Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SCHN and the FF are they related? And the Swissy

I noticed a similar price movement between SCHN (a steel company) and the Fear Factor.

Here it is.    Maybe the FF could be used to game the SCHN?

And on the Swiss Franc, it has been very strong against the dollar and not just the last week or so.

The Swiss economy is only about 1/45 that of the US.   think about the amount of currency must be roughly proportional.   If the Franc is used as flight to safety, seems like it could soar much more than the same impact on the USD.   

Perhaps some historical research on this would be revealing, no time this morning.


  1. that is exceedingly bizarre. how the heck did you stumble on that correlation? ff and steel...hmmmm. are there still fund managers out there who think buying steel is a great idea when things feel tenuous? that's it's like u.s. steel used to be, a safe haven? maybe some people just find piles of metal comforting in scary times...you know, like gold. lol!

    the swiss franc notion is interesting, too. sure would make a lot more sense than the buck or the yen (what's up with that one?).

    still waiting for my face ripping stock squeeze for c of 2 or B. or was that the triple somersault zigzag chicken beak formation? gotta write prechter an email....

  2. Just paging through charts and said...heh that looks familiar, got a weird knack for detecting similar patterns and fractals. Actually its a reverse correlation, fear increases as fear factor goes down in value....so as fear goes up, people lose faith in the steel industry.

    yeah, get pretcher to issue a monthly forecast, and that should do the job.

  3. I seem to recall that back around the outset of the, um, banking crisis, it was disclosed that the Swiss banking sector's real estate exposure was a large multiple of Swiss GDP - I think UBS' exposure alone accounted for about 600% of Swiss GDP. Now I may be way off as I am of a certain age and, well, there's been a lot of water under the bridge in the last few years however I would expect that situation has not yet been resolved. For example, the notorious Swiss-denominated Ukrainian mortgages are likely to be still underwater. Therefore does it follow that this is a technically driven move ultimately doomed to fail, or perhaps a flight to a sovereign less catastrophic (vis-a-vis the Euro) or am I missing a critical piece of the puzzle?

  4. thank you for that input Sir, that is valuable information that even if changed by now, important to have on the radar. it would be interesting to chart all the big currency pairs against the Swissy. Getting real information about what bad debt is on the bankster sheets would seem to be nearly impossible.

  5. Make sure you back test it for at least 10 years. Correlation does not imply causation or relation.

    On a side note, after more than three years of due diligence, I have determined that AD is utterly entertaining, and also utterly full of sh!t.

    Read the post and then search http://www.xtrenders.com/2010/08/missing-shark-liver-in-mediterranean.html for my comment under Dave Narby before it gets 'moderated'.

  6. You mean advance decline indicators?
    I been moderated (not moderator) in the land of the Hun, blogging with gestapo...its like messing with Sasquatch.

    FFF gets a bit weird since I use SLV as part of the equation, and SLV wasnt around for very long. Still it plots nice in the near term.


  7. You should be able to get the same results using a $SILVER continuous contract ($GOLD as well).

  8. I wonder if the Hun is still long?
    Thanks for idea on continuous
    I contact online help and finally got symbol

    @SI1600 which works on TOS Prophet charts.

  9. seems like the continuous contract only goes back 2 years or so. Too bad

  10. oh, crap, my bad. that little detail about the ff slipped my mind for a bit. you know, tom of the north isn't the only one getting old around here....

  11. Watch out the packs of back bacon will help you lose your memory


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