Friday, May 21, 2010

Back from Tokyo

Will be back in the saddle shortly.
This looks serious, Fibs appears to be working again, and I dont mean gubmint lies, I mean Fibonacci.
Also will be updating on PRS133 channels, and chart of charts, but honestly, those buying the dip are likely to have a bad surprise in store for them.

Keep in mind, this week was options expiration, shenanigans are amplified. How many call holders were stopped out or scared out of their postiions.

However, here is the interesting thing, on this gap down opens...I don't see lots of additional selling, it is not like the overall crowd is panicking as they hear rumors of the market downturn. That seems a bit odd. It is just an impulse of selling/covering. That deserves more investigation.

Expect shenanigans preventing you from shorting or buying puts. Even now, the brokers are making it impossible to get a fill at times.