Friday, October 18, 2013

Palladium Breaking Out of Massive Inverted Head and Shoulders, which is very bullish

I published this IHS pattern in September

It ran "out of time" on the oval, and then it took off like a screaming Banchee.    Sorry if that is politically incorrect. 

In fact the Washington Redskins are thinking of changing their name to be more politically correct, they feel that using Washington will really alienate a lot of illegal immigrants who don't even know where Washington is.

A reader mentioned PAL as a potential play on Palladium. They are Canadian. Challenged by profits lately as they develop mines, burning lots of cash. But I did read through an annual report and they seem to have a handle on getting their cost of production down to $350 per ounce, and increasing output.


  1. Perhaps PAL would be a good play soon?

  2. I added some information on PAL

    Note the huge volume last 2 days at price probes the basement.


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