to do anything about the situation. This self victimization is called learned helplessness and it’s an example of how we actively participate in our own impotence and subjugation. And its use is not restricted to the uneducated and poor. In fact it’s a highly refined intellectual tool of the educated and professional classes who twist our self victimization into superiority or entitlement impulses.

What we really want, what we so desperately seek, is for someone else to shoulder the personal and emotional risk that comes with taking responsibility. We definitely want the good outcome, just not the sweat, tears and pain that might also come with it. Our insistence that we know exactly what happened, the so-called truth, followed by our never ending demand for even more proof, is simply our psychological defense to any assault upon our carefully constructed world view that we are just helpless victims and powerless to do anything except to be the perfect injured party and take care of ourselves. This is also the perfect excuse to abandon any sense of obligation to neighbor or community.

The beauty of being the unfortunate victim, of being a planned and intentional failure even if that plan is on a subconscious level, is that this condition is easily accomplished and usually requires little to no active participation on our part. Thus our needed plausible deniability comes from doing nothing, which then reinforces our apathy and justifies our inaction. It just doesn’t get any better than this. All that’s left to do is to construct an intellectual shield stout enough to justify our inaction, child’s play after decades of personal experience shifting blame to the spouse, sibling, boogie man, politician, dog or boss. Our ego immediately takes over and skillfully massages our lying eyes and guilt feelings.

Don't Blame Me

Lost to Ourselves

It’s important for the reader to understand that I’m not necessarily speaking of professional, career or even political failure when I address the concept of being a planned failure. Ultimately these are all artificial constructs, fantasy representations of our denied inner being, the outward manifestation of an ‘us’ we wish to project to those around us for a variety of reasons and purposes. Instead what I’m referring to is our inner being, our spiritual entity, our essence, that part of us that might be called the soul which only we answer to.

This unique sanctuary, our own safe haven or refuge we can flee to when we wish to engage in contemplation and reflection, can be the source of our inner strength and moral courage in the face of hostility or our pitiful failure to be a moral person and spiritual entity. Because we cannot hide from ourselves while visiting our inner being, for the patently self deceptive this is a place to avoid at all costs.

The external ‘us’ often has little connection to our true inner self unless it is deliberately pursued and sought after. Our inner being doesn’t come looking for you or me, but rather the other way around. I have found that the more superficial our outer skin is, the further away we are from connecting to our inner truth and meaning, often described as our centering, knowing or intuition. 

The weaker the connection to our inner self the more desperate we become to believe the self validating lie that if only we knew what really happened with unerring proof it would expose our external tormentor (and keep our internal one hidden as well) thus forcing other people to finally act. Is it really surprising that someone who lacks moral courage and strength would try to find others to do his or her bidding?

We convince ourselves that with absolute proof of the official lies in hand the illusion would be unequivocally exposed, thus compelling ‘we the people’ (meaning ‘other’ people) to reject them and it. This is the lie we tell ourselves to remain hidden from ourselves and safely within the consensus herd which acts as an extremely poor substitute for our missing inner communication.

We wish to believe that simply knowing the truth will somehow displace the lie, similar to Archimedes splashing water over the sides of the tub as he settles in for his weekly soak. Somehow this absolves us from the obligation to act because "the truth" is now known and the liars will wither away in the bright disinfecting sunlight of truth, justice and the American way. The ugly truth is that a ‘truth’ (as well as a ‘lie’) has power only when it’s embraced, not simply because it exists. Since we don’t wish to embrace the inner truth, we must support the external lies in order to use them to feed our plausible deniability. While we might not fully understand this form of self deception our masters are well aware of it and skillfully use it against us.

Many truths lay abandoned on the side of the road for years, decades even, because their abandonment serves the needs of nearly everyone, not just the official liars, to ignore their own culpability. Once a truth is exposed the liars have no control over the truth except in their (our) ability to convince us to ignore or distort it. The spin doctor’s only purpose is to enable our own self deception. They don’t ‘hide’ the truth as much as they help convince us that it’s in our own best interest to ignore or distort it. You really don’t want to look in there, do you? The con man never forces the mark, but rather skillfully leverages the situation.

