Saturday, April 9, 2011


Rarely are things clear:   But these things are clear in the intermediate term, say 3 years.

Higher taxes
Higher interest rates
Higher commodity prices, in relation to fiat currency.


Lack of Robots at Fukushima

Ft times notices what I have been saying for weeks.

Where are the robots?  Big ones that can move things, take pictures, radiation levels, or Spray containment gels.,dwp_uuid=aff50ade-4bc6-11e0-9705-00144feab49a.html#axzz1J6rH8a1A

Simple ideas:
The French appearing with the PM of Japan on TV.    It almost looked just like a publicity stunt of sorts.   It was very odd.

There is more to this story....keep your mind open.

Maybe Japan refuses help from the US, since US dropped the bomb, and the common 800lb Gorilla is the radiation.

However, the US (Wisconsin built) did send a Putzmeister concrete pump to Japan, same type as concreted Chernoybl.    Putzmeister means "hose master", or a more biology related term...kind of funny.

Speculation that nuclear fuels including plutonium were blown miles around.   This is really supported by the zeal at which they were spraying experimental gels onto the ground to "contain radiosactive dust".   Methinks this is more than dust. 

Uranium supposedly found in Hawaii, here is a good primer on uranium, only 2 pages, but very good information without an ax to grind.  

Uranium for dummies

Great report, check it
Nuclear News Good 8 Page Report

40 years old is too old for a machine.

You know this green color?   It is the color of the 60's and 70's.     If you walked into an airplane, and it was colored as such, you would be naturally and rightfully worried.    40 year old airplanes should be recycled, not re-inspected.

40 year old power plants, esp. nuclear, should be leveled, recycled as possible, and re-built

Backup power system should be tested under load, every 3 months, and tested every month.  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shutdown, 2 Faber videos

I have been pretty much ignoring the shenanighans surrounding a potential gov shutdown.  I am sure a 40% reduction in total government activity would have a very healthy effect on the US, on a long term basis.    However, a 90% shutdown in the near term won't have many good effects, just providing an excuse for why everything is delayed when they get back to work.

From CTC email--RE the potential government shutdown

In our agency, we are preparing to let markets and market participants know what we will NOT be able to do during a lapse.  This is dangerous territory.   We are just coming out of the worst economic calamity since the Great Depression, and certain members of Congress are playing a game of chicken—arguing over a miniscule percentage of the total budget—putting that recovery at risk once again. Our agency will not be able to staff key market surveillance and oversight functions during this period—only the most minimal services necessary to “protect property” and prevent market dislocations will be undertaken, and even then only in the event of emergency situations.  We will go from several hundred people overseeing the markets to less than a handful.  

Here is the full link if you are interested

An old video from Faber

 And this new Faber, courtesy of Zerohedge today--Faber on CNBC

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Real video on the road to Fukushima

Nuclear issue is market moving news

Check the news, the new earthquake and tsunami in Japan was about 100 times less strong than the big one.   People panic, but it won't be nearly as bad as the big one.   However 2 reactors in Miyagi lost their utility power, and in typical news reporting fashion, the 800lb gorilla was not even presented, i.e. does their backup power sources work?  

Admission of a core melt down and "melt out" is now mainstream.   Every day they don't completely solve the issues of fission occurring, leads us closer to massive disaster, not just big disaster.

Please note our worst case scenarios 2A and 2B from middle March.
Please consider the factor of ignorance and denial as being two main hobgoblins of human condition.   Greed is up there also.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Links to radiation maps

This link just points a a different page on this blog, look above there are lots of pages with various topics. Explore, comment, suggest, mahalo!

Pretty Honest Assessment NYT on Japan Nuclear

Nuclear Boy

I saw this when it first came out.   Funny, yet somehow, just not good in pretending this is less serious than it was (is).   Check it out and drop a comment, also K(lick) on some of the adz, it's like buying Nuclear Boy a coffee.

Old Friend the Cable

Shorted based on the near term 78% Fibonacci level, the PRS 177 outer channel line, and the long term (from October 2010) 78% Fibonacci level.

Also see the Nikkei.   I will stop complaining about manipulation, and instead, trade it.  Added to shorts as soon as I saw the 78 Fibo get popped.

Japan it just gets worse

This was predicted, yet where are the robots?   Big robots, with cameras on them.

Plant radiation monitor says levels immeasurable
A radiation monitor at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says workers there are exposed to immeasurable levels of radiation.

The monitor told NHK that no one can enter the plant's No. 1 through 3 reactor buildings because radiation levels are so high that monitoring devices have been rendered useless. He said even levels outside the buildings exceed 100 millisieverts in some places.

Pools and streams of water contaminated by high-level radiation are being found throughout the facility.

The monitor said he takes measurements as soon as he finds water, because he can't determine whether it's contaminated just by looking at it. He said he's very worried about the safety of workers there.

Contaminated water and efforts to remove it have been hampering much-needed work to cool the reactors.

The monitor expressed frustration, likening the situation to looking up a mountain that one has to climb, without having taken a step up.
Tuesday, April 05, 2011 19:51 +0900 (JST)

Japan Nuclear Radiation, Iodine, Cesium, Nikkei

If Japan needs some temporary storage tanks, they could buy them here

Iodine and cesium found in fish 50 miles away.  Over the legal limit.   To review--both are bad, very bad, but 50% of the iodine will go away every 8 days.   It takes 30 years for the cesium to drop by 50%, and the cesium builds up in other fish that eat that fish.

PBOC (Yeah Right 'People's' Bank of China) raised rates on a National Holiday, taking people by surprise.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nothing to see here folks, just move along ANS says

ANS Nuclear cafe says....nothing to see here, worry about your diet and exercise, not the radiation.

