Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breakpoint Trades

I try to come up with my own original work, and it takes alot of time.   Sometimes I don't have that time, but I want to put a trade on (responsibly), so I do it the old fashioned way....I steal it.   I mean, I get it from

Breakpoint Trades

I only have 3 paid stock related services, but these guys are really good.    Patterns, Technicals, Fibs, and Elliot in due proportion.

Stock picking individual stocks that are ready to breakout has been a great way to keep the money flowing the right direction.   Not often a swing for the fences move, but say 4% to 10% in a week adds up over time. 

And Breakpoint Trades has a wicked good watchlist with just roughly, an 80% win ratio.   

This service is worth it.

I don't present their ideas here, try to come up with independent ones.    However, they don't mind if I post a chart now and then.

For instance, these indicators are updated daily, so you don't have to.   Just visit once a day, and you have your intermediate and long indicators at a glance, summarized in one spot.

If you sign up from this link, (full disclosure-- they do extend my membership, so thank you).

If your time is valuable-- leverage it by buying some top notch ideas from these guys

They have mechanical systems, and an extra pay option for auto alerts on trade setups in realtime.   And they monitor their blog continuously during trading hours, they provide trading advice.   They do daily updates of around 10 minutes duration each at night so you can digest it before the trade day starts, and a big weekend edition.

Mechanical systems, they have a free membership that I leeched from for a while, but the bottom line is that I want this information all the time, not just occasionally, or partially.   And I want the trades systems data-- these take the emotion out 100%--you don't get that with any watered down version.

Here is an example of their current watchlist, with the meat hidden, these are the trades waiting to trigger, see the alarm function also?

Sign up through this link please, it help me keep my costs down so I can keep throwing out ideas.

Mutual Fund Money Flows - A Special Treat

Making charts from raw data, how old fashioned!

Here is a special treat for you.   I haven't updated this chart since january, note that the data is already a bit old, June 30.    Seems like just lately that alot more money has flowed to bonds.

Short and sweet:  BONDS ARE A TRAP!

All the HBB financial adviser bullshit about portfolio re balancing, shifting your bond/equity asset allocation, etc, it just that, a bunch of bull.    Bonds are a promise to pay, a paper asset.

Read this chart carefully, it's a real winner.   Especially if you are holding a bunch of bonds and feeling safe.

Check out this link to an interesting 40 page review of "Retirement Assets". I think this is important because it represents 35% of all wealth. And that means it's a big target, and HBB want's it. They don't want just to control it, they want IT. I expect this to be the next big battlefield. Financial ogliarchs will craft up legislation that gives them more access to your retirement savings. Here are some ideas---they force a percent of your retirement account into safe bonds "for your own good" further blowing up the bond bubble....they sell off at the top on their own bonds and leave you hanging on to a pile of shit. Or T-bills "Support America" the same as bonds, they use your money to feed a bubble, they sell off at the top, short it in fact, and leave you with a pile of shit. See how that works?

Charts below are from the ICI report

Friday, August 27, 2010

Teachers with underfunded pensions--teargassed

I guess teachers have been protesting for better pay, better pensions, and more secure/permanent work for quite some time....

The Great Recovery

Think about this....if that was the Great Recession

Then what we just went through was the Great Recovery.

How Great is that?   Think about it.

ELECTRIC VEHICLES / Nuclear Energy on the Radar

Pretty clear cut, electric vehicles will mean more nuclear plants.

Uranium's cost is something like 3% of the cost to run a nuclear plant.   In other words, it could skyrocket and have little impact on cost of electricity.   If demand goes up, price could go up alot.

The trouble is, I haven't found any good way to play this.   And it is a long term fundamental type bet.

Uranium Participation Corporation is a joke of an investment, kind of like UNG.


kayak O' Charts --Longs for next week - (BEARISH) in opposite world

Cool link to sentiment

Boatload O'Charts

Nothing quite as clear cut as when this bear publishes a boatload of will rally!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

FX - Special effects

this looks like a rally, even though huge swings.
I am basing most opinions off of FXm the largest asset class.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Bandit on BDI with Elliot and Luney Tunes

This from a direct email from "time bandit".

He is looking for comments, and I personally think a great chart.....but is that a bear flag, what would the measured move be, ouch!    Shipping profits go to zero, ouch.

I noticed last year after an intense round of market and luna correlation,  that the luna stopped working.    Now it is back, and expect it to work until it doesn't.

In true tin foil hat fashion, the English word for luna will no longer be used.    Just like we say Bullish! to mess with the Robot Spider Quants (RSQ's) that are data mining blogs.   Mess with them.

Dabama here, defend our country boyz

Dabama here....OK lets figure out how to save America.

Chorus of PPT actors---Sure what you got in mind boss?

Well I am thinking that drawing a line in the sand worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan, that we draw a line on the SPX and defend it. 

PTT hehe, we know hwo to defend it...we just make the hush hush call to Goldman, Morgan, and those newish guys, and they crank the futures...we just have to give them free money, that they can pump with, and they can also lend that money back to us to Support T-bills also.    High five guys!!!  We save the country, the market, and our debt all in one shot!!!!!

Dabama:  OK good, so where should we draw that line....

PPT--deep thought............hey how about 1040, you know, like the tax form....yeah yeah,,,,,

Dabama: great and easy to remember, OK code word for da pump boyz is 1040 taxes.   Just call them and say hey did you file your 1040 tax form's perfect

High fives, high fives.

High Ho Silver! Away!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SCHN and the FF are they related? And the Swissy

I noticed a similar price movement between SCHN (a steel company) and the Fear Factor.

Here it is.    Maybe the FF could be used to game the SCHN?

And on the Swiss Franc, it has been very strong against the dollar and not just the last week or so.

