Thursday, December 6, 2012

Currency Shenanighans

The Euro was poised on,  and actually breaking out from a nesting set of inverted head and shoulders.   With a quick pop breakout, that now looks like a fakeout.

The USD/JPY has a well formed Egg (aka Blimp swat down) in the advanced is "best" when then do whipsaw around since this is the best way to shake off all the players before the real move.

A headwind to lock in capital gains exists, whilst strong printing exists.

Also expect a "pre Santa rally" shakeout, with the only real pop around Christmas to New Years. 

For sure the HAL 20000s are firmly in control, eyeing up stops throughout the trade range and playing multiple sectors.

The only Swing I like is the VXX long play, as it was at very low lows, and my VOS was also showing an extreme low.

Buy PM at "Employee Pricing"

I am not affiliated with these guys except as a customer.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

There is no "Fiscal Cliff"

There is no Fiscal Cliff.    I call it the Farcical Cliff. 

The world will not end on Jan 1, or Dec 21 for that matter.  

Governments will not stop spending or printing.    Budget cuts will be a joke, based mostly on far in the future projections, not next year.   That is how the Economic Hit Man operates. 

Taxes will go up, count on it. 

The whole Fiscal Cliff is simple imagery meant to get the masses ready to accept pain.   No one wants to accept pain early, delay as much as possible.