Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Bens Ego

I saw this posted on the Slope of Hope, love that site!

Coyote Roadkill
The ego is a funny thing. For some it must be fed, nourished or the satisfaction level withers for the user. The question about Big Ben is just how strong is his ego? Right now his legacy is going to be rather sad in that all his intellectual power was wasted doing a simple thing anyone could do, print money. He wants to leave next year with something credible to affect his history at the Fed. Like being able to actually withdraw liquidity.

In my opinion his ego isn't big enough for him to obviously damage the market by wanting to change direction of Fed policy. He will go out a failure in his mind but true to his loyalty to country, he will swallow hard and think it was worth it.
Here is the link to Tim Knight's Slope of Hope

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bear Attack Video

Gruesome, do not watch if you have a weak stomach (from laughing too much)

A proprietary Bond Indicator makes a strong case for a correction.

This is one of my oldies but goodies.   I apologize for those who viewed on Monday....I had placed only the indicator, and not the comparison chart to the SPX.    Here is the correct chart with comparison and vertical lines in red and green to allow a quick review of how good this indicator is in a predictive way.

Methinks that complacent longs stand a good chance of getting a  6% to 8% down move in the next  few days to few weeks.

The Bond indicator is on the bottom.  

The red lines indicate a "bottom" on the indicator, and most often a subsequent down move on the index (using SPX here)

The green lines are for tops on the Bond Indicator, which often immediately starts a up move on the SPX index.    Check it out.

Additionally, I have found that multiple deeper bottoms form an "Egg Formation".   And when the last dip into the egg is parabolic down, that often signals a large up move.   The best dips down are a sharp stab into the egg.   i.e. a blowoff bottom of sorts.

Drop a comment, how do you like this indicator?

Trade Ideas (borrowed with permission from BPT)

It's nice to have my four monitor setup back working again.     Makes it ALOT more fun to review charts.

Below I am showing mostly BPT generated trade ideas, the Stockcharts type charts are from BPT, with some additional review on my thinkorswim.   

Lots of nice patterns.    Many of the PM stocks are looking real good.

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