Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Someday to be Famous Quotes that will be blogged in the Great K cycle peak of 2087

"Back in April 2013 Hawaii Trading blogged, 'It appears that we are on a permanently upsloping plateau, with a Chicken in every Tesla' "

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Now you can "Wire" money to Chile and hold it in local currency in a Bank, USING PAYPAL

If you haven't used Paypal, you should try.

Alternate currencies are now important.   And low transaction costs (often zero) are important too. 

And if you read Simon Black of Sovereign Man, you will already know that Chile is a top notch country with resources, pretty good government, business friendly, and foreigner friendly.

It is not a crazy idea to not put all your eggs in one basket.   Spread them out a bit.   Maybe even in a place that you wouldn't mind living in or just go to check out.    And Chile is not printing to kingdom come like everyone else.

 BN Americas is a newsletter that focus on South and central America, especially resources, and they occasionally send me an accesible newsletter (or you get just headlines)



PayPal signs agreement with Multicaja to boost SME commerce

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US online payments platform PayPal has signed an agreement with Chilean transactional services company Multicaja that will allow Chilean companies to accept payments from abroad and have them deposited in their bank accounts in local currency within five working days.

FREE Weekend Newsletter from Breakpoint Trades

Well it has been many months since Breakpoint Trades has produced a free newsletter for us to publish.   This is some quality stuff, enjoy it.  Also consider a membership, its only $40 a month and its tax deductable, so if you are in a combined 35% Fed and State bracket, it really only costs you $26 a month.    WELL worth it. 

Use this link to sign up, they give me some credit when clicking in from this blog.


They also have other special  trading related relationships setup, like deals like no monthly fees at Tradestation which is awesome at backtesting which you really must get to that stage in order to figure the odds of your trade setups and the expectancy of profits compared to risk.

Matt and Steve are the main technicians at BPT along with some technical computer staff they really put in a lot of hours to summarize markets and do their best to find tradable sectors and specific tickers too.   

Each Sunday they do a massive General Market newsletter and a "Commodities" newsletter which also includes precious metals.   I use quotations, because I dont consider PM to be a commodity, but anyhow they are lumped in there with commodities.

In these days of currency wars, everyone printing full steam ahead, it is good to keep an eye on the other currency, Gold and Silver.    Platinum and Palladium are also important, and a bit of diversification.    


This Commodity Newsletter MIGHT work on link below, let me know if you try it.

Palladium: Great Technicals and Great Fundamentals

I have done  a lot of posts lately on Palladium.    Use the search box to get the whole story.

Check out the high volume hammer which amazingly hits the black downtrend line and the 25% Bernoulli uptrend line, almost perfectly.  Note the volume below, pretty high.   Now look at the next chart, which shows the derivation of the Bernoulli Downtrend Line.

This is called a back test.
So you have

Back Test
High Volume
Hammer or Doji
Egg Bounce

These touchpoints are what created the Bernoulli channel downtrend line, which projects the black line that we just backtested.  

Pretty funny, eh?    Predicting the future is a good thing to have.

"2 Shot" Joe Biden Calls for New World Order

Somehow this just doesn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling.