Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Currencies and ALL the Hawaii Trading proprietary indicators indicate top is near

Check them out, good stuff, ask questions if you wish, I will respond, no time this second to write up analysis of each one.    For those familiar with Technical Analysis, many of these will speak for themselves.


  1. Not sure if you use a Euro-Yen cross as a risk on/off indicator. I look at this currency cross and wonder - good golly how can this thing be so high. Looks damn close to the top to me. All we need is some catalyst to pop this balloon.

  2. PWB check the new post, scary it is. I had that bull flag drawn in May this year. Measured move equal to the flag pole too. I use NZD/JPY and that looks like it is ready to crumble. Taking SPX down with it, usually. Time will tell.

    Maybe the unexpected this year is no shake out, and a continuous Santa Rally from Oct. I still believe we get good size correction, NOW, and the rally.


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