Seductive Submission

Seductive Submission

This entire process reminds me of the quintessential seduction scene in a Harlequin romance novel. The women is ‘taken’, seduced in the arms of someone who may or may not have her best interest at heart. Very little is said about her willingness to believe the lies and promises, of her own desire to suspend disbelief and accept the attractive lies, other than to present the supposedly mitigating factor that she’s emotionally overwhelmed and thus ‘not herself’. After all if you’re not yourself you certainly can’t be held responsible for anything your ‘self’ might do, right? Naturally no one wants to ask where we might find the ‘self’ if it’s not ‘here’.

She’s being told what she wants to hear and its music to her ears. The incredible natural high we receive when our egoic lies are confirmed by outside sources, conceits we actively solicit precisely because they induce that endorphin buzz, puts to shame any man made pharmacological magic created to date.

Of course this behavior isn’t restricted to the fairer sex. Males are just as accomplished at self medicating as the female side of the species. I guess surrendering to passionate desire (and greed) is justification for any transgression as long as the emotion is pure, intoxicating and oh so good. We wouldn’t let our children get away with a bullshit excuse like this yet it seems fine and dandy for the adults in the room.

This is a classic example of self victimization, but it’s diplomatically presented as a near innocent who is being intentionally harmed by a scheming evil doer who’s only after her lying labia lips. Notice that it’s rarely pointed out how the liar would never be in her arms in the first place without her willing consent and active participation. We hear about his ‘power’ over her, but very little about her willingness to submit and let someone else be responsible for her (in) actions.

Layers of self deception this deep can only occur when we are patently dishonest with ourselves, yet this type of behavior is glorified in far more ways than just romance novels. Nationalism is a perfect example of the process we use to allow ourselves to be controlled by others, to surrender to the herd mentality and any responsibility for our actions. We’re all familiar with the seductive urge and the invisible pull to engage in herd behavior where the anonymity of the crowd washes away any personal responsibility for ones actions.

There’s nothing more we need to know, no other proof needed, other than the certain knowledge that we are lied to on a daily basis. This is obvious and widely known, but rarely openly acknowledged. Our need to know the truth and our demand for unequivocal proof that it is the truth, proof that we often insist must come from a person of ‘authority’ (usually one of the authorities who told us the lie in the first place) is a reflection of our inner reluctance to remove the liars from our lives, starting within ourselves.

Doing so would require us to move out of our comfort zone and face who and what we really are, co-conspirators and dance partners rather than helpless soap bubbles blowing in the wind. Our masters know this and to further enable our self deception they constantly shrink our comfort zones, giving us all the more reason to remain safely huddled within our contracting world.

We say we want freedom yet true freedom is just as frightening to us as truth itself. For the most part we are kept animals and as distasteful as this may be to our sensitive egos we like it this way. Many years ago I overheard one woman tell another that “Children like it when we set boundaries and rules for them.” I agree. Very young children want, in fact need, to know they are safe in a world that is capricious and unfathomable.

So it makes sense that externally imposed rules and boundaries would give children an artificially implanted sense of order and predictability, at least until their own conditioning is complete and they can maintain their own illusion of personal safety through denial. The same applies to us as adults. We all want our freedom just as long as it comes with a reasonably clear set of rules that thankfully keeps us from straying to far into personal accountability and responsibility.

Hamster Wheel

Love Your Captivity

While few among us would actually admit this we are trained to love our hamster wheels and for the most part we do. Or more accurately, we fear having no hamster wheel because then we would need to be self sufficient and personally responsible for all our actions in a world that has no overall order imposed upon us. That’s the key difference here because presently the prevailing attitude amongst us hamsters is quite simple. Just show me the maze, hand me the rule book and I’ll figure it out as I go along. Or at least I’ll survive long enough to feed and breed. This is of course a crass oversimplification of our social order, but you get the idea.

