Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Breakpoint Trades did a massive weekend post on Energy, PM, General Market, and Foreign market. Duh, if there was ever a time to sign up ($40 per month), or at least do the free 2 week trial, DO SO! Then come back here and use the link on left to sign up, I get credits, that helps me keep providing unique perspectives for free.

This energy play Kudos to Matt at Breakpoint Trades, along with 30 other ideas they worked up over the weekend, my alerts were set Sunday night.  

Euro kicking down from the Bernoulli 4343 channel extension.   I am really liking this channel extension, it takes the normal channel lines and extends them by (4/3) to the (4/3) power, for some reason this is a Natural Number that "catches" the 4/3 overthrow esp thin tail spikes ups and drops.

One Idea...Germany and the other powerhouse Euro countries (uh refresh my memory on that, maybe France?) breakaway, and let the little debtor Euro countries inflate the hell out of the New Euro. Heck, we got "bad banks" why not "bad Euro countries all teamed up". Really that is a no-brainer. A controlled breakup would be so much better than a Paulson like event where the PTB are saying, give me all the power and control NOW with no oversight and no rules, NOW or else the economy blows up.

  Above from From Astrocycles.    They do such a great job, why replicate, duplicate!
 Volatility on Steroids, it draws cleaning line than VIX and VIX is too easily gamed by HBB.
 Anyone else notice the massive triangle on the Fear Factor?    Triangles are usually continuation patterns, that would mean pattern goes down, which is increasing fear, decreasing equities.

Of course, we could also get a "debt deal" which could crucify bears.    I am closing out puts (stink ask prices), pray tell, you don't know what a "stink ask" is?     Methinks you best find out.

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