Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Night Thoughts

Well it's 4:40 and I just dipped into the first Rum and Coke, low carb you know.

You know, the trickiest thing the market could do is to rocket higher.

I keep seeing doom and gloom on the Euro falling into oblivion, so i think otherwise.

Pretchers disciples, maybe over a million of them, willing to spend $800 a year on advice, protecting and advancing a fairly large portfolio, and commited to the cause, after Bob's "biggest trade in history", yeah right a 50% move, happens often. 

Well the Bob folks did not get taken out by the ramp up.    How can I tell?   The volume!   The volume on SPY and ES did not spike on the ramp to 1260 which was the Pretcher stated stop for a short.  

HBB loves picking off the weak antelope, it is really like that.   That is how they see their purpose in life, to pop every stop, esp. the so called smart Elliot Wave money.

So a bunch of indicators say short, but I am not so sure. 

However, my Proprietary Fear Factor, if you draw the line right says we just maxed out on SPX, for now at least.   Very tricky, the Goldman Quant programs are leaving patterns set up "just so".   Perfectly on the edge, esp over the weekend.    If you don't play over the weekend or over night, you miss all the moves of substance, IF you do play, you are at large risk.    Thanks HBB you bastards.   Before we used to have a casino where the smart could win and extract money on a regular basis.

An old favorite the Egg of Doom! And next one down a closeup of Egg of Doom

 Low put call doesn't necessarily imply a downturn, at least in this bull rally of a secular bear market.

 This is the secret indicator we posted just a day before the "best week in memory" happened

Friday, December 2, 2011

History in the Making - Bataan Death March Survivor

This guy recently passed on.   He lived through the Bataan Death March.   

Interestingly, in 1942, there was a rare "single bottom" rally in the stock market, which coincidentally occured in the midst of massive bad news, like the Bataan Death March.    Also, for the US, a bit of good news, the Doolittle raid also occurred at that time.    It seems like 2009 also had a single bottom, these are unusual.   Many bears in 2009 assumed that the more likely double bottom would occur.    Instead the market went on to a 100% rally, leaving bears crushed in the dust, yearning for the excitement of the huge earnings they had just experienced.

Here is a timeline I did a while back, seems very topical now, with the passing of Mr. Albert Brown.

Ho Hum, another Total Lunar Eclipse, NOT

There is a total lunar eclipse coming up.   They can be real good photo op's, sometimes turning blood red.   Whenever the sun or the moon goes away, triggers some very primordial instincts.    But Humans are above all that, RIGHT?   

Humans are perhaps the biggest of the "Pack Animals".   Humans are interesting because their ego requires them to see themselves as "above the animals".   Partly this is because when you have the intelligence to develop Relativity Physics, see into the DNA of ourselves, and yet spend 75% of all bandwidth on the internet watching porn, there is a conflict between reality and perception.    This is the start of insanity, the building up of little lies, snowballing into bigger lies to prevent having to face and admit reality.   One reader had expressed this as "Insane Hairless Monkeys".

Einsteen had it wrong.    He stated that insanity is doing the same action over and over and expecting different results.

That is not insanity, that is stupidity.  Insanity is a whole different thing.    Perhaps for Einstein his greatest fear would have been losing the ability to pre-conceive cause and effect relationships, and his second greatest fear was losing his mind, so he put them together as meaning the same thing.   

So it is funny to watch Humans pretending to be non-animals, "above all the animals".    It is funny to see humans denying that the moon or some sun spots could affect their behavior.    Ignorance and denial helps promulgate these series of little lies that help Humans see themselves above the animals as a matter of type, and not just a matter of degree.

Enjoy the moon, it is a gift.

You Can't Print Wealth

You Can't Print Wealth ----- steveo 2011

Blogger posed a question whether to Fade Friday's Candle

Really depends on what your methods are and what edge is.    I would never trade on someone else's advise, except Matts SPY system that is.

If you don't know where to get in, you won't know the most important thing, and that is where to get out.

I expect higher US equities markets and if overhead resistance is cleared (there is lots of it), this could be a 20% December.

But we could also melt into Primary 3 down and lose 400 on the S&P in a week.    Fed Gov is all in, they have everything to lose and nothing more to lose by risking more.

SPY volume on the Get Bob Stop out

Bucky, Cable, and Euro

The three big boys, seem to vote bearish on US equities.   I guess the bull case is the tough trade to take.   I took the tough trade, hope Europe doesn't blow up on the weekend.

Double Tap Backtest of the B177 It Doesnt Get More Bullish than THAT!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get BOB! and Psychobot Warfare

Anyone know what I mean?  Anyone?   Get Bob!

The Euro and Cable have broken out of their channels, that is bullish for them and for SPX.   However SPX has lots of resistance in front of it,  I am also prepping my brain to receive short signals and not be blinded by bullish bias

Don't marry a position, it is more profitable to just date them.

Deer in Headlights

Mini Egg formed in here--absorbing energy to blast resistance (perhaps), BUT if this black line gives way, the runup will leave bears standing like deer in the headlights.

Majia's Blog About Nuke Pimps and Deception

Majia writes a blog about various things going wrong in today's world.  She is quite passionate about these subjects and spends alot of time researching things and summarizing them.

She had a great one today about the Deception of using Doubt as a propoganda tool.  

She also does alot of work related to exposing the Crimes Against Humanity that are being played out against all of us in the Fukushima Debacle.

Stop and visit and mention that Steveo sent you.

Russell Very Bullish Egg and Consolidation

The Egg is powerful, combining price and time and deception all in one tasty package.   The Russell Egg is huge and well formed, with a perfect placement (using the "hour" notation for degrees) of like 1:00 to 1:30 of the Embryo pop.   Laugh all you wish.   

