Wednesday, December 18, 2013

After Expiry, Santa will Show Up

This Friday is expiry.   Usually the big moves are done by Wednesday, and then just pumps and dumps on Thursday and Friday to shake out weak hands.

But methinks we get more downside here, into Friday, to burn bulls.     And then the Santa rally.   I was going to do this study, and then saw someone else already did, yeah!     Here it is.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Middle Class About to be Crushed

This is some pretty good original work.

Going direct to the source data, not just a he said, she said "conspiracy".

The data comes from the Social Security Administration

All the work by Hawaii Trading.     This may be reproduced, but ONLY when giving full credit to Hawaii Trading AND a link to this blog post.

Source data

Middle Class About to be Crushed

Well, there is one other option:  The Government could decide to make itself smaller, and force ex Government employees into productive jobs, and to bring home all the Military and put them to work building out a new national infrastructure including a modern power grid.   Restoring the Constitution and the Rule of Law would also go a long way towards towards building an Organically Growing society/jobs and business. 

I won't be Holden my breath!

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