Because we allow ourselves to be seduced by the rules of a world that’s created for us we are easily manipulated by the controllers and the control system. It does this by making the rules……wait for it……wait for it……capricious and unfathomable if we don’t submit to the whip. By surrendering our inalienable right (and I submit our inner moral and spiritual duty) to be free and independent souls in return for a set of externally created and manipulated rules and conditions we condemn ourselves to a life of predictable infantile responses that are easily controlled.

The cognitive barriers that define our comfort zone and the lines we claim we don’t wish to be violated are all an illusion presented to us. And after sufficient assimilation they are perpetuated by us. They are thus easily modified by us each time the line is crossed by the liar, affording all of the liars plenty of wiggle room. “OK, I’ll give you one more chance. But don’t cross this line or next time you’re really gonna get it.” The inconvenient truth is that the battle isn’t with the external liars; it is with us and within us. And our external liars, our masters, unquestionably know this which is precisely why the insanity is escalating as they pile lies on top of more lies.

As this spinning top begins to wobble out of control and despite our protestations and demands for the truth, we really don’t want the lies to stop because if they do the day of our own internal reckoning will also be at hand. The definition of collective insanity is our willingness to be destroyed as a group so long as we are not judged as individuals. Or worse that we are not forced to judge ourselves. But even this we’ll deny knowing in order to maintain our plausible deniability. Thus we begin to understand the reason for the continued lying by all the parties involved, victims as well as the victimizers, and why I constantly describe the insanity at its most basic level as self induced.

We talk about financial moral hazard on Wall Street and within the Too Big To Fail (TBTF) banks as central to their escalating greed and corruption. And yet we all participate in a similar social moral hazard that fully enables our abusers. We’re trapped inside this insanity because to acknowledge it means dealing with a life time of denial. It’s so much easier to accept one more beating by our master rather than to come to terms with a lifetime of self abuse.


Presumed Informed Consent

Tragically, because we willingly participate in our own subjugation, regardless of whether it’s occurring on a conscious or subconscious level, the abusers see this as informed consent and the green light to continue the abuse. This is why they often tell us exactly how they’re going to abuse us long before doing so. In our role as victim we declare the abusers to be sociopaths and ourselves as virginal bleeders in order to shift blame and responsibility away from ourselves. It’s all part of the dance of denial and the abuser will accept the role of the heavy in exchange for his or her own rewards.

We may say we want the abuse to stop, but our verbal and non verbal communication says otherwise. How is this any different from the Harlequin woman saying “No, please stop” in the arms of her seducer while returning each kiss with passionate urgency? This is the unspoken communication between the abused and the abuser that is witness to and evidence of the real insanity of the dysfunctional relationship, regardless of whether it’s between husband and wife, nation and citizens or Ponzi and the world.

By the way I am in no way, shape or form justifying or condoning the abuser, rapist or thief simply because I’m explaining the process involved along with our own participation. My position is simple. If we can’t even honestly discuss our own weaknesses and foibles, we are well beyond self redemption. I often say that we are only as sick as our deepest darkest secrets and examining how much of our world is considered verboten and not to be discussed demonstrates this concept superbly.

We’ve all been in relationships where the dysfunctional discourse goes something like this. I won’t ask difficult questions of you if you won’t ask them of me. And I’m not talking about being sensitive to someone’s unsightly mole or dandruff, but rather avoiding a healthy discussion about our spouse’s basic character flaws in order to be spared our own undressing.

This is the fundamental basis for all dysfunctional relationships, including the present one between an intentionally self absorbed and distracted population and our enabling and manipulative masters. As long as we are given the choice between believing the lies and rejecting them, the vast majority will accept the lie rather than risk the perceived emotional and psychological harm of challenging our victimhood which supports our fantasy view of how the world works.

