Friday, October 18, 2013

Palladium Breaking Out of Massive Inverted Head and Shoulders, which is very bullish

I published this IHS pattern in September

It ran "out of time" on the oval, and then it took off like a screaming Banchee.    Sorry if that is politically incorrect. 

In fact the Washington Redskins are thinking of changing their name to be more politically correct, they feel that using Washington will really alienate a lot of illegal immigrants who don't even know where Washington is.

A reader mentioned PAL as a potential play on Palladium. They are Canadian. Challenged by profits lately as they develop mines, burning lots of cash. But I did read through an annual report and they seem to have a handle on getting their cost of production down to $350 per ounce, and increasing output.

Eclipse, full Moon, and the top top of the 4 year channel October 18 2013 Penumbral Eclipse

Eclipses occur on full moons, that goes hand in hand.

Tonight, at 7:30 after trading hours, there is a Lunar Eclipse that will be seen over much of the USA which is still the economic powerhouse of the world and home of the Economic Hitman

Sometimes the market is uncanningly correlated with the moon phase, with trend changes occuring at or 2 days after the moon, up to 3 days.    This is a "weak eclipse" since it will only partly shade the moon, but should be visible with the naked eye.

Since we are also at the top top of the 4 year up channel, and accelerating up and out of this channel seems almost absurd, methinks we drop hard into next week.   

A flyaway gap, over the Bernoulli 177, what are the chances that "avoiding a budget diasaster" will cause up to accelerate up and out of the last border of the greatest ramp job market in history.   1%, just ask the 1%

 On NZD JPY one of my favorite co-indicators for US markets.

Often a triangle is a continuation pattern, that would be up, that could be positive for US equities as these are often correlated well.   But a breakdown of this triangle would indicate a move to 81 or so, and a drop is US equities
Man's knowledge of eclipses has been pretty good for quite some time. Those who could predict such things, could colosidate power over the common people who would be amazed at the spectacle and the fact that their local leader caused it. Columbus was a student of astronomy, back in the day, they didn't have any GPS. They used stars and moon to navigate. But they had pretty advanced knowledge considering the "feudal" nature of things. Columbus used his knowledge to get power over the "savages" of Jamaica, ie. calm the sheeple, by predicting an eclipse and then chanting in order to get the eclipse to go away.     The old "Eclipse Hitman"
An eclipse also saved Columbus’s butt on one occasion. The story goes that tensions had come to a head between the locals and Columbus’s crew while stranded on the island of Jamaica in 1504. Noting that a lunar eclipse was about to occur on March 1st (the evening of February 29th for North America), Columbus told the local leader that the Moon would rise “inflamed with wrath,” as indeed it did that night, right on schedule. Columbus then made a great show of pretending to pray for heavenly intersession, after which the Moon returned to its rightful color. This kept a conniving Columbus and his crew stocked in supplies until a rescue ship arrived in June of that year.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to fix America

Quick Summary

  1. Eliminate lobbying
  2. Eliminate career politicians
  3. Eliminate the Fed
  4. Link USD to Gold through a ratio
  5. Kick out the illegals
  6. No welfare unless crippled, you must work, even if just building parks or cleaning them
  7. No unemployment unless you also work for the gov building or cleaning parks or roadsides.   
  8. Prosecute corruption
  9. Eliminate corporate ownership of Media, A media corporation needs to do just media, you cannot be owned or control by say GE.
  10. Stop the spying
  11. Bring home ALL the military, and build a US energy infrastructure for the next century.
  12. Restore the Constitution, and eliminate all silly case law related to Constitution, start with a clean slate.   If needed update the language to reflect modern language usage.
  13. Eliminate 80% of all Federal Government and perform only the duties/functions described under the Constitution, and enforce that all other rights and powers belong to the States and the People.

That would fix 80% of what ails us.”