Thursday, July 21, 2011

UNG is a lousy thing to trade

And that's all I got to say about that.

DRTV Pattern - Commit this to visual memory, and Forex comments

Let me explain one time. Much of the market is set up to deceive, by nature, just like a cheetah's camouflage. Sure, there are illegal, blatant, collusion type manipulations of the market, but that is not what I am talking about.

Certain patterns recur. The "smart guys" see a support or resistance and they place a leveraged bet. Then after 3 to 6 ---5 minute bars of "waffling around, confirming trend”, whatever, then the ticker bounces back to hit the same line again, maybe even pop that line a little harder/deeper. By then the "smart" money has moved their stops to breakeven, proud that they "predicted the market". Then they get stopped out. And then they don't go back in until the trend is “confirmed” this case maybe around 67.63, at that point expect a sharp snap back to the upside, send the retail running for the buy back button, as in “Sheesh, I knew this short position was going to be trouble”. Then maybe a Bearish Engulfing or a Dark Cloud cover and THEN when retail been whipsawed and had their lunch money taken, THEN the real move may commence.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boatload of Trade Ideas

It can take easily an hour to 2 hours to generate some trading ideas, on individual stocks.  Daily.

I am too busy right now, so I "buy" my trade ideas.   

I won't / can't do this too often but here is the complete list of trade ideas, purchased from Breakpoint Trades.   It is included in the monthly membership.  Posted with permission.

Spreadsheet by me

Let me know what you think.   Don't republish these, but share with your direct friends/family.

When you have a chance to digest and try some of their recommendations (of course, only after consulting your trusted registered, certified, and completely honest financial adviser), then considering signing up for their service using the link on left side of blog.   Mahalo!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Triangulation of Euro Death

Euro dies First

I love things going down, of course that means something else is going up.

This Euro chart is amazing.

Trade Idea DGII

From the blog at Breakpoint Trades, one to watch for tomorrow.

Set your alerts tonight!
If it breaks out (esp. if on good volume)I will go long. Good volume today, very good sign.

I'll be watching this one closely though, only 100k shares on average day, smaller than my preferred 400k volume preference.

Tuesday Charts

Example trade from BreakPointTrades, roughly .50 profit on 1000 shares, 2 days, price 17.42. Target is around 19, so I will set a profit stop at 18.75 (500 shares), and a "Stink Ask" of $19.50 for 500 shares just in case we just a big move up.

Matt from BPT gave me permission to post some of these Watchlist stock, note that I posted it Sunday, it filled Monday, now it's Tuesday. I have been doing really good lately on Euro and ES trades, but it is sure nice to get some of these "meat and potatoes" individual stock picks. Lets...see....if I can get 4 per week and make $2000 each trade, with 1 of 5 being no profit or small losers, that ought to be about $6000 per week. much for the day job.

BPT typically has 20 to 40 on the watchlist, a couple handfuls untriggered, some triggered and being tracked. Check them out, for $40 a month, it is an incredible deal. Sign on my link to the left on my blog. They got a free 2 week trial also.

Winner's remorse? What if it goes up more

Sell the news? Dabama said something

Glad I sold off a bunch of Aug puts lately.   It seemed some type of debt deal would come out, as silly as all that posturing was/is.   I guess Dabama said something, it really doesn't matter what he said.

An ES push to 1330 seems logical, as there is the 61 Fibo, and strong horizontal multiple resistance.

USD futures show a strong chart, obvious support, I shorted Euro last night on a Euro spike from hell, and near simultaneous DX reaching the channel B133 bottom.  (That means Bernoulli 4/3 channel extension)

DX looks ready to rock up, unless they now also trot out a QE3 to "support the debt limit deal"....I can just see the that we have the DEAL in place, let's use the authorization of that deal to put American's back to buying debt and stocks that no one wants, yeah, that will do it.

Just because you are cynical does not mean that they aren't all jacked up in their approach.   But keep in mind, they aren't dumb, after all they got us working for them to support their power and privilege.

Whatever, the goal I have is to extract money from the markets, on a fairly consistent basis by following my trade signals and trade setups that I buy (Breakpoint trades)

Bond Buyer -- 5 States put on review for Sovereign Risk

Love this Bond Buyer, free online newspaper concerning the biggest market around, the bond market.

Bond Buyer | Jul 19
Moody's Investors Service placed five Aaa-rated states - Maryland, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia - on review for possible downgrade due to their vulnerability to U.S. sovereign risk.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Breakpoint Trades did a massive weekend post on Energy, PM, General Market, and Foreign market. Duh, if there was ever a time to sign up ($40 per month), or at least do the free 2 week trial, DO SO! Then come back here and use the link on left to sign up, I get credits, that helps me keep providing unique perspectives for free.

This energy play Kudos to Matt at Breakpoint Trades, along with 30 other ideas they worked up over the weekend, my alerts were set Sunday night.  

Euro kicking down from the Bernoulli 4343 channel extension.   I am really liking this channel extension, it takes the normal channel lines and extends them by (4/3) to the (4/3) power, for some reason this is a Natural Number that "catches" the 4/3 overthrow esp thin tail spikes ups and drops.

One Idea...Germany and the other powerhouse Euro countries (uh refresh my memory on that, maybe France?) breakaway, and let the little debtor Euro countries inflate the hell out of the New Euro. Heck, we got "bad banks" why not "bad Euro countries all teamed up". Really that is a no-brainer. A controlled breakup would be so much better than a Paulson like event where the PTB are saying, give me all the power and control NOW with no oversight and no rules, NOW or else the economy blows up.

  Above from From Astrocycles.    They do such a great job, why replicate, duplicate!
 Volatility on Steroids, it draws cleaning line than VIX and VIX is too easily gamed by HBB.
 Anyone else notice the massive triangle on the Fear Factor?    Triangles are usually continuation patterns, that would mean pattern goes down, which is increasing fear, decreasing equities.

Of course, we could also get a "debt deal" which could crucify bears.    I am closing out puts (stink ask prices), pray tell, you don't know what a "stink ask" is?     Methinks you best find out.

Sunday night Kayak Load O Charts

The dumb money stays in a bad trade is all. It all STARTS out as smart money. :-)
Wisdom and humor, free stuff.
Welcome to a new week.   No clear signals
If you have time, the invidiual stock trades are going to be easier to deal with than predicting SPY against 300 million other market participants, and by the way, each of them want to take your money.
My watchlist
HLX over 17.5
XOM over 83.65
CXO iover 96.2
EGO over 18.05
Other intersting charts
AEW on test of support
AZK on test of support around 6.0
HL test of support buy long at 8.00

TOS with new update, just ain't even good...all bad.