Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Post--- Gov is too big too lame

A post as big as a "twit"

The government is too big, too ineffective, too expensive.   By gaming the money supply it has in the past been possible to cover this up somewhat.

If you want prosperity, there is only one way.  Seriously, one way. 

Hard work, efficient allocation of resources, and lack of waste and corruption.

How close do you think we are to those basic principles?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hilarious Links

I can tell you that this funny film was not shot in the US.    There would be lawsuits not swimsuits. 

Let me know if you think it is:
  1. Hilarious
  2. Disgusting
  3. Poor Taste
  4. Hard to Believe
  5. How Can People Be So Tolerant When Their Beach Is All Large Rocks
Beach Snake

And from the World of "What in the World"

This is the Bernake CV (Resume)

The Bernank Resume

Boatload O Charts, case for 5 down on Nasdaq, FF, ACT updates

These are some good charts.   Please take a close look at them.

Solar Power et al and Inflation

This link from a solar customer who is all into
  • Solar Backup Power, Zero electric bill and battery storage, off grid operation
  • Rain Barrel approach to water storage and drip irrigation
  • Growing own food, storing food
  • Personal security, protection dogs
  • Preparing for hyperinflation on the dollar
  • Loss of USD as reserve currency and inflation on items normally priced in the USD (Oil for instance)
  • Tax control strategies
  • Precious Metals ownership

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Example Watchlist from Breakpoint trades

Very topical, Wed AM

From the Bond Buyer

 This is kind of one of those "pretend to beat them", whilst letting all the existing perp's squirm out, and dragging out the process long enough that no one can bring suit because "there is so much uncertainty.   Also -- important to enact new rules that can make it seem like the old hard and fast rules of fiduciary responsibility were somehow not applicable at the time


Muni Adviser Rule’s Scope at Issue

Questions Persist On Dealer-Advisers
Wednesday, February 16, 2011
WASHINGTON — Just one day after the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board issued a draft rule on muni advisers’ fiduciary duties, market participants are questioning the scope of the rule and whether it would apply to dealer-advisers.
At the Bond Buyer’s annual Texas Public Finance Conference in Austin, ... noted that the Securities and Exchange Commission may not clarify which individuals or firms are muni advisers and therefore subject to registration requirements until late this year.
“Bottom line, it takes a long time,” Maco said

Generally, a fiduciary duty means an adviser must put its clients’ interests ahead of its own and the draft rule and interpretative notice seek to shed light on what that means.
“I think most people understand, as a theoretical matter, and now as a legal matter, when you get tagged with a fiduciary duty, you’re supposed to put your client’s interests ahead of your own,” Leonard Weiser-Varon, a public-finance lawyer at Mintz Levin, said in an interview.
Others, however, are concerned the MSRB has not provided enough guidance in a second threshold area: what constitutes “advice” for purposes of Rule G-36 while they are conducting “municipal advisory activities.”
“What are the limits of what you can and can’t say?” asked William L. Hirata, a partner at Parker Poe. “Is it fair to attach a fiduciary duty when you haven’t defined what advice is?”

More at the Bond Buyer, they sell their services.  Check them out.

Euro a new channel not to ignore, maybe just a wave to fail

This channel is well defined enough, maybe it's a bear flag, a wave that is now complete.

Profits will be taken quickly because if it backtests and bounces up off the previous downtrend, that could be very bullish.   If I cover for profits, I will renter the short IF the lower channel is busted into.

 Heretics of the Swimsuit Issue

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Market Sniper post

as he said....use it in good wealth

Free Stuff, Full On Newsletter from BreakPoint Trades

What can I say?   I subscribe, they give me permission for the 100 to 400 people who visit to view this newsletter for free.   

They have about 4 trade ideas at the end of the doc, and some nicely done Elliot on this one too.

Eh, drop a comment!

No Brainers

Not that often do I get an epiphany, but just had 2.

Higher Taxes are coming

Higher Interest is coming

Think of how you can protect yourself from those things.

Charlatans of Silver

First let me say, I have no idea is silver goes up or down from here.

But a guy from monex cold called me today, and wanted me to buy a 1000 oz silver bar to trade with. 

The spread between buy and breakeven was "only 46 cents" which is about 1.5%, which on a $30,000 silver bar would be $450.   

So to place this bet costs $450.   But....there's more....the agent said he would decrease his commission on the buy side and sell side.    ON TOP OF THE $450.

I mentioned that I can buy 5000 ounces silver as a future, for $3.50, and the price spread between buy and ask is normally .5 cents, sometimes a full penny.  And that this sounded alot better than his deal. 

'nuff said?

The silver nuts are out and about, trying to take your money.

Ponzi at the highest level, however CFTC goes after the super small fry

CFTC Charges Two North Carolina Residents and their Company, PMC Strategy, LLC, with Fraudulently Soliciting at least $669,000 in Foreign Currency Ponzi Scheme
Mon, 14 Feb 2011 16:28:00 -0600

The CFTC filed an anti-fraud civil lawsuit charging defendants PMC Strategy, LLC of Monroe, N.C., and its principals, Michael Hudspeth of Statesville, N.C., and Timothy Bailey of Monroe, N.C., with committing fraud in connection with operating a foreign currency Ponzi scheme that solicited at least $669,000 from more than 22 individuals since June 2008.

Above article from an email received.    I guess they like to get the "easy kill" The biggest Ponzi is playing out in front of our faces, if you are paying attention you have a front row seat for a multi-hundred year event.

I noted just in the last week, numerous references in the web news and editorials to a "failed economic system", worldwide.   Indeed the combination of vacacious  economic theory (held strong, head strong, almost like a religion) and poor politics has created an "epic fail" situation

Monday, February 14, 2011

A cool poll, and some Charts, GDX, IXY

Charts are getting "sloppy", disrespecting PRS channels

 A nice solar chart from BPT, I like the Inverted Head and shoulders or better yet a Cup and Handle, breaking out on pretty good volume.  

Silver Channel Lines confirmed

It is good to see a previous channel line be "respected", that increases the credibility and the willingness to place a trade on.   

Build America Bonds

Isn't it kind of funny that it is completely accepted as "legitimate" that politicians are known to pork barrel spending in ways and areas of target, and timing in the election cycle, for the sole purpose of getting themselves re-elected again.

I am not saying that it is odd that they use our own money in inefficient ways to "buy our votes".    I am saying that it is odd that this is openly talked about and considered "legitimate".

I do believe that a high speed rail system could have good long term effects.   Traveling extensively in Japan, their rail system is awesome and IS a reasonable alternative to driving or flying.

If done right, this could be awesome for the US.

See below link, very important direction on Build America Bonds.

I am still in the EUR/USD short as a Forex trade.   Nice moves down this weekend.   It is all about the Euro, and all the problems in the world don't matter, until they matter!