The 800 lb elephant in the room is the internal emitters, radiation that makes its way into your body and then sends out little mercenary bomblets for years or decades, each one could cause a mutation or a start of a cancer.   Many chances to kill you a thousands cuts at a time, or maybe a few big cuts.

Or radiation that causes a mutation and then your future kids pass on an oddball gene, and then their kids meet someone with that same oddball gene 50 years from now and have a serious birth defect.

This stuff is very serious.   The Cesium gathers in apex predators similar to the way mercury does.    One day perhaps the main Apex predator man, may eat the number 2 or three and get a consolidated dose of Cesium.

They should have 50,000 or even 200,000 people fighting this thing, not on the ground there, but in every support and supply service that you could imagine.

Ban the dog, formally and affectionately known as Ban-Chan

From the world of weird and kind of cool.

We named our first dog Ban-Chan.    Chan is like a name suffix in Japanese, like San, i.e. Miyashiro-San.
Chan is the suffix for "cute things".    Hence, Ban-Chan.   We figured this was the only dog on the planet name Ban--we were wrong on that one.

Then on TV we saw last night that the "miracle dog" rescued from the Sargasso Ogre flotilla was re-united with it's owner, and her name is also Ban.    This is really weird, but cool.

Intentionally Dumping Radioactive Water in the Sea is the Best Option

Why have got to this stage? Gross negligence and lack of emergency management, bureaucracy, and finger pointing.

They say 10,000 tons of radioactive water to be "disposed of"  that is quite a bit, around 2,500,000 gallons. However 20,000 gallon above ground storage tanks are readily accessible, and larger I am sure. They should have helicoptered in 100 of these tanks for temporary storage. These tanks should have been sitting on site 3 weeks ago, for contingency--just in case they were needed.  5 helicopters delivering 3 tanks per day each, would require 7 days to deliver the needed tanks.  

Why was this not done?  

Why is there not a concrete batching plant being set up within a few miles?

What about the Cesium in that water, with a half life of 30 years?   They only focus on Iodine, which is "safe" after 8 days (NOT - that is a big lie that has been floated several times on real 'news').  

Again, check this source.  They seem to be the last source of "bad news".   Seems like the other media outlets were told to "tune it down".

By the way, this is the perfect back drop as an excuse for the US failed /failing monetary policy.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charts! What, HawaiiTrading still posts Charts!!!?????

Below a simple little chart that I would have never saw, but The Sunday Newsletter (they actually did 5 today) pointed this out. Here is the cool part, if you have Stockcharts membership you follow these instructions, and you can store the file with annotations so that you can keep a "real time" update on the charts.

VERY COOL! But there is a trick, and you won't figure it out unless you just follow these instructions.

1) Sign-in to Stockcharts Account
2) Go to BPT and click on the "View Live Chart" for the chart you want. It will open in a different tab.
3) On the BPT chart you just opened, click on the ANNOTATE JAVA -- it can hard to find, its in the middle of the page right under the chart and MACD, Stochastics etc.
4) On this BPT chart that just opened, click on the tab UPLOAD (top right corner of page)
5) Click on the word UPLOAD on the box (top right) that just popped up on your screen
6) Now you should be back looking at your account with the new chart on the page, BUT you must hit SAVE CHANGES (top of page under the words "IN CHARTLIST")

Water Filtration / Charcoal filter and Crises Maven

First, I added CrisisMaven to my blogroll so its easy to find.   Really nice compilation of ideas and resources at his blog.   Focused on societal and economic issues, data, and proper use of data (non-lying).

Good stuff, go visit.

Want to know more about Iodine 131 (the most common and numerous byproduct of nuclear fission)

Here are some common radioactive items, and their half lives.  
Iodine is 8 days
Cesium is 30 years
Both are readily absorbed by the human body.

Isotope Symbol Half-Life Radiation Energy, MeV
Tritium ³H 12.3 yr ß 0.157
Sodium-22 22Na 2.6 yr ß
Phosphorus-32 32P 14.3 days ß 1.709
Phosphorus-33 33P 25.3 days ß 0.249
Sulfur-35 35S 88 days ß 0.167
Calcium-45 45Ca 163 days ß 0.258
Chromium-51 51Cr 28 days ? 0.320
Cobalt-57 57Co 272 days ? 0.122
Nickel-63 63Ni 92 years ß 0.067
Iodine-125 125I 60 days ? 0.035
Iodine-131 131I 8.0 days ß
Cesium-137 137Cs 30 years ß

Some estimates place that Fukushima is already way worse than Chernobyl and Three Mile Island (TMI) in terms of radiation already released.

More on the Charcoal Filtration later


I placed an article on "Sheltering In House" as text and as a downloadable Word Doc.   Please review it, preparation is key.

Life Expectancy and GDP, Moving chart over time

Very interesting

Above Chart generated by this website, charts in motion over long time periods.

You can pick what you want to the X and Y axis, very cool!

Link for Fukushima news and editorials

Use the search box for Fukushima, and quickly review the slow motion train wreck.

Zstock submitted this one, and it is a really good link.

And here is a tip on water from Crisis Maven, who points out that the release of radioactive iodine generated is probably "at ground level" about 10,000 times more than the Hiroshima bomb.
Steveo (me) points out--with the 2.5 Million Pounds of Uranium (some mixed with plutonium) stored on that one site (cause = complete greed), and you only need 2 to 8 pounds of material to make an atomic bomb, that is alot of radioactive stuff to be kept at risk all in one place.    They ought to be offloading reactors 5 and 6 and taking it somewhere else while they can still get close.

And this link from a like minded friend in Hawaii, worth a quick look anyway.   I am not predicting EOD (End of Days) anytime in the near future, by the way.   Even if EOD was coming, why waste time, and emotional energy on it?