Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Bandit on BDI with Elliot and Luney Tunes

This from a direct email from "time bandit".

He is looking for comments, and I personally think a great chart.....but is that a bear flag, what would the measured move be, ouch!    Shipping profits go to zero, ouch.

I noticed last year after an intense round of market and luna correlation,  that the luna stopped working.    Now it is back, and expect it to work until it doesn't.

In true tin foil hat fashion, the English word for luna will no longer be used.    Just like we say Bullish! to mess with the Robot Spider Quants (RSQ's) that are data mining blogs.   Mess with them.


  1. A measured move to zero is te same non-sense as the supposed measued move in the long term Dow charts that has it goign to zero also. Sure we are all scared but this is a game of probabilities. What is the probability of global econ activity going to zero essentially. I say NONE which means you can eliminate that potential outcome. If it does go to zero, we are all toast. No one wins that bet.

  2. Actually, the BDI is a measure of shipping prices. Amazing that they have dropped 75%. Think that a few years back, we were willing to pay 400% more for shipping than we are now.

    I do see the chance that companies with high infrastructure investment (large ships), could operate at zero profit for quite some time as they hang on for the come-back.

    And good point about "super doom", it really doesn't make sense to play the hand assuming that is the end game, since if that is the end game, then you ought to just have fun now and not worry about the future.

  3. Is the bus full yet?

    AAII 8/25

    Bullish: 20.74%
    Neutral: 29.79%
    Bearish: 49.47%

  4. Thats alot of bears, I am surprised the market tanked 20 points at the end.
    I have one medium term position in QID that enjoyed that

  5. Wow, that is a loaded bus. For kicks I looked back thru the data AAII posts back to 1987 and a quick review found maybe 40 or 50 total instances over more than two decades with numbers in that range.

    Anyway, I jumped back long late on the 24th, a bit early it seems. I'd be glad to see soem rally into the weekend myself.

  6. Methinks you will get that rally. A spastic rally, but upward. We will see.


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