Friday, September 9, 2011

Put call remains high and B channels supporting

Long, on the Hal20000 scare off, gap fill to downside, and put call remains high.

Also extreme volume on that selloff, that nailed a boat load of stops and that is part of their goal.    Scare people out of their longs, take their money, now watch for a double those who went long get scared and close, and then don't reenter long as the real move starts up.

Now playing Dec futures, since ES rolls over soon and no time to babysit the roll.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday update, Conflicted market

Total Put Call (kind of the best indicator of the 3 put calls in common use), is very high, historical high levels.

Index put call also very high.

SPX/Gold ratio  (see chart!) showing either a 5 wave down done, and now AB complete with c up to follow OR
3 down complete, with a diamond type wave 4 sketching out, ready for a final dive into wave 5....

Nice ---so either a big up or down.

HBB loves the 3 day weekends to pull out all the stops, literally!

Globex futures is supposed to be trading but TOS did another update, seems like they are doing 3 updates per week, 3 per week! And Futures is showing no activity.   Odd.