Saturday, June 25, 2011

Important Stuff -- Maybe the most important

I have thought of this many time but never blogged it.    A good friend is a Doctor, full on MD, and a Psychiatrist.    His other friend is a cardiologist.   He started having high blood pressure.   He used to run and be active.   His cardiologist friend told him, try these drugs, and don't even bother changing anything in your life, don't change your diet, don't even bother to start exercising again, just take these drugs, and if they don't work, we will change you to a different drug.

Doctors are smart, they have intelligence or they can't get through medical school.   Do I even need to point out how absurd this story is?    A real doctor with a life threatening condition is advised by a friend, who is a real doctor, to just take some drugs and hope for the best. 

And he follows that course of action!  This is a real story.

Money and Power Corrupt.    Media and Information Corrupt.   Deception is commonplace.

Porknobbler offered as an example of his frustration the disclaimer attached to an Abilify television commercial, which takes up half the ad. The commercial features an animated woman being stalked by a black blob (her depression), but her regular anti-depressants aren’t doing the job anymore, so she augments her supply of “mother’s little helpers” with Abilify, which makes things “better.”   Or, does it?
Actual television commercial copy: “Abilify is not for everyone. Call your doctor if your depression worstens, or if you have unusual changes in behavior, or thoughts of suicide. Anti-depressants can increase these in children and teens and young adults. Elderly dementia patients taking Abilify have an increased risk of death or stroke. Call your doctor is you have high fevor, stiff muscles and confusion to address a possible life-threatening condition, or if you have uncontrollable muscle movements as these could become permanent. High blood sugar has been reported with Abilify, and medicines like it. In some cases extreme high blood sugar can lead to coma or death. Other risks include decreases in white blood cells, which can be serious, dizzyness upon standing, seizures, trouble swallowing, and impaired judgment or motor skills.” 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Zoom on the Egg of Doom

Hey!   Drop a comment, or a rant, or a chart.   THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

We posted this Ellipse of Doom months back, and thought the "Egg" dead when that overthrow occurred, now it is back in play.    For a number of reasons, thinking to go long ES next Sunday/Monday.

Keep in mind, the banksters don't want anyone else to profit in this nearly zero sum game.   That is why the big moves come at night and on weekends.

As per prior theory, rally into July 4th weekend, and then Kansas Go Bye-Bye (KGB)

Silver Hi-Ho

From Cometo---this silver chart.
If Bucky runs up, silver should go down (famous last words)
Silver is "retail gold".   Might be nice in a Mad Max world for buying gas, water, Prussian Blue, but it is not the same category as Gold.

Market Wisdom from Market Sniper

TK takes that statement wrong. Although a "truism" it says MUCH more than that. It says whatever you "think" is going to happen next is unmitigated bullshit. Simple as that. Since NOBODY knows what happens next and what happens next can NOT be known, it does not matter what happens next, now does it? It ONLY matters what you DO when you find out what happens next. So simple, it is ridiculous.

June 23 Posts--Massive Head and Shoulders on Fear Factor

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kayak Load O'Charts


Link to CNN video on Fukushima being 20 times worse than prediction all along, except 20 is the minimum, 200 time worse is possible.

In the 1980's it cost $200 Billion to fight Chernobyl.

Sjhorted and re-shorted on the confirmed break, Euro, Cable

I think these charts speak for themselves, but if you want me to speak for them (more), just ask, I will have some time to elaborate on my interpretation.   Of course, consult with own trusted financial adviser prior to making and trade decisions, if they have a degree or a certification, you can trust them, really.

All satire aside....if you don't fully know why you are in a trade, you certainly won't know when to close out or scale out of that trade.   you need to have the strength of your own conviction or you will be eaten alive.   Capiche?

Sell that rip or short the break

Tough call, should have sold that rip to 1293 double top....same sad story...."working" on my day job.


The Classic Bernoulli Channel bottom was broken, took heavy short ES and holding heavy short Euro (that is painful on this last "news deception ramp").    We will see when the swans come home to roost.

Looking for that mojo like the last two weeks....

Ramped my trading account 29% in a one week span.  That is a good thing.  Best week in 3 years.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bucky Weak, But Euro popped the 78 Fibo

Conflicting evidence, Bucky broke down through my Bernoulli Channel bottom, bad sign. sometime these things are just "throw overs".

The only redeeming factors in thinking that bucky might run up are:
Euro popped the 78 Fibo from recent decline and ramp. This is prefect deception as tons of bad Euro news is released by MSM. Usually, they can smirk all the way to the bank after hitting the 78, that is often enough. That knocks out 90% of the shorts.

ES broke a downtrend line, so I think it has more room overhead, meaning Bucky down.

Thats all for today. DROP A COMMENT OR your own analysis, would like to see someone do Dr Copper, or gold. Sheesh, do a copper gold ratio (kind of the modern day Forex).

Speaking of Forex, they are interpreting recent Dodd-Frank changes to restrict commodity trading for all but "accredited investors"---they don't want Joe six pack laying in their reindeer games....only the banksters will make money on the downside, how dare JSP think he could also participate.

JSP must be a reluctant non-believing long...his only avenue of salvation. Kind of like the choice of "voting" for the stooges they place in front of us. They ain't dumb, they are masters of acting and understanding of human group pychology, and script readers, and richly rewarded puppets of their handlers. But they are stooges.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Uncle Bucky Meet Bernoulli Channels

I have some heavy bets against the Euro.
"They" have ramped against that trade.
The politics and games on the Greece bailout is amazing.

Still I shall keep some trust in these channel until they say otherwise.

There is also a falling wedge on Bucky.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pulll Me Pull You Earthquake Theory

Good Deal, doesn't look like the scary story / prediction about lunar eclipse and earthquake causation are going to happen.   We don't need any more disasters.   I normally use a 3 day window AFTER full moon, or eclipse, as the likely area for earthquake.   So today should be the last day after the June 16 eclipse.

Market looks "perched on precipice", the dollar looks ready to rocket up.  USD that is.   I am using a new creation of Hawaii Trading, Bernoulli Channels.    I labelled on of the charts with the actual formulas.

And Euro is pinched between Bernoulli and and Egg trying to launch it upward, but it is now drifting past the Egg.

Of course the dollar rocketing up, and the Euro rocketing up are nearly mathematically impossible to happen at same time.   So very conflicted.

I have orders in to sell the Euro on weakness, maybe do the kastansa thing and do the opposite of what I do?

Link to new blog

Nothing too exciting on Sunday futures, gap down on Euro, kind of minor.  

TEPCO PVC and Monroe Subway Dress

Fitting that as TEPCO prepares to contain the world worst nuclear diasater (say 2000 to 10000 times worse than the Two WW2 Nuclear bombs) with plastic sheeting, that the air-borne "Subway Dress" to protect Marilyn Monroe's Modesty sells for $5.6M.

Fully true Elliot Wave feeling to this.