Tuesday, October 31, 2017

TPTB War On Gold -- A Prediction About Fake Minted Coins

We know that "they" know that Gold is the primary store of value through the ages.    All the Fed
governors know and state this, at least at some point in their career.

But the "party line" has to be that Gold is just a barbarous relic.     It's a substitute for "fiat currency" and when I hear fiat, I think you can immediate translate that to "fake".

Fake news and fake money, all the rage these days.

Gold bars, even 10 ounce, or even 1 ounce, are "suspect" because without testing, you can't be sure that are are pure or the carat stated.

But Government issued gold coins are "sacrosanct".     So they are more valuable, they trade above the spot value of the metal in them.

But me smells a skunk coming.   Me thinks that governments will degrade some of their gold coins, using their own gold presses, and then release stories about counterfeit gold coins.

To degrade the value of gold coins.   To keep people focused on the "fake money" that they peddle. 

What say you?    Think it is the next step?  

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Short LEDs, Short Batteries, Technology History Tells A Story

stock here

Long time no see, eh?

Will be transitioning into a phase of getting assets to perform.   For me the strategy has been 100% income producing hard assets, and PM.    That mix may change, so starting to keep an eye on the markets again.

Saw this and thought it would be a good post.