Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Link to CNN video on Fukushima being 20 times worse than prediction all along, except 20 is the minimum, 200 time worse is possible.

In the 1980's it cost $200 Billion to fight Chernobyl.


  1. Steveo,

    I don't know if you know it or not, but I republish my posts at and (but of course I don't maintain them).  Anyway, I played around with the blogspot one (I didn't do anything to the wordpress one) and added a nice background with a decent theme.

    You could do the same with your site here.  Maybe a nice blue ocean background (you know, something from Hawaii), and simple black text on a white page background.  Then I could do another header image for you to spice things up.

    I only mention this because I noticed that you recently changed your handle to "stockdude", which I assume is to give yourself a new look (and hopefully new traffic).  Anyway, I'd be glad to help if I can.  Let me know.


  2. Hey Red thanks for stopping by, and for your help in the past, and of course good ideas.   Right now, engrossed in business, but also finding some Mojo in the market.    Up or down, I don't give a rip.   Seeing account nice.

    Perhaps in a few weeks I can work on improvements, and appreciate your offer of assistance.


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