Saturday, March 30, 2013

Free Platinum Contest and Thoughts on Palladium

No joke, enter your best guess by April 23rd and Win 1/4" Platinum Liberty Coin

Enter soon, only the first correct pick wins.

Platinum is currently more valuable than Gold.   Click on blue link below.

Liberty Coin Platinum contest for April 2013

Related to Platinum is Palladium

Palladium has a compelling story, this could be the 3 bagger in a year type of move.

Palladium Investing.

Great link with Palladium Investing information


This Chart looks great, they are an Appalachian Coal producer, but apparently some Palladium link, I wrote to them to get ounces produced, will see how they respond.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Lots of good stories out there on fundamentals for Palladium

Russia is the biggest supplier and they have secretly sold off all their stockpile.

Palladium is superior to Platinum in many regards and is 30 times more rare.

Palladium is 1/3 the cost of Platinum

Number of Cars in the world will skyrocket as China and India come into being real players.    Catalytic converters need the PGM Platinum Group Metals which included Palladium.

In a SHTF scenario, production of cars would likely cease/slow.    There is the downside risk.    In that scenario, you would need enough assets to get through the SHTF and out to the other side.    In other words, if you would need to sell off your Palladium in order to get by, you would likely be selling at the worst possible time, and you will really be screwed.

Video discusses the Palladium story, and they promote a small Palladium miner.

Below is for my ease of reference, i.e. the initial purpose of this blog

Investing in Palladium through Mining Companies

One of the better — albeit indirect — methods of getting exposure to the palladium markets is by investing in companies that mine the metal. Here are a couple of them:
  • Stillwater Mining Company (NYSE: SWC): Stillwater Mining, based in Montana, is the largest producer of palladium outside South Africa and Russia. Although it is involved in platinum and other PGM, its primary mining output is palladium. It produces approximately 500,000 Ounces of palladium a year, primarily through North American mines.
  • North American Palladium (AMEX: PAL): North American Palladium, headquartered in Toronto, has a significant presence in the Canadian palladium ore mining business. It is the largest producer of palladium in Canada, with production in 2005 totaling almost 200,000 Ounces.
Here are a couple of international palladium companies to consider:
  • Anglo Platinum Group (South Africa): Anglo Platinum Group is one of the largest producers of palladium in the world. The company produced over 2.5 Million Ounces of palladium in 2005 and is estimated to have reserves of over 200 Million Ounces (this includes other platinum group metals). With its operations located primarily in South Africa, Anglo Platinum Group is your gateway to South African palladium. Its shares are traded in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), as well as the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
  • Norilsk Nickel (Russia): Norilsk Nickel is the largest producer of palladium in the world. It dominates the Russian palladium industry, which is the largest in the world. The company’s shares are available through the Moscow Inter-bank Currency Exchange (MICEX).

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Schiff and Mauldin in Epic Debate /Fight

PGM Platinum and Palladium, Fundamentals to Buy

Search this blog for Platinum using the search box to see other articles.

Russia and South Africa are going to start controlling platinum supply to force prices up.   this is big.

When Platinum is expensive, both catalytic converter producer and jewelry producers can switch to Palladium.   Think 1600 versus 700 USD.

I prefer Liberty Coin and Precious Metals as they keep their markup down and provide good service.

Here is my allocation on Precious Metals in value.

VOS painted a heck of a hammer and a touch low

Wow Check this hammer, that is very bearish for equities, VOX should rocket up.   And its a full moon.

 And Silver from Breakpoint Trades....this portends a big move.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

VOS Volatility on Steroids and ACT Asset Class Total

Love these Charts

Comment with Questions

Ethos, Woody Harrelson, Unslavery

Oil is a Currency and HUI in a Bear Flag

Oil is a Currency, like Gold and Silver.    Its a place for wealth to sit for a while.

Oil looks like it is "back in the saddle again", getting traction above the main channel the B100 line.

PM's are lagging, I guess everyone is happy that Cyprus is "fixed", they let themselves be raped rather then face the horror of not being in the Euro club.

How much you want to bet that the Rothschilds end up owning their offshore nat gas reserves?

Bear Flag on Hui makes it hard to be excited about gold stocks / miners right now.   

But note the proximity of the Big 61 Fibo from 2008.   maybe this is a bottom.   A tricky flag looking bottom.   For now not buying HUI or GDX, have 2 small miners, GG, and SVM long, thats enough for the moment, until HUI resolves.

And its a full moon, Awoouhhh, Werewolves of London!    awoooouuhh!

No moons tend to freak animals out more than full moons, but full moon can be a top also.    

Also consumer confidence dropped from like 68 to 59, which is huge.    Cold weather?   Cyprus?    What else changed that much?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Coffee Futures

A few months back I went long Coffee, using JO ETF, it turned up at the right time, had a nice profit going, set a stop, and got cleared out with a minor profit.

Now it looks like coffee did an overthrow on the declining wedge.

That is the perfect, demoralizing shake out move.  

It might really be on the upswing.   And of course ol Bucky been having a heck of a roll upwards, so commodity weakness priced in Bucky is expected.

Cyprus deal

EU diplomats said the president, flown to Brussels in a private jet chartered by the European Commission, had fought to preserve the country's business model as an offshore financial centre drawing huge sums from wealthy Russians and Britons

I guess that after you wipe all the assets from all the wealthiest depositors (everything over $100,000 Eur was uninsured), you can pretty much rest assured that your main line of business is now wiped out.    Well, they still have olives and some tourism.   The beaches and ocean looks nice, but the weather is often not really warm enough for beach weather.

And the earliest deal involved Cyprus increasing their corporate tax rate by 5 times its present rate....hmmm wipe out the major line of business of the country, and then tax existing business and tax business that might want to start up.

And the earliest deal involved Cyprus privatizing country infrastructure.    For instance, they rely heavily on desalination for water, which is very expensive and high maintenance, those assets would become owned by EU who would then become the distributor of water at whatever rate they want to charge, say $15/1000 gallons.    Also roads, sewer plants, maybe even government buildings and educational facilities.     Everyone to become a "renter" of what you used to own.  

Poor little country has been raped.

The precedence has been set.

Precious Metals and rampy currencies

The USD index made a massive move on Sunday, a spike down and reverse.    Not as many stops were hit as I would expect.   That is odd.   Gold and Silver spiked down also, and they normally move opposite to the USD.   Perhaps this signifies a "fear is all clear" on Cyprus issues.

In my book, that is a false sense of security.    The precedent of bankers directly robbing the customers deposits is HUGE.

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium all look quite bullish to me technically.

Cyprus remains a wild card, it appears the powers that be think they can get away with it.

Europe threatens to kick them out of the Euro unless it is settled Monday, today in the US.  Average US person---well the stock market didn't crash, therefore that small country must not be important.

Funny how Cyprus was completely off the radar until it was center of radar.

And the EUR / JPY is very rampy after its huge drop followed by a complete gap fill.   After the initial short, I tried a few more shorts and fortunately gave up on that.    Market do like to "tire you out", ramp around, let you take the eye off the ball, and then WHAMMO!    Big move

Time will tell, perhaps I set some "sell below" orders on EUR/JPY

USA FEd Gov Spending

This chart says a lot, it's by Hawaii Trading