Friday, October 21, 2011

We nailed it. Got the upside, now how much more.

Earthquake in Hokkaido (north island of Japan), 6+
Plus earthquakes in Berkley to shake up the academics.

Yesterday, put call shot up to the magic box of Bear bitch slapping MBBBS

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More upside ahead, and then maybe Lucy rips the ball away from C. Brown

We had this to say on Tuesday, and have the same story, even after those "scary" drops.

3% to 5% more upside, based mostly on Cable and Euro having strong upside targets and dragging SPX along with them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FREE Newsletter, a real deal, for Wednesday

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Thanks Matt....Hawaii Trading viewers appreciate this.

Egg Bounce and Bernoulli Bounce, LONG!

Perfect backtest of the B100 channel line, after an Egg Bounce.

This means long to 1250,60, maybe 80

This XII is from last night from BPT, if you look at this at a 10 year chart this resistance goes back even further. However, everything else says push up for now, and so an overthrow seems likely and is OK. Have to run.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doctor Apple just took a CrabApple

Remember when price was here, I said AAPL could run all the way up to that black line.  

 This contradicts my previous post of 3 to 5% more up on overall indices, but maybe not, maybe they ramp the indices in the face of Apple failure, just because they can.  

It is almost impossible to "accelerate" out past that black line, but it could fart around for a year and get up to 480 or so, but I think this thing is done for a while, put a fork in it.   The reaction to the yellow line will be very telling though, and the whole market may follow.   I mean the whole thing.

4 Charts that say more upside, say 3 to 5%

A 5% up week would have the bulls all frothy in their own magnificence and thus the perfect top.

All these drawings say the same thing, Doctor Copper (not included here) also looks pretty sick.

The top chart is a ticker from a pump and dump artist, cold caller.   He suggested that his entire reputation was at stake in getting me to sign up long.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Long Term View of Debt and GDP

We are way, way above the long term trend-line, and usually these huge overshoots result in an overshoot to the other extreme.

Thanks to Comstock for the original chart, the irreverant stuff is by me.

Don't know your past, don't know your future.

Egg of Doom, VIX

Playing the Vix chart looks like a no-brainer

For those of little faith, proceed without the Egg at your own peril.

The Egg combines time and price in one tasty little package.

This chart orginally by Cometo (dirty white iceball), he alter changed it to accomodate the throwover (i.e. contain the throwover), but I keep the old one, as to me throwovers are not just OK, they are confirming.

This chart from BPT (sign up and you will never regret it).    Some of the annotations and lines are by Hawaii Trading.

Elliot and Scrambled Eggs by another Steve and Doc

This is the DAX, German stuff. 

Count by Doc who often hangs out at Daneric's joint.

This is a very well behaved egg, no "embryo pop" which often accompanies a "launch" in the other direction.

ES Correcting B Down, soon C up, and Steady volume selling

Hawaii Trading proprietary stuff

Complacency - A Prelude to Wave 3

In wave 3, even cute girls will trip you to get away from the danger.

Fear Factor, a Bear Flag turned into a rocket launch instead.   This type of continued optimism would be the perfect start of a Primary 3 wave down, you know....everythings OK, earning are good, Europe is fixed, the Brewer's win the World Series (ouch that one won't happen anymore).