The Swiss economy is only about 1/45 that of the US.   think about the amount of currency must be roughly proportional.   If the Franc is used as flight to safety, seems like it could soar much more than the same impact on the USD.   

Perhaps some historical research on this would be revealing, no time this morning.


Bullish on VIX

Just keep saying bullish!   It works

See prior post, what a beautiful call on the VIX

Bullish!!! On the VIX

I only have 3 paid stock related services, but these guys are really good.    Patterns, Technicals, Fibs, and Elliot in due proportion.

And a wicked good watchlist with just roughly, an 80% win ratio.    But I thought this VIX chart was awesome.

This service is worth it.

I don't present their ideas here, try to come up with independent ones.    However, they don't mind if I post a chart now and then.

If you sign up from this link, they do extend my membership, so thank you.

They have mechanical systems, and an extra pay option for auto alerts on trade setups in realtime.   And they monitor their blog continuously during trading hours, they provide trading advice.   They do daily updates of around 10 minutes, and a big weekend edition. 

Futures are down overnight, big time.

The Yen tanked and hit a multi year trendline, see above.

I called this a "fake break of the upper triangle" and nailed that one, at least for now, lets see if the Yen weakens, that means USD strengthens.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh no a famous Elliot Wave source predicts a large down day tomorrow

In all seriousness, I may close my newly opened shorts based on that....OK keep tight stop and do hopium.

There is a poll up, on the upper right, please check it out and vote.

Get out the vote!

Review of all the world indices of importance

This Colin Twiggs guy has been around.

He does alot of chart with horizontal support/resistance...too much methinks. However this is a nice way to review charts quickly, so use it.

The overall trend is down. Maybe only India looks bullish.

Please comment.

Bullish! well kind of

Took profits on shorts.

will short further based on weakness, falling prices say 1067 on ES.
Eur look like a wave 5 down may be complete.

And right around now, people are seeing a fresh week with fresh weakness....perfect time to run the tape against them, upward.

Having order in place to short on weakness, and OCO stops and limits for profit taking will be good. Large quick drops are possible, be ready to take advantage of them, you could get a nice entry point that you can keep.

Expect HBB to bang the tape around as they have, retracing 78% or more of moves to make sure people stops get cleared before the next bigger move.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full Moon and Casino and a Cool Site

POMO alert---the 24th and 26th. Since last Thursday, Pomo day was a big drop to fake out everyone (except me, hehe), and hurt the bulls before expiry. I expect POMO to return to old antics.

26th is some Gann turn date too, so maybe we rally up for 3 or 4 days, and then resume down.

I did well shorting the Casinos 2 years back. Here are some ticker ideas for you.
Joe Six Pack bigtime spender doesn't do Vegas when mood goes down.

Just saying....stay on your toes, last year the 10 trading day cycle seemed to align amazingly with the moon, then it diverged for a while, maybe it's back.

this would mean a rise up.

Cable seems to be crawling up, after a Double-Footed Swan pattern (bottoming formation)

Check out site below. Most of their services are pay, but the 3C indicator looks pretty cool. On their Saturday post they analyze the 1987, 1929, 2001 crashes using the 3C indicator.

HT Speciaties, Staples of the Irreverant

Please comment or add your own favorite with a Jing screen cap, in the comments section.
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Google has become stupid, Google Chrome is Horrible

I tried Google Chrome about a year ago, didn't like it, it caused some problems.

Then in order to have futures web page auto update, say every 5 minutes, I tried Google Chrome because I heard it had a feature to allow auto refresh of web pages.

Google Chrome is Horrific.   Google has become as dumb as Microsoft, they have reached the point of making non-functional software with major glitches that don't get fixed for half a year or more.

Many web pages click zones became non-functional under Google Chrome.  This is not just an annoyance.   We use computers as real tools -- the functionality of being able to click on certain areas and have other operations performed is essential, absolutely essential.  

Chrome did not have any option for opening up new pages in a new window, it forced you to open up in the "tabbed windows".   Some people may like tabbed windows, but they make no sense to me.  I use my mouse button to quickly close applications, i.e. specific windows/web pages that I am done using.   With tabs, when you click to close, ALL your tabs close.   Shame on me, but I lost a number of long blog posts and other work by inadvertently closing all tabs.

Google Chrome is Horrific

So I removed Google Chrome and my computer became even more jacked up.   Hyperlinks within emails became completely non-functional, and all my desktop shortcuts stopped working --- I have alot of those.  I use them 100 times daily.

So my main work and trading computer has been crippled by Google Chrome, for going on a week now.

I fixed it by reinstalling Firefox, and then setting Internet Explorer to default browser, AND rebooting.   But this is all after about 1.5 hours of research in which there were maybe 10 proposed solutions, with most people later reporting the solutions don't work.    I ran through several that were just dead ends that didn't even properly describe the correct features of the tabs and check boxes even though they were specifically talking about my OS (Windows XP).   Finally, one that claimed to work required hand editing of 6 or more places in the registry.

Now registry editing can be done by non-computer consultants, but there is a real risk that you can completely wipe out your computer if you screw something up.   So I didn't want to try that, only as a last resort.

Google Chrome is Horrific.

Look at this error reports from middle 2009, they still haven't fix this crippling disorder.

Here is a cool website, describing how to embed almost anything in a blog or webpage.


This article explains how small investors are leaving mutual funds and buying bonds.

Now look at TLT, the 20 year bond.   I am not sure why anyone would want to tie up their money for 20 years at low "yield" aka interest rates.  But you can buy and sell these things, so you are not truly locked in.
But this chart seems obviously exuberant.

I may add more to this post later on.   I used to do a chart of mutual fund money flows, which I thought was pretty cool, the data is available, but as discreet data it doesn't speak clearly like a chart does.