The consolidation today is an OBVIOUS difference from prior "pops" that just lasted 1 day with an immediate turn down.   This is very bullish IMHO.   And I am willing to change my opinion, however, I won't be shaken out by a few dips on the way to Santa End Game.

You will see news stories saying how bad things are, how money is flowing out of stocks, how Europe is going to blow up.    These are necessary to keep the bear game in play, to keep the bears in play.  That is part of the deception, much of it, at least this decade, is very intentional.

Financials, trading houses, those controlling your State pension fund, the media, and the Gov, are all controlled by the same people.   Until that change, that is the way it is.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BPT free

50 Seriously good charts.  These are not free, well unless you come here

When you are ready to have this every day you wish, sign up on link on upper right on THIS BOG

Be a Bull? Well be cautious, "Art" is now a valuable commodity, yeah right.

Art can be a sign of an efficient and productive society.

It can also be a sign of human ego in the face of easy money about to fail.

If you apply Ockham's Razor, i.e. the simplest theory is the best, which do you think is correct?

Conspiracy, Ignorance, and Denial

by steveo

Never Ascribe to Conspiracy that which may be more easily explained by Ignorance and Denial.

Eating Horses is Bullish, Satire on a Taste Trend

Where else do you get these kind of hot tips?

Secret Indicator and the EGG Launch called this rally

What more can I say?   Nailed that one badly.

Note the deception, classic TA teaches to watch for a rounding top, instead look for a rounding Egg Launch Pad.   Yes, I do must make up my own stuff.

And a tribute to Doctor J and some more classic TA , feeling like joining the Army again!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CLNE Anatomy of a Small Trade

Some of these trade ideas can slam 6% or 20% in just a few days or weeks, usually if lucky enough to get to 30% it is time to close it out and not be greedy.   Those are rare.  

This one was a buy at support, except on Monday move it gapped up and then consolidated, I bought at 18.80, see the inset on the screen cap.

Volume is pretty OK at 600,000 per day.   I wouldn't worry about doing 2000 or 4000 shares with that daily volume level, if you wanted to make it a "bigger trade" and potential to profit maybe $4000 or $8000.   I took this one as a small trade, 600 shares.  

It is now at 12.2 -- that is about a 3.4% move up in one day, which is fine.   No huge dollar profit on this one, but I already moved up my stop to a small profit, If I get 20% great, but at least the risk has been eliminated from the trade.  Of course it could gap down and take a big hit, but not too likely.

Boatload of Charts

Some are bullish, some like the VIX are Nuetral.   Bucky looks like it want to drop 4% drop New Years.

Comments, kliks, HEH sign up as a follower, I might even think someone get a bit of value from this hard work.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Secret Indicator Calling For Santa Rally

For all those who asked in comments, I will respond later, no need to re-ask, for new comers, use my email
stock (AT  )

Drop me an email I will tell you what this indicator is

Big Ben buying Euro Bonds,psst secret!

Euro sailing up.
Ben B is secretly buying Euro Bonds, so Euro is strong, dollar weak, that helps US sell products and makes markets go up so everyone is happy and Banksters get big bonuses.

Free BPT newsletter

These guys are great, they have been letting me post free newsletters.

Sign up when you are ready, use link on my blog they give me credits, and my own membership is up in 24 days!

ES Egg launch Pad Forming

No one gets on the Bus to Santa Rally that easy.    If I was to take a long now, it would have to be very short term and cash out, OR be willing to live through some pain.

"They" hit my Euro long stop perfectly, one of those "worst executions" possible, annoying at best.

Tried to get back on Euro long, and been worked back and forth.   Perfect deception when their only tool is price (well, insider knowledge of stop placement, media, HFT, and all that other jazz)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Charts for the Euro and S&P 500 futures

This is a real "rescue" vehicle from Tampa.    Please review the movie "Soylent Green"
Maybe if they keep pumping foodstamps (see lowest chart), they won't need to use this "rescue" vehicle too much.

One great summary, he nails pretty much every important points.

PIMP-CO Mohammed Twitchy and Lying

It doesn't take a pyschological genius to figure out that when someone's face is literally twitching that they are lying.   Watch the video.

Pimco is the worlds largest bond fund.   A few years back it was obvious that Bill Gross was taken out to the woodshed and shown what it would look like if he got his bond unit put on the chopping wood block.  Then he started lying alot.   

I wonder what their plan is here?   To have a perfect landing instead of a bond crash? ie. scaring people into bonds and away from the equities markets?   Loaning money to anyone at low interest in this environment is patently insane.   But for them to state that the US economy is "terrifying" is purely a deception move.    2% GDP growth is pretty OK.

Sure we could have an extraneous shock.   Europe in particular, or some other black swan that comes out of nowhere.   And sure we have long term problems associated with the lack of contract law, persistent corruption and capture of the government, and that lack of basic principles that result in hard work and innovation....and if the US doesn't remove the vampire squid --the US will have no nice future.   BUT to right now say the US economy is Terrifying, is a misleading disservice.   

So sure, we are subject to a mass market panic, and that will also have some effect on people's willingness to spend money--the so called wealth effect.   But the US is still the largest economy in the world, and the USD is the 80,000 lb Gorilla in the room.    Perhaps we have even hit a market bottom in housing, although, a few years of meander around could be likely, too.  


TomoftheNorth Satire

TomoftheNorth, who used to do a regular funny post, world class satire, is Back!

My comment to him----

Funny stuff Tom, always liked your satire.
Scary thing is, some people wouldn't even recognize it as satire.   Who needs a real economy when you can just "print true wealth", not only that, you can print the wealth and then leverage it up with some insider legislative backing, sweet!

Check it out here