Because we don’t wish to undergo a rigorous self appraisal or emotional unveiling, we completely blow out of proportion the intellectual and emotional harm we will suffer if we do so. This serves the dual purpose of creating plausible deniability while feeding our inner victim. In this way we fulfill both roles of the dysfunctional relationship, that of the abuser and the abused. I call this process a familiar circle jerk with me, myself and I. Add anyone else and the room would become too crowded.

The master’s lies are a direct and personal challenge delivered to us on a daily basis and our controllers know that as long as their lies are not seriously confronted they are safe………and so are we. So they work very hard at keeping the lies from being contested, expertly using a variety of tools including ridicule to turn public opinion against truth. In reality it’s really not that hard to seduce us with lies when so very few of us really wish to hear the truth to begin with.

This explains perfectly the assault upon Assange and Wikileaks from all sides. He’s promoting himself as a truth speaker and thus challenging the lies not so much by what he’s exposing, but by the very fact that he exists. He is a danger to everyone, not just the official liars. If he is accepted as a truth speaker, we the people must then do something about the truths he speaks of. We definitely don’t wish to be forced to confront those who lie to us because then we would be required to openly admit we participated in the lying. This is why we want them to lie, to allow us to remain out of harm’s way. “Daddy, tell me another lie so that I can believe it’s the truth.”


True or False, it Doesn't Matter

Assaulting the truth messenger also removes the need to know if he’s a disinformation agent or a real truth speaker. What’s missed entirely in this discussion is that it doesn't matter if he is or is not a psyops operative. It's the message of ‘truth’ he's delivering that’s the source of our power, not the actual revelations. The powers that be don’t fear the truth; they fear people embracing the truth. Ultimately this is the secret to our inner peace and freedom. Understand that it is not the truth that will set us free because we can free ourselves at any time. The inconvenient truth is that perpetually seeking the truth while doing nothing about the ‘truths’ already established is the crutch we use to avoid facing the original lies that begin within.

When we have abandoned the willingness to honestly look within for truth, when we are complete strangers to ourselves and no longer posses the capacity to 'know' something without the need for external affirmation we then desperately turn to poor substitutes from corrupted external sources. This is why there’s an increasingly desperate need by the population at large to seek 'proof', 'truth' and 'facts’ which must always be secured from those who are widely considered to be 'authorities'. The only authoritative source worth consulting when seeking truth lay deep within us, unless of course we are also hopelessly corrupted.

Once we are completely lost within our own insane world of distortions, lies and self deception we become obsessed with finding ‘truth’ everywhere else in order to validate and sanctify ourselves so that we may continue to perpetuate our own lying. This infantile need for affirmation after we have lied to ourselves and to others is similar to the child who has just lied, then seeks confirmation from the authority figure that the child is still loved. Often the adult knows s/he was just lied to, but chooses to say nothing to prevent opening their own can of worms. This in effect makes the lie socially acceptable and further cements the bond between the two dysfunctional parties. It’s also how we teach our children the art of self deception.

The pathological liars and self deceivers we have become serves to compel us to continuously seek external affirmation that we are not a ‘bad’ liar, meaning socially unacceptable, precisely because we can’t provide that ‘proof’ internally. We can’t hide from our own lies since the one thing we always know is the source of them. As was so wonderfully illustrated in the movie ‘Inception’ we know where the root of the lie originates, thus we must dig ever deeper into our own insanity in order to bury our self deception. This in turn just compounds our raging dysfunction. Because everyone engages in this behavior, yet no one talks about it, everyone’s insanity is considered to be a normal part of human nature.

This is the pathology of our insanity and precisely why it must be vigorously dug out and then thoroughly rejected. A quick splash of paint or a rough wall papering will not suffice. If this is not done, ultimately we revert to worshiping Golden Truth Idols and false True Gods as saviors of our lost and abandoned souls. If we are honest in our desire to seek truth and we begin a fearless search within, we eventually come to realize that the external seeking of ‘truth’ is immaterial and all just part of the control system we gratefully embrace in order to hide from ourselves. 


