Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday night Kayak Load O Charts

The dumb money stays in a bad trade is all. It all STARTS out as smart money. :-)
Wisdom and humor, free stuff.
Welcome to a new week.   No clear signals
If you have time, the invidiual stock trades are going to be easier to deal with than predicting SPY against 300 million other market participants, and by the way, each of them want to take your money.
My watchlist
HLX over 17.5
XOM over 83.65
CXO iover 96.2
EGO over 18.05
Other intersting charts
AEW on test of support
AZK on test of support around 6.0
HL test of support buy long at 8.00

TOS with new update, just ain't even good...all bad.


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