Friday, November 5, 2010

Market has done it's job

Market has stressed out everyone.

People are sick of looking at these shenanigans and trying to trade them.

People are ready to just put the market to the side and focus on other things.

In other a major top, the market has beat people up, took their money, stressed them out, tired them out, and made them sick of the market.

Perfect time for a march downward...1% 2% 3% that no one believe, then 5% then 8%, then a ramp up as the new bears start licking their chops again, maybe even a 78% retrace.

Think of these things. Think like a crook. Look at this 20% ramp job since Sep --when everyone knows that September is the worst month for stocks, and October is horrible also.

Unfortunately, this market is actually a joke, barely a market anymore. The market has done it's job.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Panama Gold --- Sure glad PTQMF was long part of my portfolio

I have future orders to sell ES below 1216.

I have QQQQ puts that are about as close to worthless that they are not even worth selling, just hold as lottery play.

I have over 19999 shares of PTQMF.

GDX looks good as a long brekout, but the bullish percent index on Gold Miner is over 80 and that "as part of the rule" calls for taking short position against GDX. Hmmmm....can't go long market, can't bring myself to go short GDX at this time as Global currency wars are about to go past rhetoric and into full scale action.

Another Original Chart by Daneric

If you don't visit Daneric Site, you should

 this chart by Daneric

original charts, from someone else....USD, SLV, and Elliot Wave warning

Elliot pre-announced publishing an EW  Financial Forecast tomorrow AM.  They have never pre-annouced before.    That is odd.

Seems like HBB would like to drop the market a few days, suck in the bears, and then take taxpayer POMO money and use it to ramp the indices.---they do that after Elliot Monthlies are issued.

Other charts by a free thinking Elliot Technician (ET).....

Enjoy and Comment!!!!!!      Comment I tell ya!

The brave new world order

Well SPY is at the 1220, the long targeted number, on a flyaway gap.

Either this is the last bear shakeout, or a new permanently high plateau (remember depression era rhetoric) as the illegal "Fed" opens a financial stability office, see link above.    Orwellian madness may need to be embraced.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


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Copper, Is there a Doctor in the House

USD and IWM with an Incredible Channel Line

You say you want charts....F the rants, you want CHARTS!!!

Check this chart of IWM, some of your own......drop and give me 10  (OK I will settle for 3 guest charts)

Anyone with thoughts on how election results could fundamentally effect certain stock or bond sectors?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Train Wreck Ben

That would be fine if it was money going to the consumer.   Those with short tern debt would be forced to pay off the debt with that money.   Those who were responsible, just got to keep the money, spend it and put it back into the real economy, whatever they like. 

Handing it to the banksters (note former brokers that became banker so they could receive the free money and zero interest money ) and large corporations to spend it inefficiently, or at high non-competitive bids on "shovel ready" project.      Well....that is just thievery AND stupidity AND an act of desperation, hoping that somehow a magic solution appears as they kick the can further down the road.  

No one wants to "suck up" a difficult solution if there is even a 5% chance that something else might work.


RBA - Royal Bank Australia did a surprise rate hike that jolted the AUD /USD past a ratio of 1 or parity.   Although even numbers are often psychologically "sticky" with humans, the big hype about "parity" and the significance of this buzzword, is technically not important.   However, rate hikes are "news that matters" as is QE2 -- always the question though---what is already baked in the cake?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bonds are great, until you get a 75% haricut

Read this.   It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE

This is how the bond game plays out.

25% on the dollar paid in cash.  

The rest is in a note, that you can cash in 2020.   Earning 5.1% interest.   Amazing!   No one can get anywhere near that type of interest rate.

It is a teaser to not just keep you in the game (as opposed to attack and file lawsuits), but it also lets all that "liquidity" aka funny money in the "system".   Not only that, the funny money can increase at 5% per year, and you can probably borrow against it if anyone will take it as an "asset".

So this is how the game will be played.

Funny or just Weird -- Almost everything is UP

If you can explain this, please give it a shot.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chart analysis of every FX pair versus the dollar on 3 time frames.

My hand notes, and rational basis for choices are in the attached pictures.

I looked at all the major forex pairs compared to the USD. 

Results were startling.   For all 24 Pairs

                  Short Term        Medium          Long (over 2 years)

Bullish            17                    13                      10
for USD

Bearish            0                       7                       7

Neutral, or        7                       4                       6
No Data

Then I looked at my off the cuff, Major trading partners, and I included CHF Swiss Franc.

              Short Term        Medium          Long (over 2 years)

Bullish            7                    7                     5
for USD

Bearish            0                    0                      2


From Ronald, a chartist, a reader

this definitely allows for at least one last hurrah before a turn down.

Lots of news this week, some news does matter.   Printing $2T does matter, for instance

Pretty Good Charts - Sunday Boatload

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Don't miss the GDX chart.   Some mechanical systems went short GDX last week, followed by a crushing run up.  But that run may be over.  See the Chart.  Think like a crook, like a Lloyd