Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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They let be post up these full versions with Audio every so often.

Check out the trade ideas.   At the end of the newsletter.    They have been seeing 80 to 90% success, AND seeing 5 to 20% pops in a few days to few weeks.   Not bad!  Better than going head to head with the HAL 20000 super quants on more popular issues.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ES as a major channel, VIX taunting near to the old 15 zone

Kind of thinking VIX goes and plays around down by 15 for a few weeks

Above 1342 on ES is clear sailing up, small breakouts could turn 10% to 30%, BUT the risk is extremely high for a big downside move.   Gap your face off type of move.

Tuesday Charts

The 'Ol Embryo Pop is often a deception trendline break prior to takeoff, got this at 7.47 thanks to the Egg.

JKS a solar with a good pattern

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sign of the Times

You know, when "hair stylists" are driving $35,000 or higher cost Lexus SUV's, basically the world is jacked up.

Easy Money, Greed, Corruption.     "This" may not end for 4 years, or a decade, but reality will set in, and for those convinced that the good life is here to stay, or "waiting for the economy to come back"....well a harsh dose of reality is probably all that can set them straight.  

Trade Ideas, pretty sucessful

Full Moon Madness!

Funny, I was talking to people, and driving around, and it just seemed like a "weird day".    Like a 3 sigma weird.   

Then I got back and viewed my own blog, and realized.   FULL MOON!

It has been many many months since the market was in tune with the Moon, that is how it rolls, many months off, then many months back on.  

The question is when.   And full moon doesn't mean bull or bear, just change in pattern.    Same as no moon.    And oftentimes, even when moon and market are in sync, the market follows by a handful of trading days.    

Trade Idea

AONE, love this pattern, Near perfect backtest of a near perfect Inverse Head and Shoulders...LONG

While Euro and Cable are bounding off Eggs, thats bullish for US Equities.

Looking for run from 2.49 to around 3.00  (take 50% profits), and let the runner go to 3.5 (once past 3.1 set a stop at 2.9)

About 90% of these patterns have been working out.

BPT had 7 intraday trade ideas, this is the one I liked the best, may look at more tomorrow morning.