Saturday, December 17, 2011

Games People Play

One of my favorite songs from high school era

If I am telling you the truth right now, do you believe it?
If I promise you the moon and the stars, would you believe it?

Another Classic

Fiver says:
Well, as things stand, by capturing pretty much all important governments and institutions in most of the Western world, banksters with their interlocked Board brothers, the gargantuan multinational corporations and their supporting casts of professional cons/intellectual prostitutes have a hammerlock on the situation. I believe younger generations than mine are going to have an epochal fight on their hands attempting to right this appallingly imbalance, given that the Boomers (I am one) have so completely blown it, simply not caring enough about the world beyond their enormous Selves to head all this off long ago, let alone mount a fight in good measure against what we ourselves became. I think most people are still in deep denial as to how pathologically addicted to power in ALL its forms (financial, political, military, technological, social) the existing elite is, how far removed they are from life here on the ground, and how far they will go to maintain their position – all the way, I figure, as they are now so deeply entrenched. So I sympathize with the survivalist outlook though I’m not sure one can prepare for a real societal breakdown from whatever cause other than to cultivate as great a degree of flexibility/adaptability as possible. The next 10 years makes it or breaks it – not that we have 10 years, but that some time within that 10 year span, we will pretty much know if we’ve made it or broke it, really broke it.

Democratic and Respect Human Rights

Nuff said, I hope!

Capt. Mark Askew, a 28-year-old from Tampa, Florida who was among the last soldiers to leave, said the answer to the question of whether the Iraq war was worth the cost will depend on what type of country and government Iraq ends up with years from now, whether they are democratic, respect human rights and are considered an American ally.
"It depends on what Iraq does after we leave," he said, speaking before the final convoy departed. "I don't expect them to turn into South Korea or Japan overnight."

Indian Chistmas

I just sent a present to my homeland, my domicile area.

To my brother, and I labelled it "Indian Christmas" since he can only keep it for a few months.    A fantastic telescope.

Celestron C8 SGT XLT

Then I politically incorrect.   Those poor Indians.    Indeed.    When you are robbed and then you have some "life saving" gifts granted back to you with conditions...indeed....there can be nothing worse.     The Indians, the Hawaiians.    They are screwed as a people, screwed because they are accepting these "gifts"  as their "birth-right".

Better to know that  a gift is only temporary, and not your "right".   Living on the Dole is terrible, it destroys your life spirit, a slave to gifts.

Viewing the heavens is an important way to realize there is something bigger than ourselves.   Try it, I have to wait a few months, since I Indian'd away my own Christmas present.

Wow, I ought to stick to ranting about Wall Street!

Here is a Video that shows some close by astronomy items viewed with my scope.


This doesn't mean the stock market crashes, but it sure is weird, especially with all the odd animal deaths last year.

Friday, December 16, 2011

USD Bucky about to get a whoopin'

Biggest Lies--

Pretcher--see USD just made a new 12 month high!
Japan Evil Rulers - We just reached "state of cold shutdown" of the nuclear reactors

Old Bucky jumped over the Bernoulli 100 channel line, and turned down, backtested, and got swatted down some more.  Then After Es market hours, Euro and Cable continued to trade, making astounding climbs upward.     Very interesting.

The fat man ain't singing but he is warming up, methinks.    Ready to change my bias when data says otherwise. 

Expiry is Over

It has become my habit to not trade or even observe Expiry Thurs and Friday, and thank God I missed this tape, a disgusting tape I am sure to those who wasted Friday on it.

Monday after expiry is often a big move day, correcting misallocations due to expiry price pinning and other shenanigans.

Have a nice weekend, drop a comment!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elves Vomit Their Hopium

This is the Elves Vomit their Hopium Box, was this a fake-out vomit, or the real thing?   Maybe now Santa Come!  Yeah!

These are the Post Puke Santa Rally, Bonus your Bankster Targets!  Enjoy!

Eh, and while you are here...drop a a few tips into the tip jar, wink wink, know what I mean, eh?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breakpoint Trades Membership and Coupon

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Seriously folks, if you are running any money, this is a real service, not a specialty gimmicky place.   Jump now.  They are offering 100 total spots.   