Cognitive Dissonance

Honolulu Radiation Monitor now broke

To-date, levels recorded at this monitor have been thousands of times below any conservative level of concern.

Gross beta counts are temporarily unavailable due to mechanical issues. See gamma counts below.
 A tin-foil hat will not protect you from radiation.....hehe....

EPA has these monitors for many cities, check them out.

Real research on radiation

When we received a report of Uranium 234 detected in the air in Hawaii, I decided that now I need to understand the risks.   It was actually pretty hard.    I do find however, that 20 minutes on the net doesn't get a job done, but 2 hours often will provide real insight.   I spent about 4 or 5 hours.

Radiation is very confusing, everyone has different units of measure.   There are lot's of opinions, and lots of highly motivated views by money and by the "love of science".   Those who understand nuclear "got off on it".

It took me about 4 hours to understand it this afternoon, at least to sort out the conversions and the BS.

Conversion factors, and government set safety levels are all in here.   Also right at the top are data on neutron absorbers necessary to stop the ongoing nuclear reactions at Fukushima.  The absorbers will all melt unless you can also cool down the Blob.

I think I nailed it, and put it summary into a spreadsheet.   There are links and reference documents embedded right into the spreadsheet. far the U-234 in the air is about 1000 time less than a recommended maximum level, for Hawaii.   And that is a good thing.  

Comments please.

Radiation conversions and safety levels

Robots in Japan, just weeks late. Return of the Blob!

It is good to see they are putting some proper infrastructure in place.  Too bad this didn't happen 3 weeks ago.  

The bad part is, it is also an admission that there are spots "too hot" for humans to work in.

Korea being very critical of the way this disaster has been "managed"

I think there is little likelihood that "restoring" the existing cooling systems will actually work.   In fact it seems beyond absurd, as most of these building have had earthquakes, floods of seawater, and large explosions.

It is 100% clear-cut, one or several reactors are breached and the nuclear materials is undergoing fission--an out of control nuclear reaction, perhaps up to 5000 deg F, which melts steel and can't be that great for concrete especially after a major earthquake.  

The "blobs" of 5000F radioactive uranium/plutonium must be cooled and seperated by distance and intervening material, i.e. the same material as the control rods.  

It may even be hard for a robot to even get to the "blob" with the building wreckage.    And if the robot gets close enough to shovel up a bit of the blob and drop it into a tank filled with balls of the control rod material, the robot might burn up in the process.

So a massive cooling effort must first be done, releasing an incredible amount of radioactive steam that has no choice but to go into the atmosphere, THEN, the separation and control rod material insertion needs to take place....and it would be best if this was done simultaneously at all reactors that have "blobs" undergoing fission reaction.  See CONTROL MATERIAL below

There are problems---do they actually know where the "blobs" are?  Some Blobs could have leaked through the concrete floor and be underneath the building.   Remember a few weeks back how TEPCO was saying their cooling operation was "partly successful" because they saw steam coming out from underneath the building?

Do they have robots that can perform the required dextrous and muscular functions at the same time, and do they have trained operators who understand the robot control and the physics?

Given the poor handling so far, I would say there is little likelihood that the current team is up to the task.

There is something like 2.5 million pounds of radioactive material located on that one Fukushima site.   They should be off loading reactor 5 and 6 (basically they are storage facilities) and driving that material to another site.

One property which is a must for control rod material is the heavy absorption capacity for neutrons so that they can carry out the control function effectively. The commonly used materials which satisfy these criteria include cadmium, boron, iridium, silver and hafnium. Another property of control rods is that the material should not start a fission reaction despite the heavy absorption of neutrons. Infact you can imagine the function of a control rod just like a blotting paper which sucks the extra ink that has spilled somewhere but doesn't let it spread in a wider region.
Cadmium     ---    321 C                    610F
Boron          ---    2300 C
Iridium        -----  2410 C
Silver           ----   962 C
Hafnium      ----   2152 C