Friday, December 30, 2011

Lack of Shearer's for Sheep in Australia

Uh, maybe they ought try to recruit from Wallstreet, they been shearing the sheeple expertly for quite some time, and doing more unsavory things to.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stop SOPA,14393.html

This legislation could pass.   The old geisers in DC have no idea about technology and the internet, blogs, etc.

The purported purpose of SOPA is to stop pirating.   However, it will be the death knoll to blogs of all sorts, to freedom of speech, to change.

It will make sure that your "news" is delivered through government approved sources, the main stream media.

It takes less than 3 minuntes.   You enter your Zip and its will write an email to your elected officials in DC.

The Judge

On my last trip to mainland, I had an epiphany.

The TSA is the Gestapo of the New World Order.

It is a freedom beat down.    Humans being trained.    And we know it.   Everyone on the plane was real quiet, as if embarrassed that they accepted the beat down.    Most of these TSA workers are a lower class, give them some power, and they will effectively beat down the population.

Listen to the Judge

Ponzi Population

At what point will our population become a negative rather than a positive?

I just occurred to me that continued population growth is really part of the overall Ponzi Scheme.   We need more people to pay more taxes, to pay for the thing we already squandered money on, to wage more wars, to enlarge our power base.

What say you?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Buy Cable, Buy Euro!

Again, 2 coincident strong channel line supports.   Obviously Cable is stronger then Euro, but they both want to bounce.

Buy with blood in the streets!

This chart from "Buck"

Reminiscing about the Future

Proper credit to Zerohedge, they old fashioned way, we stole it! LOL

Hmmm December 28 2011

Little River Band -- Reminiscing

Buy when there is blood in the streets

I stopped on Cable long, gaining a whole $2,  whooop!    Just Kidding

And then bought Cable, euro, and IWM calls on that Bull shakeout

My RUSHA long, held up well, like it wasn't going to play the kill the bull reindeer games, still in that long it should do real well if my assumption is correct, that was a bull shake-out before we rally into January.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed!

Awesome video

And in the first comment, someone has put the "un cut" translation as a paraglider get tangled with and Eagle, starts to crash and opens his emergency chute, and then curses the still tangled bird out as he tries to free it.     Melt up, Melt down, whatever this one is awesome!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Reagan Speech from 1981

1981 marked a zone of intense inflation following an oil crisis.

And real estate mortgage value almost doubled between 1976 and 1980
In an effort to take advantage of the real estate boom (outstanding U.S. mortgage loans: 1976 $700 billion; 1980 $1.2 trillion)[5] and high interest rates of the late 1970s and early 1980s, many S&Ls lent far more money than was prudent, and to ventures which many S&Ls were not qualified to assess, especially regarding commercial real estate. L. William Seidman, former chairman of both the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Resolution Trust Corporation, stated, "The banking problems of the '80s and '90s came primarily, but not exclusively, from unsound real estate lending."
 But listen to this speech from Reagan, it is almost unfathomable that one could expect such a "politically incorrent" speech in terms of religion these days.    Yer to hearken on back to days in which America at least tried to follow a brighter star, a more noble approach.    Think on these things.

3 decades of easy money, where has it gotten us?

This is where it has gotten us to--

An arrogant president, still not at ease after growing up as a rare black boy in Hawaii, Watch the video, it shows insights.

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For sure, blogging is a labor of love.   It takes alot of time to just physically produce a post, much less come up with material that is useful, much less discover some of the secrets of the universe and hand them out for free.   PS the best way to keep a secret is to put it on the web for no cost, then no one will see any value in it, LOL!

We have recently been getting alot better advertisements popping up in the ad blocks.   Keep in mind that in this labor of love, there are still costs.   I realize my time will never be paid for, but it would be nice if at least the Stockcharts membership was covered....oh well.  

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Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and get ready to close the year out strategically, and put your trading plans into writing.   Purely discretionary trading is trouble in the works.    Probability based trading can do much better.   Mechanical systems have been getting blown up left and right.

This next year I am retiring, probably in March, at 48 YO I take that as a win.   But being a trader is not "retired" just that I won't be baby sitting employees and customers at the same time.     EXPECT my trading results, blog posts, secret methods to increase by an order of magnitude (that be times 10).    Perfect time to retire as the world heads to hell in a handbasket, and with a great telescope so we can precisely see how we are losing our ass.   LOL>

Tech Trade Lady

Gold Coin prices versus spot metal prices

About $60 to $70 over spot seems normal.   Talk that "no coins are available" at any price is nonsense.

On a Happy Note, People are Awesome