Friday, November 5, 2010

Market has done it's job

Market has stressed out everyone.

People are sick of looking at these shenanigans and trying to trade them.

People are ready to just put the market to the side and focus on other things.

In other a major top, the market has beat people up, took their money, stressed them out, tired them out, and made them sick of the market.

Perfect time for a march downward...1% 2% 3% that no one believe, then 5% then 8%, then a ramp up as the new bears start licking their chops again, maybe even a 78% retrace.

Think of these things. Think like a crook. Look at this 20% ramp job since Sep --when everyone knows that September is the worst month for stocks, and October is horrible also.

Unfortunately, this market is actually a joke, barely a market anymore. The market has done it's job.


  1. Hey Steve. Just checking in.

  2. Good Post ! I expect the SPX to test its 200-ma on the daily just after Turkey Day!

  3. Check, still here, bidding PV like its going out of style, but can't get any materials for projects....

  4. Tru dat. See my comment on your other post.

  5. For sure...hey I have a 100kW PV I have to bid by Monday....would like to speak with you about methods to bid, implementation tactics, etc.
    email to solar (at)

  6. Moment of clarity amongst the thrashing of the Bronto. thanks though.

  7. I saw, quite the world class rant, by all means, carry on.

  8. 'think like a crook.' now, that's the best piece of advice i've seen in ages. a perfect summation of how the market works, especially now.

    i have so much charting work to do this weekend.....

  9. We look forward to some charts! Have a good weekend.

    Off to work --then the thought---well at least I have work.


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