Saturday, November 28, 2009

Visitor profiles to this blog

Breakpoint Trades is a pay site.   Funny how their membership is miniscule to the free visitors that go to Slope or Speculator. 

Yet the number of visits, page views, and length of time spent is so much higher. 

This gives me a strong positive vote that the items I am posting have real value to real traders.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Biggest Bestest Assets (BBA) get money flow, the rest get ramp of hope at best

Blow off Top?

Both TOS and Prophet charts show a one minute gap up AFTER the big ramp this morning (needed to catch up with the futures, although sometimes the futures does not show the big boys sentiment).

This could be an exhaustion gap. 

It is also slightly shot above the upper trendline, and above the 50% Fib.  See the DIA chart on this one, that's the only one I channels on.

SPY Candles and POOL is about to tank

Review of the Ted Spread

St. Louis Fed Pres Bullard (doesn't that sound like Bulltard ?  hmmm?) so keep stimulus in place until next March and be ready to react to news.   You know what a bulltard is?  It is a large lemming that is idiot enough to follow the herd picking up truffles as they enter a zone of forest fire. 

The bulltard has been rewarded greatly by an ever upward pushing stock market regardless of horrific fundamentals.  I wish I was dumb enough to be a bulltard :-)

Below is a chart of home prices, with reversion to at least the mean should play out

OK enough of the rant--here is some good educational materials on the TED spread.  Data from Bloomberg.