And this service is tax deductible as an expense, so say you are in a combined Fed and State income tax of 40%, that brings the net effective cost to $108, for 6 months!

pssst code is here 9277F5DC24 and use the sign up link here (or on upper right of this blog)

Market Wears You Out

Market did a great job of wearing me out.   I kept watching Euro looking to take a stab at the Bernoulli 177 line, finally it did.    Cable taking its own stab at its B4343 "catch line", and so far catching.

Was about ready to throw in the towel, put away the mouse.   Took a long position in Euro and Cable.

However, my tick MA chart on SPX preventing me from longing the  ES.

Try this linkable version and let me know if it pull up live for you on Stockcharts$TICK&p=5&yr=0&mn=0&dy=2&id=p01165254222&a=251006145

Bucky having a viagra moment

Of course, Bucky up, equities down.   A Santa Spoiler.

Bucky could run to 83, which would continue to pressure equities.

Good work at Fukushima

Although misinformation continues to perpetuate, and TEPCO keeps coming up with idiocy like "we are out of storage containers" we are going to dump the radiation in the sea on purpose.   And although this PDF is from TEPCO, and of course the pictures are handpicked to promote the best, this 52 page report from November does give you a better idea that they are actually doing something, although no where near the more effective response of Chernobyl.

There is some good and hard work being accomplished.

Check it out, leave a comment.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rule of Alternation

What just happened, is not likely to happen again in the same way.

The big 2008 drops, are not likely to playout like that again, Big Ben is watching

It's called alternation, however things recently played out, what happens now will likely be different.

The market is tricky, like nature, is  meant to deceive.     Nature does just kill on power alone, it kills by deception mainly, as with the market.

Turn point, turn on a silver dollar?

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Lets forget silver, Bucky is at a B100 channel line, after a big run, let's call it a Santa Spoiler.

Euro, being the drama Queen she is, getting carried away to the downside,

Cable, with a nicely formed egg launch, embryo pop, also hitting some Bernoulli with thin tails, those are the best.  

I got long at ES 1115 1116, also 33 calls in the money.   

long on the expiry week bear bait.

The Technocrats - a Heartwarming Satire

Holiday Blockbuster Preview

This stuff from Tom of the North!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Free Newsletter 50 Charts

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Very odd day, SPX making big moves, and volatility also down (using VIX).   And Gold mesauring to 1300 see the bottom chart.

I have also used VIX/VXV which tends to predict a big move up or big down, whether it hits outside the upper Bollinger or outside the lower Bollinger. I am unsing a 2.5 BB to take out some of noise.

Just the last two days it popped the upper AND then the lower, which is rare, but then alot of things are going to be odd as the wheels start to come off the cart.

Another favorite custom indicator is what I call Volatility on Steroids or VOS.

And here is some reading stuff on VXV and VXV, from seeking Alpha, certainly better than Cramer.

And 2 more oldies but goodies.

The Infamous Fear Factor!    Backtesting a weird Head and Shoulders.  

Moon Dance

Bucky could hit resistance here or it could run up a bit, but not too far.

The NYSI summation chart does a pretty good job on the weekly timeframe and it could complete its cycle down and then start to lead the market up. It is not a perfect indicator, but then, nothing is.

Went flat on Friday close, Expiry Shenanighans

Expiry is very important to the market, and Monday and Tuesday are the big move days.
Funny that Friday, the total put/call jumped high to 1.2, that means lots of bears got it right.  

See the volume chart, it is steady down, down get cute and jump in front of that long.   Even on a 1 minute version it is continuous down, not a single green blip even.

I think we drop into tomorrow, after all, the current drop only did a 38% retrace of the recent rise, and that isn't much.  To drop to my 38% and channel line intersections  (GRAY TARGET BOX), would crush the recent bulls who are now standing like deer in the headlights saying "Santa you have foresaken me".   And so perhaps that Evil plan will play out.

I bought some puts at the 61% Fibo is tested again.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

P3 Be Careful What You Wish For

Gold, a heck of a triangle

Something has to give, I will go long the ticker.

Assume Bernanke is buying Euro bonds, saving Europe.  Euro will go up, USD will go down.   US Equities will go up, and Gold will go up somewhat, but the reduction in "fear" will limit it's immediate rise.