Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hawaii Trading is BACK with a Bullish Copper Call

Aloha, to one and all.    I needed to re-invent myself and it took a few years and worked well.

Just saw this today, and it looked like a post.    I would also recommend looking at silver, seems like all the PMs are taking their turns with a spike up, and then usually a slough off to shake out the weak hands that jumped in late in the spike.   Same as always, inflict max pain on max participants.

Another Epiphany occurred to me yesterday.    One reason that so many thinking people are extremely pissed off in USA?    Because we need to spend 20% to30% of our entire efforts in researching, planning, and acting just to mitigate damages to ourselves from incredibly misguided government policy including corruption.  

How much real wealth, and health, could we be creating if we didn't have to waste such time mitigating damages?

Graphic from Zerohedge