Monday, February 14, 2011

Build America Bonds

Isn't it kind of funny that it is completely accepted as "legitimate" that politicians are known to pork barrel spending in ways and areas of target, and timing in the election cycle, for the sole purpose of getting themselves re-elected again.

I am not saying that it is odd that they use our own money in inefficient ways to "buy our votes".    I am saying that it is odd that this is openly talked about and considered "legitimate".

I do believe that a high speed rail system could have good long term effects.   Traveling extensively in Japan, their rail system is awesome and IS a reasonable alternative to driving or flying.

If done right, this could be awesome for the US.

See below link, very important direction on Build America Bonds.

I am still in the EUR/USD short as a Forex trade.   Nice moves down this weekend.   It is all about the Euro, and all the problems in the world don't matter, until they matter!

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